Haunted Highlands Question

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Haunted Highlands Question

Post by Tron »

I'm considering starting a campaign in the Haunted Hills. However, at this point I don't own any of the modules. I'm doing a little research to make sure this is the right setting. I've read throught Dangerdwarf's post "Haunted Highlands: Players Guide" and like what I read. However, the post did raise a question for me...what do you do with elves in this setting? Do you allow them for Player Character purposes?

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Post by Treebore »

In C&C you do it however the CK and their group wants to do it.

HH has no restrictions against elves in the setting.
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Elves are rarely seen, according to Casey, in the HH setting as it stands. Just bear that in mind when a PC wants to play one.
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Post by DangerDwarf »

Also, DB4 has racial modifiers for social situations based on race. Elves take a hit because of the unease folks have around the unknown.

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