The Siege Engine


How Does it work?

Almost everything you do in Amazing Adventures revolves around an attribute, or SIEGE check. Your character has six attributes, representing their physical and mental aptitudes and abilities. These attributes are the same ones most players familiar with d20-based role playing games recognize: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Each of these attributes is rated from 3-18 with a corresponding bonus.

Primary and Secondary Attributes

There are two types of attributes in Amazing Adventures: primary and secondary. Primary attributes are those physical or mental abilities in which a character is particularly well trained or very experienced in using. Secondary attributes are those the character uses with only average skill. A player selects the character’s primary attributes after choosing a class.

Player characters have three primary attributes. Each class has one primary attribute associated with it that cannot be changed. The player selects the others. For example, the primary attribute for the gumshoe class is strength. If the player chooses to play a gumshoe, this forms one primary attribute. The player may then select any two more primary attributes. The remaining attributes are considered to be secondary.

Siege Checks

As mentioned before, the distinction between primary and secondary attributes is important. Almost all non-combat actions (for which the Game Master deems a roll is necessary to determine success or failure) are resolved by an attribute check, or SIEGE check. To make a SIEGE check, a character rolls a d20, adds any relevant bonuses (usually character level and ability bonus), and attempts to equal or better a Challenge Class, or CC.

The CC is determined by adding the Challenge Base (CB) to a Challenge Level (CL) determined by the GM. Generally speaking, the CL will combine the hit dice or level of the opponent with any situational bonuses or penalties the GM feels appropriate.

Checks made against Primary Attributes have a CB of 12, while checks against Secondary Attributes have a CB of 18. This makes it significantly easier to succeed at a check if you have a Prime in the ability in question.

For example, if Natalya the Fox is trying to slip past the sentries at a Nazi-fortified camp, she makes a Dexterity check for her Move Silently class ability. Since Dexterity is a Prime attribute for Hooligans, her Challenge Base for the check is 12. Let’s say that the Nazis have an average of 4 Hit Dice, that means the CL for the check is 4. Adding 12+4 gives us 16 for the final Challenge Class; Natalya needs a 16 or better on her Dexterity check to slip unnoticed past the guards.

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