Haunted Highlands: Player's Guide

All things about the Haunted Highlands!
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Haunted Highlands: Player's Guide

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I'm preparing to run a campaign set within the Haunted Highlands and have started putting together a little guide for my players to introduce them to the region.

It takes some stuff from the modules, Casey's posts on the boards and of course a dose of my own interpretations on the mini-setting. I thought maybe some others may be interested in it as well. It is not yet complete as I plan on adding a section on classes as well as points of interest. I just have to make myself sit down and actually do it.

Players Guide to the Karboskian Marches

War has come to the Karboskian Marches. The vicious and cunning orc king, Yorgach the Ravager, has rallied the disparate humanoid tribes under his banner, invading the Duchy of Karbosk in a fanatical search for the enigmatic Century of Skulls. Not even the capitol city of Dro Mandras remains unscathed; its eastern portions now in the grip of orcish occupation.

Duke Mandras Karbosk V has marshaled his troops around him, vowing to recapture eastern Dro Mandras. However, this leaves much of the Karboskian frontier unguarded; easy prey for opportunistic bandits and other undesirables.

It is in this land of lawlessness, warfare and brutality that you seek your glory. Fortune favors the bold, while death awaits the reckless.

Races of the Duchy

Humans: The most populous race of the Karboskian Marches; the humans of the area are further sub-divided between two major racial stocks.

The Ugashtans are descendants of the ancient Umeshti, the original human settlers of the region. The Ugashtans are a tribal race, considered to be barbaric by the more civilized Karboskians.. Their culture holds a strong distrust for the arcane. They possess a ruddy complexion, with hair colors ranging from reddish brown to blond. Eyes colors are primarily grey, but pale blues and greens are not unheard of.

The Karboskians are the descendants of Ugashtan natives and settlers from the Empire of Rodensia who founded the Duchy of Karbosk over 800 years ago. They are an independent people who pride themselves on not only surviving the fall of the Empire, but thriving in the dangerous frontier lands. They are of darker complexion than the Ugashtans, but still fair of skin. Hair colors are often darker as well, with blacks and browns being the most prevalent colors. Eye color is generally brown or hazel, with greens and blues occasionally showing up.

Other humans also can be found around the Duchy, but they are not as prevalent as the Ugashtans or Karboskians. Rugged and dour frontiersmen from the Outlands to the west, savage nomads from beyond the Pieters Reach Mountains; these and more are all occasionally seen in various locales within the region.
Halflings: The most populous demihuman residents of the duchy, halflings largely hail from Gilby Hall. They are well regarded by the people of Karbosk with a reputation as being marksmen without peer. The Halflings of Gilby Hall proudly contribute a company of expert archers to the ducal armies.
Dwarves: Recently, the dwarves of Karbosk have become an uncommon sight. The predominant dwarven settlement, Fanderberg, has closed its gates and cut off all contact with the surface world. The reasoning for their actions remains a mystery to the people of Karbosk, even the dwarves still living on the surface refuse to speak about the reasoning. Whatever trouble the dwarves are facing, it is apparent that they feel it is their burden alone.
Elves: This fey race is a rarity in the Duchy, most Karboskians will never encounter a true elf. There are no elven settlements in the region and the only evidence that they ever occupied the area at all are the haunted ruins of Amyan Jymoon. Most scholars believe that the elves withdrew prior to the god-wrought cataclysm which destroyed the ancient Umeshti Empire.

Gnomes: This diminutive race is almost as much of a rarity as elves within the Karboskian Marches. There are no gnomish settlements or evidence of any previous gnomish towns or holds. Most Karboskians view them as little more than fanciful figures from childrens tales.

Half-Elves: The wrongly named half-elves of the Duchy are in fact not truly half elven at all. Half-elves are humans with elven blood in their distant lineage. The visible effects of such kinship can often times skip several generations. Those possessing enough elven blood in them are uncommon in the Marches. While most residents find them a curiosity, they do not suffer any stigma due to their lineage.
Note: A vast majority of half-elves in the region will possess the racial traits and abilities of the human lineage as described in the C&C PHB.
Half-Orcs: Within the frontier portions of the Duchy, where orcish raids are a fact of life, half-orcs are a grim reminder of the dangers faced by the citizens of the Marches. Most half-orc infants are left to die of exposure shortly after their births. Those who are not face a lifetime of prejudice and distrust., existing on the fringe of society.

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Post by cinderblock »

Excellent start DD! I might have to highjack this for my own game.

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Wow, DD is just noticed this post. A Players Guide and Primer is just the way to go for those who are not familiar with the setting/modules. Great stuff, DD.

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Any new info to share?

Someone send me some dice!

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