Space 1889 x2 - Bundle of Holding

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Space 1889 x2 - Bundle of Holding

Post by Lurker »

Last night I got the notice that Space 1989 is up on 2 different collection

I remember playing it back in the day, as one offs every once in a while, so I don't remember the rules that well. But I do remember liking the setting and the idea of it.

Unless either of the rules are amazing, I would probably stick with Victorious or maybe Amazing Adventure, as the rule engine, but then use the rest as idea mines.
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Re: Space 1889 x2 - Bundle of Holding

Post by DMMike »

Yeah, its a great setting that I've used with Victorious on occasion. Didn't have the "Clockwork" version though, so I picked up that part of the Bundle of Holding.

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