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Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:25 pm
by Kkross
Stockpile by Nauvoo
very exciting game

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:13 pm
by serleran
My wife finds Clank! to be enjoyable. It is a crossbreed of Marvel Legendary (which she sort of likes but finds too complex) and Dungeon! (which is too simple.) More a card game with a board, though.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:58 pm
by Lurker
My girls and I finally had a chance to runn a battle in Piquet. It was their Greek & Celt contingent against my Persian raiding force.

I, literally and figuratively, stacked the deck against myself in the game. However, at the first of the battle my luck was exceptional. I held off a charge of my younger daughter's Celt Veterans, gained a lot of impetuous so was able to maneuver and attack multiple times with my bowmen (attacks that had very little effect, but it did make both of the girls hesitate in their attacks). I actually though that despite all the negative cards I put in my deck and the fact that their forces combined outnumbered me 4 to 3, that I may be able to hold my own and maybe win the fight.

Then my luck changed (so yes my real life dice hate me as much and map tools and roll 20) and the tide of the fight turned. My older daughter's Greek Phalanx crushed 2 of my light mercenary Egyptian units, got lucky with impetuous and cards so rushed through my steaks I put up to defend against cavalry & charges, and slammed my best armored Persians, and then her archers decimated all 3 units as the routed or fell back from the Greek block of death.

My younger daughter survived my cavalry charge into her flank, and chased off my skirmishers and pushed back the remaining light Egyptian infantry I had left. Luckily she failed a roll so her unit that was rolling up my R flank stopped and began to loot my camp in her side of the battle field ( I was smart and put out 2 camps just incase that happened) so she halted her attacks and gave me a chance to save that part of my army.

By then I knew it was time to do the wise thing and RUN AWAY with all my cavalry intact, and 1 unit of mixed archers and spearmen, and the tattered remains of 2 infantry units (and my general of course).

The girls loved it and boy are they hooked !

Of course that night, I did one of my write ups (as a letter form the general to the Persian Vizier) and filled it full of propaganda and twisting of the truth, and left it where they would find it the next morning … Boy was the younger girl MAD about what all I called her Babbling Kelti, and how I lied about selflessly destroying the camp before I tactfully retreated so she would get noting from the camp. :twisted:

At the very least she is spoiling for another fight!

All in all, the girls made a few tactical errors and took a bit to get the rules down, but once they had it down it flowed nicely, and they eventually figured out good tactics with their different types of troops.

I may have to play easy on them one or 2 more times, but soon enough I'll be able to make it a fair fight and maybe have a chance of winning

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:52 am
by Randycunnighum
Chess for me. Plays often with 'bros'

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:14 am
by Tadhg
Rhuvein wrote:
Rhuvein wrote:So, I've heard and read about this game for years and watched some play at the LGGC and GC and have been wanting to try it.

I watched the above video and found it hilarious.

Anyway, if I buy the starter game - should I go with the original or the 5E version?

Thanks for any and all opinions!

Bought the game.

Interesting that Target and Wallymart have it on the shelves at their store for about $50. If you go online and buy it and then pick it up at the store, it's about $27.

Anyway, we're scheduled to play Sunday night.

To get into the proper mood, I re-watched this segment of Big Bang Theory:

Well, I finally played the game with my daughter and wife (sheesh, can't believe it sat on the shelf for 2 years). Twas a blast, very enjoyable.

Now, I'll have to re-watch the BBT episode and the Wil Wheaton youtube vid!


Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:00 am
by Lurker
Catan has to be in the top games with me and my girls. So, glad you played it and had fun.

When the girls aren't knee deep in soccer, we play it at least every few weeks. I think my older daughter is the champ winning the most games, but it is normally a close run thing for her.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:30 pm
by Lurker
Well, we spent Christmas week at my wife’s family, all and all a good time
However, they are older Koreans, and for some reason decided they don’t need internet, or English cable (who knew there was a Korean only cable option), sooooo it was a week of no modern entertainment for us.

