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Archon 2014

Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:12 pm

Are there games planned for archon this year?

Re: Archon 2014

Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:48 pm

Now why would we want to run any games at Archon? ;) The short answer...yes. Troll Kyle and I will run 6? games over the weekend. I'll look through my sent e-mails, and try to copy our submissions to this thread. Brb :)

Re: Archon 2014

Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:08 pm

To GMBattletech and anybody else...our Archon (1st weekend in October...Collinsville, Illinois) game schedule

Slot: 2-6pm
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Castles and Crusades
Title: Lion in the Ropes
Description: Lord Galveston's lands have been plagued by murder. For
months, peoples' bodies have turned up along the banks of the river.
Strange tracks of a cat-like creature have been found around the villages.
Rumor has it a great beast has settled in the area. Are you up to the task
of solving this mystery?

Players: 6
Slot: Friday night (7-11pm)
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Amazing Adventures (C&C)
Title: Temple of the Red God
Description: Somewhwere deep in the jungle lies an ancient temple, built by
a lost civilization and dedicated to a long-forgotten god. The Red God sits
at the heart of the temple, suffering from years of neglect. What secrets
and treasures may be hidden behind the stones and beneath the altars of this place? This place is your's to explore with the Amazing Adventures RPG. AA is a part of the Castles and Crusades family of games, and makes pulp adventuring easy with the simple Siege Engine mechanic.

>> Players: 6
>> -----------------------------------------------------
Slot: Saturday morning (10a-2pm)
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Castles and Crusades
Title: Secrets of Smuggler's Cove
Description: Fair Haven has relied upon its lighthouse to guide merchant
vessels into port. Recently, the lighthouse failed. The trading ship,
Nynph's Kiss, was dashed on the rocks. Smugglers have raided the wreck, and it appears to be haunted.

Players: 6
Slot: Saturday afternoon (2:30-6:30pm)
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Castles and Crusades
Title: In Search of Adventure
Description: You have received a cryptic letter from your recently-deceased
grandfather. The note describes a place called Goblin Rock. Treasure and
riches await! It's up to you to find Goblin Rock, and retrieve the
Players: 6
Slot: Saturday Night (7:30-11:30pm)
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Castles and Crusades
Title: The Witch Moor
Description: The Witch Moor is a peat bog known for its thick fogs and
sucking mud pits which can drag a man to his death in seconds. Many venture
into this area for berries and peat (which provide sustenance and fuel for
the local village), but none go too far for fear that Relletina will catch
them and grind their bones into dust. Tales speak of a wretched creature,
but does she truly exist? Find out, as you journey through the Haunted

Players: 6
Slot: Sunday morning (10a-2pm)
Company: Troll Lord Games
System: Castles and Crusades
Title: A Pot of Broken Bones (and Halfling Broth)
DESCRIPTION: You and your fellow adventurers are celebrating your latest
victory, telling your stories to the locals. Three halflings ask you to
help find the rest of their townsfolk who have been captured by a couple of Trolls, the infamous Fram Brothers. Can you save them?

Players: 6

For more information about Archon, go to archonstl.org Thanks for checking in with us, GMb. :)
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