About Amazing Adventures


What is Amazing Adventures?

Amazing Adventures is the SIEGE Engine multi-genre rules set that allows you to engage in any kind of adventure, in any genre or story style you like! 100% compatible with Castles & Crusades, this core rulebook contains everything you need to play in any world you like.

Alternately, combine it with C&C to take your fantasy game to the next level, with new character classes, alternate takes on magic, horror, super science, superpowers, and even full official psionics rules for the SIEGE Engine!

Multi-Genre Role Playing

Amazing Adventures is an RPG of super science, sorcery, pugilistic pummeling, gun-toting, sword-wielding, starfighter-flying, tomb-raiding, hard-boiled adventure! Whether your game is set in the pulp era of the 1920's, through 50's, the modern era of urban fantasy and horror, or a futuristic game of space opera action, Amazing Adventures will get you there!

The game contains complete rules to create and run games, character creation, combat, secret societies, a rogue's gallery and bestiary, a fast-playing and simple attribute check system that allows the game master and player to pummel any challenge to a pulp, plus a complete introductory adventure! Best of all, the system will look familiar to all players of classic role playing games, so that you can be up and running in minutes.

What’s In the Book?

Within these pages you will find:

  • • 8 new character classes, including the adventuring archaeologist Raider, the hard-boiled Gumshoe, the seductive socialite, the rough-and-tumble Pugilist, the mysterious Mentalist, and the brilliant Gadgeteer
  • • Generic Class Abilities, which allow you to customize your character by swapping out core abilities with things like medicine, ace piloting, two-fisted fighting, and more
  • • Complete psionics rules
  • • Fast-playing firearms rules that blend simulationism with two-fisted action
  • • Vehicle combat and chase rules
  • • A simple and intuitive gadget creation system which makes use of spells to function as super-science items
  • • An optional sanity system for injecting mind-blasting cosmic horror into your games!
  • • A new take on magic which allows greater flexibility in spellcasting
  • • Fate Points, which give players a greater option for over-the-top heroics.
  • • An optional sanity system which allows for Lovecraftian horror elements in your game
  • • A complete bestiary and a full introductory adventure to get you started
  • • Guidelines for creating power groups and secret societies to flesh out your campaign world
  • • And more!

Entire multiverses of adventure and excitement await. Are you bold enough to seize the reins? Grab your copy today!



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