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Paizo in my Castles and Crusades
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Author:  Rhonin84 [ Wed May 09, 2012 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Paizo in my Castles and Crusades

We are using the Kingmaker environment mixed with the map from the A series of CnC modules...with 4e gods. So far so good!

Today I made an opportunity to game with my youngest and his two older brothers. I let the two older kids play their same characters as what they have been playing and my youngest played his Elf Fighter/Thief, using the Castles and Crusades rules. I used an encounter from one of Troll Lord's encounter set, with a few additions to suit my needs.

First the Assassin and Bard found out that one of the 12 year old boys from the farms had gone missing...this has happened before but never for more than two was now three. They took off trying to track him and finally the found a trail heading south deeper into the woods then they had been. Finding some giant frogs along the way and beating them they eventually found an abandoned farming community. Searching they found a dead and decayed body in one of the barns and a backpack with rudimentary supplies.

Now in comes the new Fighter/Thief...he has found the boy and was getting ready to take him back when he knew a storm was coming. He watched the two search the area and finally the boy recognized the two looking for him as being friends of his folks from the farm. Eventually everyone is united and a night spent in one of the houses is called for. Now during the night the storm blows itself out and eventually the assassin notices that the animals are not making any noise....and then they see them four zombies. The group decides that the assassin will get the kid to safety while the bard and fighter buy him time....

They did a great job of picking the first four off and then the next six but by this time they had lost a bow to a broken bow string and the bard was down in hit points...time for a withdrawal. Now as they are leaving they see that the kid has picked up a dagger along the bid deal. They eventually do make it back with a few interesting encounters that they managed to avoid and the parents want to return the dagger to the group...only no one gave him a dagger and what is that stranger pattern and mark on the dagger....

That will be for next time...

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