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Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier 
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Post Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier
Hello everyone. I wanted to post what has happened so far in my campaign both to get feedback as well as to encourage myself to keep writing session summaries. I really think they help me keep my game organized by forcing me to go over my notes and allowing me to give names to things left unnamed during gameplay (by my forgiving players) and shoring up details for all things improvised.

Please read, I think the story so far is pretty interesting, and I say that without bias because this is a sandbox style game with no overarching plot as of yet. One will surely develop though, as the players begin to mess with the natural order of things.



- CT

Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:33 am
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Post Re: Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier

It was early fall when the unusual pair made their way through the thick doors in the eastern wall of Westhaven. Their walk was slow and resolute as they made their way to the nearest inn. The regulars at the Setting Sun whispered among one another as first one great hulk, then another, squeezed through the main door. It was not unheard of for a half-orc to be seen in town; certainly their inherent toughness was a boon at the edge of this wilderness. But two? And arriving as a pair no less, what did this herald for the future of Westhaven?

The two made their way into the dining area, cognizant of the stares they provoked. As fortune would have it, there was an opening at a particularly interesting table. Carved into its surface was a rough map of the region. Westhaven was clearly identifiable, as were settlements to the north, barrow downs and a lake to the west, and a swamp to the south. There were further landmarks, but they were faded with time. Neither the servers nor the proprietor of the establishment were able to shed light on the original carver, but all agreed that nearly every adventurer that made their way to Westhaven has left their mark before moving on. With a few coins and a hard glare, the pair put the table on a “permanently reserved” status.

The duo kept to themselves for several days, neither engaging with, nor avoiding the townspeople. They took stock of their new environment, of the shops and facilities offered in this, the last outpost of civilization on the western borderlands. Every evening they returned to the inn to study the map, preparing for what was to come.

On the first market-day following their arrival a messenger sought out the pair with a letter.
“Investigate the tower and report.” -The Brotherhood of Radiant Darkness

Their course thus determined, they resolved to set out the next day to the north. With good luck and good weather, the table map suggested they would be able to return by nightfall, mission complete. Morning revealed the weather had held, but would their luck?



Chip Monkeyfist:
Lvl 1 Half-Orc Monk
Strong and hardy, Chip is of an order of monks dedicated to the protection of others. For reasons unknown to him, his order has assigned him to protect Fiona, an assassin-initiate with The Brotherhood of Radiant Darkness. He knows little about the organization’s motives or means but has heard their power spoken of in hushed whispers in the dark corners of the civilized world.
Lvl 1 Half-Orc Assassin
An initiate-assassin with The Brotherhood of Radiant Darkness, Fiona has been born and bred to stalk through shadows, to study and eliminate a single, significant target. Her mentors have told her how the BoRD assassins have changed the course of history with a single, well placed bolt fired from darkness at the opportune moment and her aspirations are no less. For good or evil, she seeks to change the world.


Session 1 – The Adventure Begins:

Chip and Fiona took one last opportunity to outfit themselves with the necessary equipment and provisions for the journey north. The night prior they discussed at length whether to seek information on their goal from the townsfolk before embarking, but decided against it reasoning that they would rather not advertise their intentions before they had established themselves as more than transient ruffians.

The weather was fair on this late summer’s day and the sun shone on the stone walls of Westhaven as Chip and Fiona, green in both color and experience, set out on their northward path toward adventure. Leaving the Setting Sun, they traveled first east to the town gate. A curt nod was exchanged with the guard on duty and they made their way under the stone archway and out into the countryside.

Sticking close to the wall, they made their way north intending to follow the river until they got close to the tower. In doing so, their map indicated they would be able to skirt the forest directly north of town and, so Fiona thought, save some time. The map also indicated there was an abandoned town just south of the tower and the Chip was keen to investigate it before advancing to the tower lest the pair leave themselves open to an attack from the rear.

