Save For Half episode # 31: "Marvel Super Heroes by TSR"

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Save For Half episode # 31: "Marvel Super Heroes by TSR"

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Save For Half episode # 31: "Marvel Super Heroes by TSR"

Excelsior, True Believers! The Fab Four Halflings take a dive into that first licensed Superhero RPG of the 1980s, the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game box set by TSR. Published in 1984, it took a few directions that Supers RPGs hadn't yet tried such as ranks for both attributes and powers, Karma as both XPs and die roll mods, and of course getting statistics for your favorite Marvel heroes. Well, 8 of them anyway. Sit back and enjoy our Remarkable coverage of an Incredible game in Amazing detail...'Nuff said!

No Trademarks were harmed in the making of this podcast, despite TSR's providing them. A lot.

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Re: Save For Half episode # 31: "Marvel Super Heroes by TSR"

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Nice, bring back memories

MSH is actually the 1 st super hero game I played back in the day and I loved its simple set up

It was a shock for me when I played other system after high school when I went in the military that were SUPER crunchy compared to MSH
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