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Well Lookie Hookie

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We have another guest showing up, long time friend of mine and industry professional Aldo Ghiozzi. He's on the sales side of things and has his thumb on the industry's pulse, being in very close contact with all the major game companies and Troll Lord Games.

I'll bet we can get him to jaw at us about what's happening and the latest news in the industry!

Aldo's not 100% confirmed, but he's pretty sure he can make it on out!!

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Post by serleran »

Cool. Hope y'all have a grand ole tyme.

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Post by sieg »

Great! Look forward to meeting him...
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Post by CharlieRock »

Wasn't he the guy that made FreeRPG Day? I know I heard his name or saw it when it was going on last year. Hard to forget a name like that.
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