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Post by Gundoggy »

I was reviewing the Wastage charts. For extreme conditions, like magical attacks, dragon breath, acid etc...does the PC have to roll for items ANY time their equipment is exposed to such energies or only if they fail a save or fail by rolling a certain number?

If it's meant to be rolled EVERY time they are exposed, that would be quite interesting since many items would fail especially the PC"s steel weapons!!! Magic users become that much more powerful as their spells strip fighters of weapons and armor...

I noticed there wasn't any information on this, was it meant for the CK to determine when they should roll??? Or is C&C a very dangerous world where stuff break all the time???

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Re: Wastage

Post by serleran »

Left to the Castle Keeper, but the general rule of thumb is to save when the character fails. Especially potent attacks may require a save even if the player succeeds at his own, but there are not direct rules for it, only guidelines.

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