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Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:51 pm

09 Oct game
The Section Chief of American Operations of the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs smirked. His personal secretary grumbling in the office next to him, not even realizing his dislike for Roger Mosby was so easily noticed. The man was an excellent accountant, an able assistant – remembering date, schedules and the like – but to much a creature of the Redcliff and Brundell faction to be a viable bureaucrat, and to emotional to be a good field operative.

“Mister Purdy, Roy my good man, A cup of Old Gray if you would be so kind. And, while you are at it, I finished the office’s official report and summery of Master Mosby’s report on resources, persons of interest, and infrastructure throughout the American South. Spot on work if I do say so myself, excellent work for an agent his age. His insights to the people, just remarkable. His ability to ferret out information that can be used as a lever to make sure the individuals whole heartedly support Her Majesties interests here in America in the coming storm, amazing. It is as if the young man is a fly on the wall listening to conversations and peaking around shadowy corners. However, I think it may do the young chap a bit of good to get more training in the engineering arts, … bridges, rail ways, ports and the like …. Yes I believe that would round out his knowledge

Send a copy of Master Mosby’s reports to the Embassy, all the consulates, and of course The Home Office. Send The Home Office my report, along with a request that they inquire with Sir John Fox Burgoyne – their maternal grandfather of Roger Mosby - & the retired chief Royal Engineer - about a suitable tutor to train the boy in the basic skills of a field engineer.

Oh yes, if you would be so kind, send my complements to The Mosby on his son”

Roy Purdy, the secretary of The Section Chief of American Operations of the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs, smiled thinly at his boss’s complements of the bloody Roger Mosby. Not realizing his reaction was exactly what his boss expected and was looking for. … No field agent here …

Mister Purdy, thinking to himself as he smiled and poured a cup of tea ,,, Turks, where are those Turks, It has been three weeks since the information regarding Roger was sent to them … little did he know

Roger looked around the room, perplexed, a bit surprised, unsure what to do … The British Construct, the British nobleman spy, and 5 other exceptional individuals with unique powers, in one room at the same time. … There have been times when the Mosbys (including extended family) gathered and there were this many exceptional individuals were together at once. But a family gathering is one thing .. this … This will have to be reported to the Section Chief, but what to report, how much needs to be reported how much MUST be reported … but first things first

In French, Roger introduces himself to the Frenchman –Jean Claude – explains that he heard of the Generals plan regarding Egypt and the Coptic Christians, and the Frenchman’s exceptional age, and assumed unique power (what ever the specific powers were). The conversation continues long enough in French, but soon enough switches to English so all present can hear and understand.

First, that agents have been ordered to kill the General – a direct look at Galahad to make sure the construct did not react to the truth, and the half truth of the statement

Second, we need to get to the General because he is watched and possibly in danger from Turks (well Roger thinks they are Turks)

Third, the stealthy / spies need continue watching the General (and if possible while Jean Claude isn’t looking more verification whether the general is or is not using exceptional powers to nefariously influence people, and if there is justification for the order Galahad received to kill the general) While Galahad is the support in case a fight is started

Then the conversation changes to each individual’s powers and abilities in case the bombers that injured Jean Claud and Galahad followed them to the good Dr’s house

Miss Matthews eventually admits to possibly being able to rip out a person’s lungs (Roger assumes simply with a touch) but at the cost of personal pain

Miss Faith eventually mentions blasts from her mind

Damon –such a fitting name for the blue furred devil that … doesn’t shadow walk Like Roger/Scima, but disappears and reappears instantly … confesses he has little combat abilities but can fight with his fists

None admit to knowing their way around a pistol – Roger glances at Liam, if we are around these exceptional persons for any length of time, martial arts and pistol training will be in order –

Roger quietly slides his 2nd pistol back into his coat pocket not willing to have someone, as likely to shoot him as they are to shoot an enemy, in possession of the revolver.

Then the point is made that the Frenchman may have been healed –without even a scar – from the bomb blast, but his trousers were not. Bloody torn rags, not suitable for public display.

Dr Matthews offers the Frenchman a clean sturdy pair of … a gardeners overalls. His daughter begins to argue, missing her father’s mischievous smirk – though the British spy catch it – at the thought of a well heeled blue blooded Frenchman in common overalls.

