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Crusader #1
[TLG 1100]
Magazine, 32 pages, Saddle Stitched, ISBN Not Issued

The first issue's cover is a wonderful painting by the world famed artist Rowena. Called the Dragon Hatchling, it seems a fitting cover for our first issue. If your not familiar with Rowena take a moment and view her gallery on the web here. at: What's inside:

"Alea iacta est" with these words Caesar crossed the Rubicon and conquered Rome. "The die is cast," the first editorial in the column. The Brothers Chenault point the intended direction for the soon to be released: Castles and Crusades.

"The Six Principles of Winging It." Casey Canfield supplies some poignant tips on how to game master on the fly.

"The Poetry of Rowena." Rowena, well known for her beautiful, evocative paintings is no stranger to literary efforts. She has graced this issue with her art and poetry.

"Crossed Bows." A look at the longbow and crossbow.

"Robert E. Howard: From the Bizarre to the Bazaar." An essay exploring the creator of Conan's unusual history and growth into an iconic fantasy writer.

"Frankenberry & the Crack Parade." A compilation of the serial stories that follow the exploits of, well, good sir Frankenberry and his Crack Parade.

"The Theurgist's Lethe." Fiction by Dan Cross. "Most bards would begin their tale somewhere in the middle, to recount with contagious lyricism the brave deeds of some intrepid hero of yore....Alas our tale is about no hero."

And yet there is more...

Who’s Who Publisher: Stephen Chenault
Managing Editor: Stephen Chenault
Editor/Designer: Darlene
Artists: Peter Bradley, Jason Walton, Tom Wham and others
Contributors: Stephen Chenault, Davis Chenault, JCasey Cannfield, John Wright, and Casey Cannfield.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 January, 2012.

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