Save For Half 19: “Bullwinkle & Rocky RP Party Game by TSR"

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Save For Half 19: “Bullwinkle & Rocky RP Party Game by TSR"

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It’s party time here in the Halfling Hideaway, and what's more of a party than a Party RPG? It says so, right on the box! Yes, it’s the Bullwinkle and Rocky Roleplaying Party game, from 1988. You demanded it (sorta), so we're here to bring it to you!

Can Boris really 'Kill Moose'? Does Sherman and his boy face weeping angels in the time vortex? Can Dudley Do-Right face off against Frost Giants? Ok, only one of those is correct; but you'll have to listen to find out which one!

No mooses were killed in the making of this episode, not even ones with rabbits coming out of his hat!

It's all here at:

Links mentioned in this show:

Boardgamegeek - Bullwinkle & Rocky RP Party Game ... party-game

Noble Knight Games - Bullwinkle & Rocky RP Party Game ... -and-Rocky

Rick & Morty at IMDB

Wikipedia - Bullwinkle & Rocky RP Party Game ... Party_Game

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