Roger laughs and hopes to buy the good Dr a good dram of Brandy, anyone willing to try and make a Frenchman wear a common gardener’s overalls must be someone worthy of sharing a drink with !

Eventually Miss Mathews provided ‘father’s old trousers that have been kept for use as bandages’ that for some reason have been altered … uniquely altered … to fit … a lady … just the size and shape … of yes Miss Mathews …. Why would a well bread, polite, daughter of a Dr, have trousers, old trouser from her father, altered to fit her …

Roger has already twice neared comments that could have been considered rude – if not for the company of 2 lasses that can grasp the wounded and bleeding – without a flinch – and heal. Plus, being a spy who inherently has and keeps secrets of his own, knows that none present even realize Miss Mathews trousers kept for making bandages hide a personal secret.

This, is not the time to ask those questions.

Miss Mathews offers to guide the group through the tangled tunnels of the Chicago underground … Roger asks how a proper young lady and daughter of a respected Dr expertly knows her way around gloom field tunnels. The Miss says they are helpful in going to a play or orchestra when needing to avoid ‘the prying eyes of the nearest gossip monger ’ … Roger smiles and nods, that is true, but the spy knows truth an half truth, the realm a shadow spy exists in … more secrets

As they walk through the gloom filled tunnel, Roger easily, natural drifts to Miss Mathew’s side.

Whispered “Madam … Why are the trousers you have and gave to Jean Claude tailored to fit … a lady just your size ?” A quick, hushed non answer confirms what Roger expected, but secrets do not need to be pried open now, needlessly.

Soon enough the group is at the end of the tunnel, and Roger again makes sure none of the unarmed individuals need his revolver. Then Roger suggests Liam go with Miss Mathews and Miss Faith, in case healing is needed, and they stay in the area in case things go dangerously wrong. But he, out of habit, warns the Irishman to carefully hide and stay alert

“Hide, There is no need for that, I am a lady with the proper escort for Miss Faith and myself. We are here in the suare to take tea and pastries” Miss Matthews sternly informs the British spy

The British spy blinks, smiles and nods … There is much to the young (ha young , she is not much younger that the 20 year old spy, but she has not seen the horrors of war and the Turks abuse to Coptics, Jews, Armenians, and the brutality of the near east that Roger and Lima experienced for the last 2 years) miss. … More than just a healer and skilled saw bones, much more …

“How long should we wait before we assume this went wrong” … Yes, she hasn’t seen the dark brutality of war …

“Miss, … I have a feeling that when they go wrong, you will notice it easily” … answered Jean Claude, before Roger could say nearly the identical thought … yes the Frenchman had been in battle before … Mentally Roger is sure that there is no doubt that it is WHEN, with no likely hood of if things go wrong.
The misses and Liam head to the square – Roger thinks for a second, how does the man I hired with Her Majesty’s gold, earn it by drinking tea and eating schones with two handsome misses … Well, it is Chicago, I doubt there is a cup of good tea anywhere in this wind blown city – Galahad nods to the spy, wings explode from his back and up into the air he flies, up to the roof top – no nothing subtle with the construct … Damon blinks at the flight of Galahad, and looks at Roger, who answers with a smile an nod and a shrug of his shoulders.

The blur furred long coated Dameon looks up at the roof top Galahad lands on and … poof … poof … he is there on the roof top and expertly steps back into the shadows … That isn’t shadow walking it is something else, instantaneous, … interesting, Schima begins to plan, yes … that is possible, I can do that … yes … go to the shadow, let us try, … a little practice

Roger blinks away the shadow and turns to Jean Claude, “So my new friend, it is the old fashioned way for us” … “I believe that have a newly installed elevator in the hotel” … the Frenchman says as the 2 walk past the French guards and security in the buildings entrance … “No need to walk the 10 flight of stairs, get in and stand as the contraption lifts us up”

The cage door to the elevator opens, to the General’s secretary standing wide eyed, a window at the end of the all open, a broken vase at the other end of the hall and a newspaper fluttering where it was dropped next to the vase … WHEN NOT IF …

A quick truth half truth get the senator visiting the general out of the area, additional guard here to protect the general, and Jean Claude and Roger explaining (to a point some of) the danger the general is in, and how … agents … foiled a bomb attack on the general’s himself.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:01 am

