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Semi-Official Errata (4th print PHB/3d print M&T)

Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:47 am

I know. I said I wouldn't do another errata document. But I did one anyway. This is for the 4th print Players Handbook and the 3d print of Monsters & Treasure. Compared to the errata for the 3d print PHB and 2d print M&T, I would say we are very close to having an error free game.

Other than the two errors that the Trolls have noted in their official document, the only things of consequence that need to be worked on are an issue with table references in the random armor tables and the lack of gold piece and experience point values for the Figurines of Wondrous Power. The rest is all relatively minor, even if I put it in the errata for the sake of completeness.

Enjoy. If you have a question about what you see here, PM me or make a new thread in C&C Open Discussion. I have a link to the file below.

Combined 4th print Players Handbook/3d print Monsters & Treasure Semi-Official Errata

EDIT: 6/5/11 - The errata for the Table 4.4B asterisk mentioned rolling on Table 4.4 Random Armor Type. It should instead say Table 4.4 Armor and Shields. The errata document has been corrected, but this note is for those who don't wish to download the 100KB pdf again.

EDIT: 10/18/11 - PDF updated with all errata noted in this thread.

Monster Errata

Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:55 pm

Thanks to Peter...

Throughout Monsters & Treasure: Certain special abilities were not described for several of the creatures in the book. The list below shows the page number, the monster, and the abilities that are not described. Below that is the missing descriptions of the monster abilities.

Page 18, Devourer: control undead, dominate person, ghoul touch, spectral hand

Page 26, Dragon, Gold: foresight

Page 28, Drider: detect lie, know alignment

Page 33, Elf, Drow: detect lie, know alignment

Page 36, Genie, Djinni: create wine

Page 37, Genie, Efreeti: scorching ray

Page 40, Giant, Storm: predict weather

Page 45, Hag: forcecage

Page 46, Hag, Green: speak with monsters, audible glamour

Page 46, Hag, Night: etherealness, know alignment

Page 76, Sphinx, Gyno: detect invisible, read languages

Page 77, Sprite, Grig: trip

Page 77, Sprite, Pixie: permanent illusion, know alignment

Page 79, Titan: etherealness

The Special Abilities:

AUDIBLE GLAMOUR: This functions identically to the ghost sound spell (Players Handbook, page 83).

CONTROL UNDEAD: The creature can command all undead creaures within 50 feet of it to do its bidding. Controlled undead can understand the creature regardless of the language the creature speaks. When the creature ends the effect, the undead revert to their normal behavior although intelligent undead will remember that they were controlled. This ability is equivalent to a 7th-level spell.

CREATE WINE: This functions identically to the create water spell (Players Handbook, page 74) but creates wine instead of water.

DETECT INVISIBLE: This functions identically to the see invisibility spell (Players Handbook, page 103).

DETECT LIE: This functions identically to the discern lies spell (Players Handbook, page 77).

DOMINATE PERSON: This ability functions identically to the charm person spell (Players Handbook, page 70), however the creature can control the subject at an unlimited range as if the subject were an automaton. Giving the subject orders is automatically successful, but the subject receives a Charisma check to break the effect if forced to take actions it wouldn't ordinarily do. Self-destructive orders are not followed. This ability is equivalent to a 5th-level spell.

ETHEREALNESS: This functions identically to the ethereal jaunt spell (Players Handbook, page 80) except up to 3 additional willing subjects may be brought into the Ethereal Plane. This ability is equivalent to a 9th-level spell.

FORCECAGE: Forcecage functions identically to a wall of force (Players Handbook, page 114) but instead of a single wall, a cubical prison is brought into being. This ability is equivalent to a 7th-level spell. When the forcecage is created the creature chooses the type of forcecage desired.

    Barred Cage: this version produces a 20-foot cube made of bands of force for bars. The bands are a half-inch wide, with half-inch gaps between them. Any creature capable of passing through such a small space can escape; others are confined. All spells and breath weapons can pass through the gaps in the bars.

    Windowless Cell: this version produces a 10-foot cube with no way in and no way out. Solid walls of force form its six sides.

FORESIGHT: See Monsters & Treasure, page 67, Prysmal Eye.

GHOUL TOUCH: See Monsters & Treasure, page 38, Ghoul (Paralysis).

KNOW ALIGNMENT: All creatures are surrounded by an aura that can indicate their alignment, and this spell reveals the alignment of one object or a creature through its aura. This is equivalent to a 2nd-level spell.

PERMANENT ILLUSION: This functions identically to the permanent image spell (Players Handbook, page 95).

PREDICT WEATHER: this ability grants the creature a 100% accurate forecast of the weather in a nine square mile area. This is equivalent to a 1st-level spell.

READ LANGUAGES: This functions identically to the comprehend languages spell (Players Handbook, page 72), but is limited to the written word only.

SCORCHING RAY: The creature may fire one ray at a target up to 30 feet distant. This ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 4d6 points of fire damage. This is equivalent to a 2nd-level spell.

SPEAK WITH MONSTERS: This functions identically to the comprehend languages spell (Players Handbook, page 72), but is limited to the spoken word and only applies to monster speech.

SPECTRAL HAND: This ghostly, glowing hand moves as the creature desires, allowing it to deliver low-level, touch range spells at a distance. Any touch range spell of 4th level or lower that is cast can be delivered by this ability. Using the hand counts as an attack. If the hand travels more than 150 feet away from the creature, delivers a spell successfully, or goes out of the creature's sight, the hand returns to the creature and hovers. The hand cannot be harmed by normal weapons, but only can take 4 hit points of damage before dissipating. This is equivalent to a 2nd-level spell.

TRIP: The creature can cast this on an available vine, stick, pole, or rope and cause the object to rise from the ground and trip any creature crossing over it, even if they are aware of it. Running creatures tripped onto a hard surface take 1d6 damage and are stunned for 1d4+1 minutes. If the surface is a soft surface, targets are only stunned for 1 minute. Medium creatures or larger are unaffected by this spell. This is the equivalent of a 2nd-level spell.

Note for the Trolls:
For the fourth printing of Monsters & Treasure the abilities in the list above that say "functions identically to such and such a spell" should be renamed to the spell mentioned in the entry, to be consistent with other abilities in the book that already reference select spells.

Re: Semi-Official Errata (4th print PHB/3d print M&T)

Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:42 am

Players Handbook, page 102: The modifiers for the Scrying spell should be identical to the modifiers in the Greater Scrying spell on page 84. Use the modifiers on page 84 instead.

Re: Semi-Official Errata (4th print PHB/3d print M&T)

Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:47 pm

Spell Resistance (Clarification): All beings in the game, whether character or creature, have at minimum an innate SR of 1. This reflects the fact that characters and creatures are entitled to saving throws versus magic. Ignore all references to SR 1 in monster write-ups in Monsters & Treasure.
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