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FoB - The Battle over Castle Franquefort
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Author:  Rhuvein [ Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  FoB - The Battle over Castle Franquefort

Carrying over to this thread from my FoB thread, the actual battle round by round.
Round One (it took about 2+ hours to complete):

After squads move into their starting positions, the sounds of rams horns and the banging of war drums are heard over the battlefield. Next, battle cries, shouts and exaltations are heard . . . and the armies advance on each other.

Orcs and bugbears try a run through the forest near the castle. Elves shot and wipe out 2 orc squads and damage a third. The bugbears led by a large thunderboar find what looks like a trail. As they proceed, a large treat already alert by their presence attacks the boar but misses. Other medium treants appear to move and animate other trees.

All other squads advance as well as siege engines. The castle catapult fires and hits a squad of ogres and one squad of goblins. Both monster successful move (make dex) and only take damage.

Wooly mammoths charge, one directly at the advancing gnolls (doya think theyll be making a morale check next round??).

The castle ballista fires and misses the front line of skellies.

The bad guys fire a trebuchet which hits a 10ft. section of the castle wall for 35 hps of damage.

There are several random attacks from creatures on the battlefield.

An ankheg crawls out of a hole to charge a squad of dwarves. For now the dwarves are behind a pavis and thus the ankheg cannot reach them.

A grell attacks from the far side of the field against a squad of dwarves and misses.

A large viper attacks a squad of kobolds and misses.

Lastly, several hatchling and fledgling dragons are seen flying in from both directions ~ as this occurs all squads pause for one round until it appears that the dragons are intent on each other rather than whats happening on the ground.

The good dragons land on the castle parapets, while the evil dragons land upon hilltops and rocky cliffs across from the castle.
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Author:  Omote [ Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:18 pm ]
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As I said in the other thread... must play in a Rhu FoB game at some point in my life... MUST!

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