With that, we had a LOT of time for games, plus the girls were able to teach them to their uncle in Georgia

We started with an old stand by for the family – ticket to ride. I won one game (beating my older daughter by a whopping 1 point) and my wife won 2 games.

Then Catan, both daughters won a game on this.

We did a Monarch game, and with judicial use of un wanted guests in the last round, I was able to tie with my younger daughter – is it mean that the look of sadness and awe when she realized the guests I slapped on her reduced her score just enough to keep her from winning warmed my heart for a second or 2 ….

We played a couple of card games, and Korean games (the girls loved a Korean version of connect 5. It was great to see how they both played, the older won when she slowed the game down and could think it through, the younger won when she kept the game moving FAST and her older sister of kilter and reacting to her placements. Great to see them by the end of the week able to beat their grandmother most of the time and hold their own with their grandfather !

Then for Christmas, the girls got a hall on other games. Most we haven’t played yet. However, With the latest Star Wars movie out, the girls HAD to play one of the new games

Star Wars Outer Rim

It took a bit to get it set up correctly – I guess they have gotten to used to them knowing all the games and having it ready in a few min to play, so they were a little impatient on the set up and rule explanation (Impatient, they must get that from their mother ! )

However, once we got the game going they LOVED it. However, it was funny to watch them and yet again see their different personalities

My older daughter picked Boba Fett, but she is the kind soft hearted daughter, so it had to be the kindest gentlest Boba Fett ever played ! To her credit, she was very smart on playing him, took notes on every encounter personality on every planet, paid attention to how she can do a bounty, get a 2nd on that is in her route back to get paid, and keep working every move. But like I said, she was the kindest at it . She even made barter deals and trade deals with her sister – lending her sister a jet pack for a fight so she had a good chance of wining etc. Also, she had opportunities to torpedo her sisters and my plans a few times and chose to not do it. But at the same time driving a hard bargain on some of the trades she made with her sister – esp giving info on targets her sister was trying to track down, or characters she wanted to recruit for her crew.

Then there was the younger daughter. She started with the character Dr Aphra, a skills HEAVY character, so perfect at jobs and smuggling, but slowly my younger daughter morphed her into a bounty hunter … and she was nearly as good as her sister playing Boba Fett. Plus, she took EVERY opportunity to at least torpedo me and my plans – somehow she stole my fame 3 times in the game ! Cut throat, and oh I love her for it !!!

I went a different route and played Lando. I did the classic Lando thing and got a good ship, upgraded to the Falcon, moded it to smuggle, and ran cargo everywhere, and used influence (and credits) to keep from being on anyone’s bad side – well I did as long as my younger daughter didn’t get an opportunity to spread lies about me and get groups mad at me for no good reason –

Eventually, my older girl was able to run enough bounties to get her fame (should be infamy with Boba Fett, but not the way she played him) up to the 8 points to win, while my younger girl kept ham stinging me and me having to retaliate and work at dropping her fame so she didn’t come out with 8 points before me.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:46 pm
by serleran
My wife and I have been backing several campaigns on Kickstarter and some of them started to arrive. Of those, we have tried a few recently:

Deep Madness

Cthulhu: Death May Die

Black Rose Wars

Arena: The Contest

Darklight: Memento Mori

There's a bunch more coming and I may have forgotten some we've got, but these are the ones that were pretty good if not great. The Cthulhu one was interesting -- maybe not the best for a 4 person game as it seems that it would end far too quickly.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:25 am
by Tadhg
Downton Abbey Clue!


Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:01 am
by Ancalagon
Tried my hand at Settlers of Catan for the first time on New Years Eve. Fun game that I'd play again.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:43 pm
by Rigon
Introduced my nieces to Heroscape over holiday.


Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:25 am
by soloplayer
The family got me Hexplore It: Valley of the Dead King. A lot of fun and cool mechanics. ... -dead-king

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:33 pm
by anvil242
New Years day game of Star Trek Ascendancy with the newest races, Vulcans & Andorians added. Vulcans won with their secret agenda.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:57 am
by Lurker
My little ones and I just finished our first game of "Fury of Dracula"

Started out a little slow and they were a bit passive (It got so bad that there wasn't any more train tickets for them to buy at one point). It goes without saying that they were a little board doing that. However, after I did a pause and reiterated what the focus is and how they HAVE to be active and hunt me down they got a little more active.

They were within 1 move of catching me 3 times. The found all my hide outs twice, and they stopped all of my cards from maturing except for 1. Both of them were very clever tracking me down and cutting off my run routes. Even my older girl figured out I backtracked and tried to slip past her with one of my wolf form moves & my younger held her place so I couldn't go there and she knew I couldn't go south of her because it would trap me into going into Italy.

Then, it was the Saturday before I got the 3rd despair and won the game and they trap me ! I won the fight that night, but they had it covered that where ever I ran to I would be caught again so I held my ground and fed so I was nearly full health for Sunday. Then, the second hunter got to my location, so the last fight before I won it was a 2 against 1 fight. It was a blood bath ! In 3 rounds they did 16 points of damage and killed me and I only did 1 hit to only 1 of them . Perfect team work and planning and perfect stopping me from running away to win !

Oh so proud. Clever, clever little girls !!!!

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:37 am
by Ancalagon
None recently... but I sure am thinking about opening up Pandemic for a few games!

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:26 am
by anvil242
Played Firefly:The Game with wife and son yesterday. Beautiful game, sketchy mechanics

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:28 pm
by serleran
My wife was sneaky and found a way to back Order of the Vampire Hunters (the new KS) so we'll dig into that when it gets here. Otherwise, I recently got my copy of Miremarsh and hope it is fun.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:26 pm
by Bifford
Last week I played Conquest of the Fallen Lands with my 8 year old :) She did really well and actually beat me :)

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 2:44 am
by Ancalagon
Ancalagon wrote:
Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:37 am
None recently... but I sure am thinking about opening up Pandemic for a few games!
Myself and The Better Half played 4 games of Pandemic over the last week. We managed to save the world 3 times and came up 1 turn short of winning a 4th game.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:06 pm
by francisbaud
The most recent I've played was Domino.

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:32 pm
by Bifford
Playing LOADS of games on BoardGameArena!

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2020 3:57 pm
by Lurker
Wellllll, I got my girls "Villainous' and the 3 expansions to if for Christmas this year.

With that we played it twice last night after we finished the Christmas naps and cleaning the kitchen from the holiday feast we made (I have to say we hit a home run on it, and the bonus is the girls had a hand in every dish and cooked the 'thin sliced chicken cutlets' from start to finish perfectly so it made me a bit proud of the girls).

Amazingly, my younger daughter won BOTH times, and didn't just win but dominated it !

The surprising part is she NEVER wins. Out of all the games of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Monarch, Sheriff of Nottingham, Star Wars Outer Rim etc etc etc over the 5 or so years, she may have won 3 or 4 times at most. Usually she can at best hope to come in second.

However, yesterday with Villainous, she played the game well and was lucky too so she destroyed all of us.

Admittedly, both her and her older sister tend toward the 'soft kind heart' side of the scale, and my wife had problems gorking the game since every character had a different path to win, so none beside me was using fate, so it was a little easier set of games than it could have been. But still she destroyed us all.

After the games when we talked about how close (or far away in my case) we were to winning and how we did in the game, she admitted that both times the card she drew were perfectly timed for her to win, but also that she was planning on how to win even without the luck.

So maybe, just maybe, she may have found a game that fits her !

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:41 pm
by anvil242
A friend introduced us to "Wingspan" just before the holiday, and my wife and I have been playing it quite a bit over Steam

Re: What boardgame(s) are you playing?

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:48 pm
by Bifford
Elite Dangerous Battlecards is my last purchase, and the wife got me Catan for Christmas (but won't play it with me so it sits there unloved and unplayed....until I can meet with my RPG/Game group again when this is all over)