Aramis wrote:Treebore mentioned that he was looking for some game content so I thought I would add a little bit. I know some of you have been waiting eagerly for some written record of Galahad's deep thoughts. So, without further ado, here is a snippet from the reports of Galahad the construct:

01010000 01110010 01101111 01100110 01100101 01110011 01110011 01101111 01110010 00101100 00100000 01100001 01110011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110001 01110101 01100101 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00101100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100101 01111000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01101001 01100101 01101110 01100011 01100101 01110011 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100001 01101100 01111001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110011 01110100 01101111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01101101 01100101 01101101 01101111 01110010 01101001 01100101 01110011 00101110 00100000 00100000 01001001 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01100101 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100101 01111000 01100101 01110010 01100011 01101001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01101001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100101 00101100 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01100010 01101111 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100010 01100101 00101110 00100000 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110001 01110101 01100101 01110011 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01100011 01100101 01110010 01101110 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100010 01100101 00111111


:shock: :o :lol:

Aramis wrote:Ok. Ok. Here is the real report


I was also able to test the effectiveness of the wings in a tight urban environment while laden with approximately 355 pounds of reluctant cargo. Results were promising

Results were promising ... That is and understatement ! flying out the window arcing up to above 1k feet - which is higher than some of my military jumps, so high enough to scare the heck out of the 2 poor Turkish assassins - and going out to the woods to isolate them ... I'm not sure what more you could hope for !

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:12 am

Oct 23rd game

Lady Kristen Catherin Hamilton – maternal cousin to Roger Mosby, and the wife of 3 years to James Roland Hamilton - Roger’s best friend from Harrow School, and oldest son of Lord Ronald Douglas Hamilton The Under Secretary of Her Majesty’s Navy – gasped, dug her fingernails deep into the back of her sleeping husband’s shoulder, and then screamed !

Roger … he IS wrapped in the shadows … again … He is losing part of himself there … again … He will be consumed if he isn’t careful … The shadows he is … they are ….

The beautiful lady wife of Sir James slumped back to her pillow and slowly roused herself back into the world of light and life.

James, winching from the pain in his shoulder, and feeling the blood trickle down his back, gave his wife the time needed to recover. Had it be 3 years earlier in their marriage, he would have doubted the straw haired blue eyed …’s dream. However, over the last the years he has learned and accepted that his wife was a very unique lady. Always able to tell others emotions, know their thoughts, ferret out their lies and secret truths, and with those she loved and cared for, feel their joy and danger from even the furthest reaches of Empire that the sun never sets on. He even suspects his lovely wife can manipulate the emotions (hopefully not thoughts) of those around her.

After time to recover from the dream, Lady Kristen explains what she saw and felt from her cousin friend in America.

James , quietly listening, begins to remember a similar dream his wife had , 6 no 8 … maybe 9 months ago, when Roger was assisting the Foreign Office in Turkey. Then he remembers the one hushed conversation he had with his best friend from school some months later after he returned from the land of the Ottoman devils. A conversation started by sharing a bottle of excellent port and setting in a darkened study staring into the room’s low banked fire. A story fitting for Miss Shelly or Lord Byron …‘ The young spy losing control and allowing a Turk – a VERY important and powerful Turk – to be dragged into a nightmare and be driven completely insane.

Before the sun rose to start the day, 2 letters were written and stamped ready for the morning post. One to the Mosby family to ensure they knew of the younger son’s danger, the other to Rev. William McClure . The Scottish teacher of religion and philosophy that so shaped the Mosbys, Burgoynes and others who followed the echoes of the Scottish Enlightenment, and more often than not attempted to maintain the barring of True North in the halls of power and leadership of Her Majesty’s British Empire. A letter reuesting the retired teacher reach out through his religious and scholarly contacts in America … Chicago, to get moral aid and guidance to the distant Mosby


Roger looked over to the secretary of the French General, after the rest of the room cleared, Jean Claud escorting the General to …. Someplace not here, not his office and living quarters. “These damnable Turks have used bombs once, and I fear they may have placed more here in your General’s office or living quarters. I will search as best as I can, but I am no expert of explosives …. You may want to leave in case I … “

