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A Place at the Table

We have a little Lord of the Rings action on today's movie reel, the battle of Helm's Deep. Lots of dark sword action in this one and the precursor for all the shield-slide action that comes later. If someone attempted to slide down a stair on their shield in Castles & Crusades, like Legolas did, the challenge level would be about +47 for the stairs, +15 for balancing on the shield, and another +10 for the weather. That would make the CL 72. Assuming your elf has a dexterity prime he would need to roll a (CB) 12 + (CL) 72 for a total of (CC) of 84. The elf gets to add his dexterity bonus and his attribute bonus, so that should help.

Today we wrap up the Aihrde maps. Eight of the nine of maps have been completed, with all entries placed. Only one map remains, the Darkenfold, and this one is the hardest of the nine. Once it is done the whole will be prepped for the printer and with a little luck the digital copy sent to all Aihrde Kickstarter backers today. To be clear your map will be one large one, the nine sections are for organizational purposes.

The weekend is upon us and we'd like to highlight a couple of books: Codex Nordica and Codex Celtarum. These books are the vanguard of a wave of mythology books coming from TLG. Up next is Codex Germania, this book is complete, edited and in layout. We'll follow that up with a book on the Slavic deities of Eastern Europe. And there still's more. Look for these in the future. In the meantime enjoy the first two in the series at 50% OFF, good for the rest of the weekend!

Fire is Warm

This morning's video is a montage of explosions. It entertained Steve tremendously so it seemed fitting to put it up.

Speaking of Aihrde. As discussed yesterday we are overhauling the map of Aihrde. Progress is going very well. Of the 9 sections of the map 5 are set. Another 2-3 should be knocked out today and then other two, with luck, tomorrow. So the overhaul there is going smoothly and quickly....knock on wood.

In other news look to your emails later this afternoon for the release of the Victorious Quick Start rules. We laid these out so you have a taste of things to come. Gaxmoor is next on our list.

Our new binder is on a truck somewhere out west, heading this way. With luck we'll get it sooner than later as books are starting to pile up. As subscribers to the Tusk already know, our old decided he'd had enough of binding books and just slowly ground to a halt. We'll formally send him to Valhalla next week.

But while all that is going on be sure to check out OBS for Haunted Highland specials and our own store for some Darlene goodness!

Long Slow Weekend

Well a belt of storms kept the power down at the Dens for the better part of half the weekend which made entering place names on the Aihrde map more challenging that anticipated. But the Trolls Abide and we're pushing through.

Here's what's happening right now while we are waiting for all these books to come back from the printer.

We are working like crazy on the Aihrde map. Why? Because that ships separately from the Aihrde books and it's something that won't get log jammed at our hard cover book printer. So we are attempting to move it to the front of the pack. To do that, we have to reenter the 500+ place names on the map. To date, we've put all the country names and terrain names from the book in the map, and we are now sweeping back through each section (there are 9 total) and entering the rivers, small terrain features, cities, towns, castles and other various and sundries. We've wrapped up 2 of the 9 sections. When all are done, we re-release in digital format and then send off to the printer.

We are shooting for Friday, but there's many a slip between a cup and a lip so we'll have to see.

In the meantime, hit up the store and see what we have on special over there and have a peek at the new Portal to Adventure!

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