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Troll Con AAR

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Troll Con recap, Part 1

Much delayed, here's my recap of Troll Con!

My son Ben & I pulled in around 6 PM Thursday and after checking in zipped over to The Purple Cow to meet up with the Miller clan (Treebore & family) as well as Zane Chenault, his son Neal, and two of Neal's friends. After dinner we decamped to Tree's hotel, where we split up into two groups. Tree ran for Zane & his entourage, joined later by Sir Seskis (John Wright) and Rigon (Chuck). I ran a game for Robert's kids & my son, in which they found themselves transported from Airdhe to a land called Lorraine, wherein they rescued Corey of Cabra and brought him to the Keep of Ganelon, defeating some strange creatures that when killed burst into flame along the way. (Hey, if you're going to steal, steal from the best. ) We wrapped up around 11 PM.

After breakfast Friday (where we met Morgan & Calvin) we hung around near the gaming area with John, Jason (Breakdaddy) and Richard Mcbain for a while, chatting with John & others arrivals while the Troll crew set up shop. The gaming kicked off after lunch. Ben had brought down some of our board games and his table was soon the site of Castle Panic, Small World, and Munchkin along with games borrowed from the Troll Con library, which I believe were largely the property of Mr. Mcbain. The game library desk was manned throughout the weekend by Chenault the girls, who also doubled as PA announcers, keeping the crowd up to speed on events and panels.

Since I was running three games Saturday & Sunday, I elected to only play in games on Thursday. I joined John's C&C game "A Nightmare Before Dying" which he described earlier. The game was a blast, though I fear I wasn't the most effective wizard. But the two rogues offing the rest of the party to steal the treasure was PRICELESS! They played it perfectly and we were all laughing about it afterwards.

In the evening Ben wound up in a C&C game Robert was running while I got into Steve's monster C&C game, which really needs a full write-up of it's own, as it should be the stuff of legend for the epic disorder and chaos, which began from the first moments. We had drunken bards using lutes as improvised clubs against a beast, a two-horse cavarly charge that broke an enemy formation, Zane's rogue running for his life with a hunting beast on his tail, a turncoat druid, a midnight assassination, a skinny dipping bard, an insane night attacking other members of the party... it was CRAZY and lead Zane to coin a new alignment for Neal and his friend Nick: "psychotic evil". Off to bed for me & my sidekick.

Saturday morning we got down as the room opened and I began setting up for my kobold game, "Kobold Raiders 2: Lizardman Boogaloo". For players I had Zane, Neal (or was it Nick?), Rhiannon Miller, Morgan (mabon) & his brother-in-law Calvin, John W., and Tim. The Kobold Raiders! games feature the players taking the roles of kobold sub-sub-chief Garp and his clutch-mates, who form an elite troop in Chief Fippy's kobold band. Last year, I assigned actual classes to the NPCs and gave them some equipment, which didn't give the game the flavor I'd been shooting for.

This year I created a deck of cards with abilities pulled from the first level abilities of most of the C&C classes, and each player got to draw two, with the exception of Rhiannon who played the role of apprentice shaman Gorp. Gorp got one ability and also got to pick four spells from a selection of 10 first-level spells. The players could then trade back one of the abilities to the pool and draw another which a few did. They then had the opportunity to trade ability cards with the other players, but no one took advantage of that. They also got to pick from a limited pool of weapons - four unique weapons (one per party) and a handful of others common to kobolds. Each PC was limited to two weapons. While the spell selection needs some work, the abilities-by-cards and weapon selection mechanics worked pretty well and gave each of the kobolds a unique flavor. For example, Calvin's kobold had no ranged but had both Hide and Conceal, so he became the party's scout. Each also got to take a small amount of general equipment, though I don't think it featured much in the game.

On to the adventure itself! Garp's band had to race to an outlying kobold village which had been attacked by lizardmen in advance of the main kobold warband. They encountered the lizardman rearguard and almost lost the sub-sub-chief to a well-placed spear that pinned him like a nature book display. This lead to some interesting role-play as the surviving warriors worked to figure out who should be in charge! After picking up some clues, including the fact that all the females and eggs were missing (and water from the "sweetwater" spring that acted as a sort of healing potion), Chief Fippy and the reinforcements arrived to secure the camp and revive the just-barely-stablized Garp.

Come morning, the band was dispatched out on the trail of the lizard raiders. After a brief stop to kill a wild boar ("Pig is tasty. Women will be hungry! We kill pig, bring them food.") they tracked down a lizardman shaman and his guards in some sort of forgotten underground temple, about to commit some sort of unspeakable evil upon the kobold females and eggs. After a tense battle featuring some hot dice (and sub-sub-chief Garp fleeing screaming after being hit with a fear spell) the kobolds prevailed, but it was a close thing for a while!

I'm really happy with how this game turned out. The pace and challenge level seemed to be just right for the group and the "kobold generation" mechanics worked well. I have plans to re-work the first Kobold Raiders scenario and eventually write these up.

Spent some time in the Troll's CKG panel for which Morty's posted the video and delivered dinner to Ben, who had progressed from board games to one of Casey's Fields of Battle sessions, taking over from Rhu. Spent a little more time chatting before setting up my Classic Traveller game "Mayday! Mayday!"
Next up: "This is free trader Beowulf... We are under attack..."
"I don't wanna be remembered as the guy who died because he underestimated the threat posed by a monkey."
"I don't wanna be remembered as the guy who died because he underestimated the threat posed by a monkey."

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Nice write up, John
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Great report!!
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"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes:" - Macbeth
Count Rhuveinus - Lejendary Keeper of Castle Franqueforte

"Enjoy a 'world' where the fantastic is fact and magic really works!" ~ Gary Gygax

"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes:" - Macbeth

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