The Frenchman turning slightly paler at the thought, made an excuse of needing to find a good lunch and have a glass of wine to calm himself from the recent events … “Then mister secretary, please have a second glass for me and say a prayer for me in case there is a bomb & I do need my nerves calmed myself”

After the secretary left Roger searched the room for bombs – thankfully finding none – and then evidence and proof of either the General’s innocence or guilt to justify Galahad’s orders to kill the general. After the rooms and desks were searched, now the General’s safe – a walk in closet of a locked secured room. Roger quickly works the lock to try and open it, with no luck. With a shrug of his shoulders, “I guess it is the other way on this one”. As the shadows gather and envelope Roger, who fails to prepare and guard himself from the full power and temptation of the shadow realm

Scima embraces the darkness and shadows of the nightmare reflection of the world of Light and Life, and steps through the door of the safe, into complete darkness, before the utter darkness forces the shadow Scima out, a small hanging light is found and clicked on, giving enough light to allow the shadow to continue.

A search of the safe shows payment books, money, maps and notes of war plans – all would interest the spy, but they are not the need of the current duty so are glanced through and then ignored. Experimental weapons - rifles and pistols – again fodder for the spy, but to take them for the Home Office would have been noticeable and would have hindered the current task. Finally, a note, probably from the French Consulate … “An English Robot has been ordered to assassinate you be wary” … Someone is giving secrets or letting secrets slip …. Is it the government ordering it, Is it a bought informant, a carless clerk, or is it a member of the Redcliff, Brundell, and Somerset factions.

More time spent in the safe shows that the plans regarding Egypt and the Coptic Christians the General talked to Jean C about were true and do have support, at least some, from the French Government. Also, no proof of any form for General using exceptional unique powers, or having malicious intents. No justification for Galahad’s orders.

Roger readies to leave, but Scima enjoying his shadowness slides from one shadow to another throughout the hotel, passing from room to room floor to floor sliding through walls ceilings and floors. Few even notices his passing, those perceptive enough catch a shadow movement of feel a presence that is not in the world of Light and Life. Soon enough, Roger steps out of the shadows into the basement sewer of the hotel and works his way back to the alley and then to the setting at a table sipping tea eating pastries and enjoying the warm sunlight.

Slightly shaken at his loss of control, Roger sets across from Liam and waives to the waiter, another pot of Earl Gray (wishing it could be more stout Port, Rum or Gin) and begins to make conversation with the 3 others at the table, and begins to dread the night he will have knowing that the loss of control brings a heavy cost.

After the aristocratic British spy’s second cup of tea, Liam stands, and begins to – clumsily – make his way through the tables and lounging customers toward the street and toward the nearby alley. Realizing the Irishman had noticed something amiss, Roger stands places a bill on the table that easily covers the price of the tea, pastries and the waiter’s time, and offers his arms to the 2 ladies, and then follows the dogged Irishman . Soon enough the group is in the mouth of the alley, with Liam ahead of them and 5 child street rats running down the alley. Without though, or attempt to bank the shadow powers, Roger fully embraces Scima, and sends the alley’s shadows to entangle the closest urchin, who easily jumps the tangling twisting shadows.

A scream from further down the alley and the boys are running back toward the street, back toward the twisting shadows, back toward the 4 standing in the alley’s mouth. This time, the boy did not easily jump the shadows and is engulfed and pulled to the wall of the alley, immobile. Miss A’s muttering and Miss F’s falling, all unnoticed by Scima, as he approached the cornered and trapped boy. A few words, to calm the boy, result in the poor creature passing out from fear.

With the boy limp in his arm, a shrug of the shoulder and a look to Liam and the ladies, Roger, cursing his 2nd loss of control of the day, turns to walk to the tunnel and the good Miss Alexandra’s home. Having been in the Middle East for over a year, and seen malnourished sickly street orphans and beggars, he has no doubt there is more wrong with the child than simply fear. Maybe the unique and exceptional Miss Alexandra & Miss Faith can assist the boy .

