Getting back into the swing ...

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Getting back into the swing ...

Post by Arakor »

It's been several month since I last sat behind the screen.
(I got mauled quite badly in a public forum after running a Con game that had been well received on previous outings so I was somewhat ... shaken).

Following a conversation with a new member of our games club last week, I got volunteered to run a one-shot adventure of C&C for this new member to see what it was like.
That proved the impetus to get me to post a game on the club's boards for people to play at long last.
(I can't believe that it's been almost 18 months since I last ran a game!)
13x 1st-level pre-generated human characters created, checked and printed using iCharacter Sheet ...
total time taken - about 4 hours.

I love this game :D

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Re: Getting back into the swing ...

Post by Omote »

I got to get that iSheet...

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