Walking swiftly they were able to travel for a few hours following the twists and bends of the river before encountering anything unusual. Around midday they halted, having both spotted something unusual around the next bend. Up ahead, where two great trees flanked the path on either side, they caught a glimpse of a shimmer in the sunlight. Fiona, being the stealthier of the two, elected to move forward and examine the area more closely. She had to get within twenty feet of the thing before being able to determine it was a massive spider’s web. The strands of silk were only slightly larger than those of ordinary webs, but the scale was such that it covered the area between the trees, ten feet wide, from just above the ground, to at least a foot above her over six foot high head. The glint they had initially spotted turned out to be several coins of silver and gold woven into the webbing.

Fiona signaled Chip to move close so that the two might discuss what to do. The reasonable course of action was obviously to skirt the trees and count themselves lucky. Neither offered that opinion. Instead, Chip suggested throwing a nearby fallen branch at the webbing to see if anything would shake loose.

Fiona readied her crossbow as Chip let loose the branch. Meeting with surprising resistance, the limb broke the webbing but did not sail through. It now dangled on the other side of the web, held by several strands a few feet off the ground. The duo’s curiosity turned to alarm as they saw a flash of black, red, and owning far too many legs, move from the left tree to the hanging branch and sink it’s fangs into the bark.

The bulk of the arachnid, similar to that of a small horse, left Chip temporarily stunned. Fiona however, was quick to let fly with her crossbow. Striking true, green ichor gushed from the wound. The giant spider quickly disengaged from the branch, shunted itself through the hole in the web, dropped down and scuttled toward she who had harmed it. This at last seemed to rouse Chip to action and he darted in front of the great spider. Fending off four arms as easily as two, he penetrated the creature’s defenses, landing a crushing blow on its cluster of eyes. A horrid, not-scream issued forth from the enemy, but was quickly silenced with another bolt from Fiona. With unerring precision she had struck the same spot softened up by Chip, destroying the spider and rendering herself and Chip temporarily speechless.

Coming around quickly, the pair searched the immediate area for signs of other spiders. Seeing nothing, they set about with the time honored task of looting. Chip exercised his climbing skills on the right most tree and found several decomposing bodies, sucked dry of their life fluids. From them he gathered a small amount of coins as well as a curious map. It lacked directional indication and he was unable to tell where the area depicted was located. “Perhaps someone in town might know more,” he said to himself.

Fiona, meanwhile, had taken to the other tree. She found several more coins in a kind of silk sack, but nothing else of value. While climbing down she realized that the sounds of the coins were almost completely muffled by the design of the sack. “A useful tool for moving about without attracting attention,” she mused.

Finally, before moving on, Fiona stopped to examine the corpse of the great spider. Bringing her knife to bear she was able to harvest the poison producing gland from the beast. Ignoring a slightly disgusted look from Chip, she stuffed the gland into the silk sack, hoping the container would help preserve organ until she could work to refine the poison back at the Setting Sun. “In a pinch, between here and there,” she thought, “I can always just stab the thing to coat my weapon.”

After a brief stop for rations, the pair set out again. Having only been slightly delayed, and being uninjured, they were keen to stick with their original plan. To the tower, and back before nightfall!

- CT

Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:35 am
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Post Re: Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier
Resoruceful players. Keep up the inspiraton.

Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:58 am
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Post Re: Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier
Well I've got to say that your adventures are reading like a novel. If you have the fortitude to keep writing session recaps like this, I know I'll keep reading them. Thank you for investing the time in your campaign novel. ;)


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Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:46 am
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Post Re: Westhaven - Adventures on the frontier
Thanks guys. The players certainly are resourceful, as you will see in the upcoming sessions. We've played six sessions so far, and most had more going on than this first one.

Thanks for the compliment Omote. Though I'm sure an editor would take a chainsaw to my writing I appreciate the support. I'm going to continue writing these as long as we keep playing both in support of my campaign and my 2011 resolution to write something non-work related each day. This summary took about two nights to put together, so I wouldn't expect anything before Wednesday :)

As an aside: the spider missed it's first attack, that second shot from Fiona was a crit, and I was sorely dissapointed not to have drawn blood from either PC on the first encounter.


- CT

Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:28 am
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