After emerging into the basement of the good Dr Matthew’s house, and a discussion of the boy’s health, care, and the cost incurred, Roger worried about Galahad and his hasty flight from the General’s office, suspected the automaton would be at the safe house, hopefully with Turkish prisoners to interrogate. Roger Liam and Damon head to non-descript , recently grenaded, safe house. Luckily, no Bobbies had been called to investigate the grenade from the previous day, or if they had, they completed their investigation and had left.

In the upper floor of the house, the 3 found Galahad and 1 Turk, setting glowering.

Galahad explained he captured both Turks, flew them out to a lake in the woods, disposed of the bombs in said lake, and questioned the 2. One Turk fearing for his life swore to leave America and return to the lands of the Turks. The other, refused, so he had been kept for arrest and to be turned over to the authorities.

Roger blinked at what the automaton said, … dropped the bombs, … released one Turk …. Galahad may be a grand weapon with unique powers, but at times ….

Roger asked the automaton to try and retrieve one of the bombs, so it could be checked by members of the consulate here in Chicago. As the knightly minded construct flew away, Roger turned to the Turk and said “Now Turk, what shall we talk about …”

The Turk resisted the questions, until Roger, this time carefully in control, wrapped him in shadows and slowly began to expose him to the shadow lands …. Fear fueled answers flowed then.

3 team of 2 Turks, funneled through the Turkish embassy in New York, armed with weapons bombs, received orders form the Turkish Ambassador’s personal assistant, ordered to bomb the French General and kill as many of his entourage as possible, preferably a bomb to the car or along the road, at any time before the general left America, and the address of the flop house this Turk and his team mate used. Not a lot of information, but a start.

Afterward, Liam and Roger expected the weapon the Turk dropped as he was flown from the General’s office, and the one Damon had picked up in the office after the short fight. A pistol yes, but no slide, a clip, but no bullets … strange

Once Galahad returned from searching the bottom of the lake and finding one of the bombs, Roger took him aside and the 4 searched the Turk’s hiding place, finding mundane weapons, and a sniper rifle – which Roger handed to Liam and nodded for the Irishman to keep, no need to turn in all the Turk’s toys to the consulate as evidence – and taking the Turk to the back door of the British Consulate to America in Chicago.

Roger and Galahad taking the Turk to the building with Liam and Damon watching from a nearby roof top – Roger not trusting the order to kill the General and the fact the General was warned, and not wanting any to know who Liam was (Even the … in Boston knowing only a former Marine had been hired and recruited without knowing any specifics) nor give any consulate bureaucrats even a hint of Damon’s existence.

A short time later – the Turk now in the custody of the British Government, and the weapons (at least those not kept by Roger, including the unique pistols and the sniper rifle) and the bomb as evidence – the 4 head back to the good Dr’s house.

Roger, at the first opportunity apologizes to the 2 ladies for failing to return sooner to assist with the treatments for the boy still comatose from fright, and asks again to be shown what specifically is needed to treat him. The 2 misses, hesitating wanting to talk to Roger, but then go to show the Englishman what to do. However, as the 2 show him how to feed, bathe, and turn the boy, Galahad, in a specific commanding voice, orders the boy to awake … and he does …. Roger blinking never expecting the automaton to have that ability

Knowing the child must be starving, Roger goes upstairs to the kitchen and brings down a plate of cold roast, potatoes bread and cheese. However, when the boy sees the British noble re-enter the room, he again begins to panic.

Eventually, between the misses care , Galahad’s angelic presence, and Roger with a plate of food in hand, the boy clams down enough to listen to the offer of kindness and assistance, not only for him but also for the 4 other street urchin thieves the boy leads.

Roger sighs, at least one thing is bettered now … then notices the looks of Miss A and Miss F, knowing nothing good comes from ladies with those looks, and remembering the loss of control, not once but twice and the pound of flesh that will be paid for that loss of control once he falls asleep … doom and dread … this night will not be kind to Roger Mosby.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:51 pm

Roger watched the 6 boys playing in Alexandria’s grand yard. He felt amazed at how resilient these boys were. Just yesterday they were expertly stealing food right in front of people’s faces because of how hungry they were. Today, with good sleep, and good food, and some basic expert medical care, the boys were already looking noticeably healthier, stronger, and more energetic.

