The best setting ever:

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I'd pick Hyboria. Though I really like almost every setting you mentioned.

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seskis281 wrote:
Yeah, Kalamar had a lot going for it and as a setting was pretty strong, but why all those unpronouncable 5-syllable names? I think it could have really become a #1 setting had people just not had to wade through all that wordiness, the end result being it was just too damn hard to remember stuff from the world.

For me it was all the Kakalakakekopeki names that I would see that drove me nuts. Especially in Kalamar proper. The 12 year old inside me would think "How could these guys be such a mighty empire when they had such wussy names?"

I love the setting though, especially how they organized the pantheon.

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I ran a couple of really fun KoK campaigns and you are right. They would have been exponentially cooler without the goofy names.

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bighara wrote:
What? No love for Mystara/Known World?!

Old School adventurers start in Threshold!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Baby!

Mystara/Known World

followed closely by Ravenloft

and Masque of the Red Death

and Hyboria.

too many choices.
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