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80205 A5 The Shattered Horn
[TLG 80205]
Adventure, 24 pages, Perfect Bound, ISBN 978-1-931275-85-9

Adventure Type: Overland, Dungeon
Level: 5-7
Party: 3-5 characters
Setting: Aihrde, Portable to Home-brew

In the wild wastes of the northern Marks an evil is gathering. Raging storms are flooding the rivers and black clouds darkening the daylight hours. Ravens and bats have gathered in great hordes near an ancient fortress long abandoned. Travel to this place is perilous and the guardians of the Northern Marks are spread too thin to make the trip. They seek the aid of powerful champions to brave their way north and uncover the happenings here.

Traveling through the tangled escarpments and rugged hills of the Blighted Screed is dangerous work but little compared the creatures and evil lurking in the burned out husk of the fortress of Festung Akt. In the deep halls beneath the ancient keep is an evil so great as to gather the storms of winter and call forth the Speakers of the Dead, the Ravens of the Blasted Heath. Stopping the coming storm will be trying to even the most stalwart of heart.

From the makers of the Castles & Crusades roleplaying game comes the fifth adventure for your champions discover the intentions of a cabal of wicked priests.

Author: Davis Chenault
Cover Art: Peter Bradley
Interior Art: Peter Bradley
Cartography: Peter Bradley
Editor: Christina Stiles

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 December, 2011.

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