He had a lot of possible plans going through his mind as he watched them. While initially catching these boys was due to a desire to make use of their already superior rogue skills, interacting with them has changed things a bit. Roger was feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long while. Wanting to get these boys healthy and have them be safe was re awakening feelings Roger had locked away years ago. He also wanted them to have a future. Preferably as assets in Roger’s own line of work, but not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. So teaching them was also going to be important. Lots to think about, lots to plan. Alexandria and Faith would be good people to talk to about all of it. Liam’s feedback would be good as well. For now, the important things are to get these boys healthy and strong, and educated, so they will never go hungry again, or be harmed, or suffer such hardships like they have suffered already ever again.

(Some time later)

Roger knew all their names now. Jon, Jeff, Gene, Marcus, Henry and David. Near as he could tell, that was also the oldest, Jon, down to the youngest, David. Not that they were all that far apart in age. Roger felt pretty sure they were all within 3 years of each other, with Jon being 14, possibly 15 and David likely being 12.

All of them have been on the streets surviving as best as they could for 2 to 5 years. A Couple of times two of the boys had already called Roger “Pa”, and then acted embarrassed about it. Roger could understand. Being here was the first time in years they felt safe, warm, and had full stomachs. On some level this was probably reminding the boys of home lives they had once had. None of them had yet to open up about what happened to put them on the streets. Were their real families still around in Chicago? Dead? Left Chicago? Do the boys even know?

It angered Roger to even try to imagine what would cause people to abandon these kids to the streets like they had been. You could see the pain in the boys eye’s when they dropped their guard. Roger saw the variety and multitude of scars these boys had on their bodies. How did they get there? Life on the streets? Their family? Both? How the world could be so cruel to the young and innocent always infuriated Roger.

(Scima: We could keep them safe, in the Shadow. They will never feel pain again…)

Shut up!

I better find out what Faith and Alexandria think.

Roger wished he hadn’t sought out Faith and Alexandria to ask. What they were telling him about their suspicions was only disgusting and angering him even more. For Alexandria, it was a bit more than a suggestion, since when she heals injuries, she gets a sense of what caused them when she feels it. Roger felt the need to hurt a lot of people he had never even met.

(We can make them suffer in the darkness…)

Shut up!

Maybe Liam, or possibly that French fellow, can help him hunt the people down. Probably both can help.

Roger had noticed that the boys liked to sleep with light. Knowing how much these young boys had suffered now had him checking on them in the night too. They all seemed to have bad dreams pretty much every time he had come in. They would get fitful and make small noises of duress. Once Roger had put his hand on Gene’s shoulder and whispered words of being safe now, that he would protect him, and the boy had calmed.

So now he came by every night, some times more than twice. Each time making a point of calming any who were having a hard time sleeping. It was causing Roger to feel things more intensely than he had felt such things in a long time. He wanted these boys to be safe. To never suffer such ugliness again. If he ever found out who had harmed these boys during their time on the streets, well. They wouldn’t likely be long for this world.

(Give them to me.)

Shut up!

Roger noticed David was having a bad time of it. He was flailing and whimpering. Roger went to him. As Roger sat on the side of the bed and reached to try to calm David as he had several times before, David started crying out. At first Roger couldn’t make out what David was saying, but then David’s words got clearer. David was begging for someone to stop doing things that should never be done to anyone, let alone a boy. Anger swelled in Roger like never before. Things started to go black around the edges.

(YES! Let me find them, I will end them! We will keep these boys safe from the world!)

Roger was having a hard time saying no to Scima. The cold darkness was seeming like a very just reward for the evil that had inflicted their marks upon these boys.

(Yes! We will keep them safe! Lets end their pain for all time!)

Something in how Scima said the words snapped Roger out of his dark thoughts. He looked around at the other boys. Darkness was still around the edges of his vision. All the boys seemed to be responding to Davids cries. They were all twitching now, even kicking and flailing. Then they all started to scream!

Roger stood, yelling, trying to wake the boys up from their now collective nightmares. Then Roger saw it. Shadows were crawling up the legs and arms of the boys!

What? Why would shadow being engulfing the boys! Roger looked around, grabbing a lit gas lamp and raising it high in order to reveal the shadow even more starkly! The shadow was coming up from the floor! He saw it going up the bed posts to the boys! The shadow now had the boys nearly engulfed! What could Roger do? What was the source? Roger desperately followed the riverlets of darkness snaking across the floor! He saw them conjoin as he traced their flow to its source. He looked down at the floor seemed to be coming from Davids bed!

