Questions in the Darkenfold...

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Questions in the Darkenfold...

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Well I started converting an old adventure to C&C and wanted to place it in the Darkenfold, so I started digging for material, not to much in AWD, Codex of Erde has some good stuff, then I hit C1 The Mortality of Green and was blown away, follow that with C2, the Shades of Mist, and whew... Didn't realize those were set in the Darkenfold! Now I just have to get C3 Upon the Powder River.

Ok, so first off, there is a town where the Old Post Road and the Southern Way meet, is this town spelled as one word Endsmeet or two Ends Meet? I the Codex of Erde it is one word, in C1 The Mortality of Green it is listed both ways, while in C2 Shades of Mist it is two words. I think I prefer the two word spelling, but wanted to get others thoughts.

Next is the distance between Greenbriar and Ends Meet. Unfortunately on page 146 of the Codex of Erde there is no scale provided. OK, so how about the map in C1 TMoG? It seems to be about 10", and the scale there is 1" = 12 miles, so that's easy, 120 miles right? Uh oh... looking in C2 the Shades of Mist they look to be about 6-7" apart with a scale of 1" = 32 miles, so that is 192-224 miles. Help! :D

Anyhow I am placing it on the western edge of the Darkenfold, and after a playtest or two, will submit it to the Knights of the Crusade. I will be starting a new campaign at my FLGS and this will be the kickoff to to it. Need to get working on converting some of the others.

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