MMO slump, what are you playing?

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Re: MMO slump, what are you playing?

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Well, getting back into DDO, though I'm a bit annoyed. I bought the expansion to play in the Forgotten Realms. Problem is, you have to be level 16 just to attempt to get there. No starting point or low level adventuring.

Also got LOTRO started up. Not that interested in it, but we'll see how it goes.

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Re: MMO slump, what are you playing?

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Sir Ironside wrote:
Julian Grimm wrote:After a hiatus I am back playing Star Trek Online. I scrapped my previous character and started over.
Is that like the free one I keep on seeing in those ad's on websites I visit?

Possibly. The game is free but there are things you can buy. So far there has been enough free content to keep me busy and the stuff for sale in the store is not that spectacular. It's worth a shot.
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Re: MMO slump, what are you playing?

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I recently started playing The Secret World. It just went buy-to-play (buy the game, no monthly subscriptions). The concepts and story are cool and the skill wheel keeps me up at night planning out my character and devising builds. You can buy the game for $30 or less and with no subscription fees, it's a steal.

Also playing some Guild Wars 2.

The no subscription games are fun for me because I can easily put them down for several days and not feel bad. With WoW I always felt like I "had to" log on to run the daily quests, do my crafting, check auctions, and run at least one PvP battlground for the bonus points, lest I start falling behind the gear curve.

I still feel the temptation to go back to WoW. Also, I only made it to level 38 in SWTOR and feel the draw to go back and finish leveling to 50 and complete the personal story line. The SWTOR free-to-play model looks pretty terrible, however.

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