Roger looked down, bringing the light dow even closer. NO! It wasn’t coming from Davids bed, but Roger himself! Realization hit him! Scima, no!

(Don’t worry, soon their pain and fear will be gone forever. We will keep them safe, in the shadows.)


Roger woke, in his own bed. Drenched in the sweat of nightmares. His mind and blood raced! The booys! Roger flew from his bed, out the door, and down the hall to the boys shared bedroom. Please let it be a nightmare! Please let it be a nightmare! Roger reached their door, and opened it. The boys were no where to be seen! No! Scima, NO!

(Yessss, they are safe now, here in the darkness with us….)


Roger awoke, again?

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:29 am

Some how I double posed my PM here ... sorry ... nothing to see here move alone ... move along

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Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:35 am

Many revelations in such a short amount of time... no longer will I be able to dabble in the adventures my new acquaintances offer. I must choose now whether to become more fully involved or to abandon it altogether.

If Turkish attacks in our city weren't worrisome enough, Roger actions today- and Faiths insight into them give me even greater pause. This young child resting in front of me as I write is proof enough that more caution is needed when dealing with the people that came seeking healing. Faith however believes that trust and confidence is what is needed in this situation. While I have not dealt with the intrigue and blood shed that the Europeans have mentioned living through as soldiers, I have my own secrets I wish to keep. Secrets that could damage my fathers reputation, and potentially land me in an asylum.

Roger had the misfortune to struggle with his own demons fairly publicly today, and the result of that was the breaking of a young boys mind. He seems to have recovered a bit due to the powers of Galahad, which is lucky, usually catatonia lasts longer and is sometimes irreversible... Perhaps if Roger had been more open with his torments this could have been prevented, at least that is what Faith seems to hope. She also hopes to create an open dialogue with everyone in the group about such things, and she could very well be right about it being beneficial to do so. Still, I have my own reservations... my own fears.

It is difficult to willingly open up about a secret that I routinely break my own bones to conceal. I do not know if I can, but I do not know if Faith will forgive me if I keep it to myself. They do seem to be trying to save people in their own way, in a way that I cannot hope to replicate, so I will do what I can to help, so long as I can continue to do so in good conscience. I cannot foresee what I will do when the time comes for honesty. I can only hope that I don't ruin what new and fragile friendships I have begun to form.

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Treebore wrote:
Roger watched the 6 boys playing in Alexandria’s grand yard.


(Yessss, they are safe now, here in the darkness with us….)


Roger awoke, again?

NICE ! Perfectly aimed at the conflict . I couldn't do better myself !! ;)

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Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:25 am

Lurker wrote:
Treebore wrote:
Roger watched the 6 boys playing in Alexandria’s grand yard.


(Yessss, they are safe now, here in the darkness with us….)


Roger awoke, again?

NICE ! Perfectly aimed at the conflict . I couldn't do better myself !! ;)

Thanks! Been a long time since I had to put this much thought into something. Came out a lot easier than I anticipated once I started writing it. Took me less than an hour. Still need to do some minor edits here and there, but I'm going to let my brain rest until tomorrow. Besides, got a Traveller game to play in shortly.

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November 06 game


Charles Olin Dyer ran down the hall a bit frustrated that his duties in the Secretary’s office had kept him from most of the lecture from G. Campbell Morgan about he and Minister Frederick Brotherton Meyer’s work in England and their ministries to the urban poor.

The Secretary and his aid had had an odd meeting with a British gentleman – Master Mosby - a local Chicagoan – Miss A. Matthews , the only daughter of the locally renowned Dr Matthews if memory serves , and another lady – Miss F. Finney - seemingly uncomfortable in her dress and with a stiff walk of one with back and maybe leg problems – probably a rustic farm lass unused to the more proper attire – A meeting about tutoring some street boys that had crossed the path of the Englishman, tutoring, development in morals, and a good meal – paid for by the Englishman himself, and paid for well at $3.00 a week … nearly ¼ of a teacher’s wage . The secretary had mentioned he know of a good dozen graduate student that would suffice once specifics were provided, but the look on his eyes as the 3 left, and the Secretary smiled at Master Dyer as he finished his duties as a student aid (and remember the earlier conversation regarding his plans to teach and minister, and the need for a proper research project to complete his graduate studies) showed that the 12 only mattered if Charles passed up this opportunity.

