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Castles & Crusades White Box
[TLG 8000]
Box, Old School Dice, Players Handbook, Monster Book and Adventure, ISBN 1-931275-83-1

Herein this box lies the Treasures of the Old Gods! These harken to a greater time, when the sun shone in all its glory!

Remember 1974? It was an eventful one. The embattled President of the United States, Richard Nixon, resigned; The Republic of India tested its first atomic bomb; Patty Hearst was kidnapped by some crazed army of militant hippies; Muhammid Ali knocked out George Foreman in the 8th round and Ed Sullivan died. But more than that, it was the year that saw the first publication of what would become the world's most famous and lasting role playing game.

That game appeared in a small brown box. The cover art was an adhesive sheet affixed on the box's lid. Within were three small digest-sized brown books. These were the heart and soul of the game that would eventually spawn three massive expansions, innumerable spin off role playing games and become the foundation for a hobby that would entertain generations of young and old alike.

That was 1974. It is now thirty years later. Thirty years! For three decades we have wandered the worlds of our own imagining, fought monsters of mythic proportions, plundered forgotten holds of fabulous treasure and undertaken quests of epic scale. We have sat for countless hours with friends, swilling soda or other grainier products, eating chips, pretzels and who knows what else while telling tales of adventure and daring escapades with characters we have imagined in lands of fantastical making. Our characters have languished and died in combat or overcame tremendous odds to triumph against their foes. These are our adventures. No matter what game you play, this is what it was, and still is, all about.

Castles & Crusades promises to be the latest expansion of this wonderful game. To celebrate the release of the Castles & Crusades rule books and that most auspicious 30 year anniversary, Troll Lord Games was happy to release of a limited edition of our Castles & Crusades role playing game; the Castles & Crusades Digest Size Boxed Set.

This was a limited edition only. Only 1000 were produced. The first 300 were signed and numbered by the authors and artist.

The box set includes condensed versions of the main books, The Players Handbook and the Monsters and Treasure guide.

This product is only available through Troll Lord Games. It has not, nor ever will, follow the normal channels of distribution. Retailers interested in this product must contact Troll Lord Games directly for purchasing information.

The C&C Collector's Box includes:

* 1 Players Handbook (5x5 x 8x5)
* 1 Monsters and Treasure guide (5x5 x 8x5)
* 1 adventure, The Rising Knight (5x5 x 8x5)
* 1 set of Zocchi dice (old school, YEAH BABY)
* 1 crayon
* 1 err, box (6x9)
* 1 product insert

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 02 August, 2012.

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