A0 Map Scale vs Aihrde Map Scale Question

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A0 Map Scale vs Aihrde Map Scale Question

Post by Corrilwynn »

I am preparing my first C&C game, and I'm using the Umbrage Saga. I am a little confused about the map scale. I have the beautiful Aihrde poster maps, which list a 1 inch = 24 mile scale. The "Malforten to Botkinburg" map from the set shows a scale of 3/8 inch = 10 miles, which works out to be 1 inch = about 26.7 miles.

The adventure map is a zoomed in version of the area on the larger map, but it has a slightly larger scale than the world map? Has anyone played this adventure, and changed the map scale? How would 3/8 inch = 1 mile work out with the adventure? Would the sites be too close together? I suppose I could just use the 3/8 inch = 10 miles scale of the adventure map and change the world map to a larger scale per inch.

When I measure out the distance between Ludensheim and Botkinburg on the world map, it is 1/4 inch. On the A series map, the 2 towns are about 2 inches apart, or 8 times the distance shown on the adventure map. So if I use the scale of the adventure map, the larger map should be 1 inch = 26.7x8 = 213 miles.

I know this is all nit-picky, but I'm trying to build a hex crawl with the Aihrde setting, and want to start in the Blacktooth ridge...

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Re: A0 Map Scale vs Aihrde Map Scale Question

Post by alcyone »

Honestly, I'd draw a new map of the Umbrage area doing your best to fit the descriptions in the module, and if you have to, change those too. I did something similar last time I ran it, but I don't think I have the map anymore. You can leave the larger map's scale, and make sure future maps fit that.
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Re: A0 Map Scale vs Aihrde Map Scale Question

Post by PeelSeel2 »

I think scale on the map should be 1 hex = 1 mile instead of 10. That places 6 miles between the two towns,bringing it in line with the larger map.

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