Best Adventures for Conventions?

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Best Adventures for Conventions?

Post by Frost »

I was thinking of running Dwarven Glory: The Looking Stones this Saturday at GASPCon, but the more I review it, the more I think it isn't suitable for con. It seems like a nice side-trek for a campaign, but not really for game play. I'm leaning towards Dwarven Glory II: The Winding Stair. I had luck with that in the past.

Any other suggestions?
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Post by Omote »

The Winding Stair is the module I have run the most in this situation. I added a little bit more to the front end of Winding Stair, otherwise it's a pretty short dungeon crawl. Plus, read the Winding Stair cafefully. There are some issues that need to be worked out to make the experience better for everybody in my estimation.

Other then that, I have never run a published moduule that I can remember for a con.

All the best Frosty!

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