The lecture was already over when Dyer arrived at the entrance of the lecture hall … frustrated, but then remembering ‘The good Samaritan’ he whispered a prayer of forgiveness … . Glancing over he saw A. C. Dixon , and Robert Carpenter - his 2 close friends for the last 6 years, and Jared Maurice Arter - another friend and an oddity as a Black freed slave that had actually been able to attend and then succeed at The Moody Bible Institute, all standing talking to G. Campbell Morgan . The lecture may have been missed, but a private conversation among friends with the young preacher, teacher, and minister from England would be a better opportunity anyway.

After 10 min of conversation, a young primary school student came running up with a folded paper for Brother Morgan. A Trans-Atlantic telegraph – important news or bad news would only be justified in the cost of that telegraphed note.

Morgan quietly read the telegraph and wrinkled his brow at the contents. “This will be like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles …”

Confusion crossed the faces of the 4 student’s at the English preacher’s comment

“This telegraph is from a friend of my father’s about a request for a fellow believer and a teacher. He is worried about one of his previous students. A grave moral and spiritual problem of some sort. Reportedly, he has traveled throughout these states for the last 4 months and is now here in Chicago, along with how many other hundreds and thousands for the fair. Only an act of God all Mighty would facilitate this, but the ravens flew for the prophet, and they still fly today. … Now if they will bring word of a Roger Mosby on wing …

Charles Dyer blinked at the name … Mosby, … Master Mosby, … Roger Mosby, talking of crossing paths with a group of boys in need of tutoring, and almost sheepishly asking after lectures at the hall for his own edification … “I believe I just met with him no more than an hour ago …”


Roger awake for a night of nightmares, and sighed … taking a moment to embrace the sunlight and warmth, letting it drive away the residual lingering gloom of the shadow filled dreams.

Soon enough he had washed his face – in cold water to help drive away the tiredness from the restless night – and shaved. Dress and presentable, he left the safe house, a house that not even Gallahad and his watchmaker knew of, and paused long enough to buy a hot roll and cup of coffee from the corner vendor.

A long walk back to Dr … house – diverted a few times so the aristocratic spy coud verify no one traied him or found his 2nd of 3 safe houses – put him there just after … arrived, and just in time for a late morning brunch. A smile crossed his face as he remembered so may similar meals at his family’s country house tucked away in the English country side.

Around the table small talk was mixed with information from yesterday – There is no physical evidence to show General … was a unique individual nor was he malicious in his desires and plans for a stable peace between England & France centered on the Egyptian Coptic question. There was a definite plan by the Turks to assassinate the general, and hoping to make it as public as possible while killing as many of his entourage as possible.

“but why would the Turks risk that display. Would it not wake the sleeping giant that is America?”

Roger quickly answered “Having live in the lands of the Ottoman’s for the last 2 years … They can be brutal, uncaring and short sighted, and doubt the fact they are truly the Old Sick Man of Europe”
And more small talk

Then, from the mouse of a lady, Miss Faith blurted, excited, jumbled

“I can’t stand it, …. Read others thoughts …. Mental Blast … You are all like me …. No more secrets”

Stunned silence

Roger was the first to react, realizing there was a time for polite conversation, and a time for more crass expressions and actions.

He walk over to the tray of spirits on the serving table and returning with a healthy sniffer of port for the lioness disguised as a quiet unassuming mouse of a lass.

With a hearty clap on the back and handing her the drink … “ Blood and ashes, Madam, those are the bravest and truest words of the morning. “

Someone singled for a maid to bring in more fortified spirits for the remainder of the talk. After the house maid left again

Roger continued

“Yes, I have secrets, some of which I can not share. They are not my secrets, but Her Majesty’s and Her Majesty’s government’s. However, as you have seen I do have unique powers. I can walk into shadows and walk through them, hid in them and become invisible, and control them like a fisher’s net. I can even use then to show dark fear to others, stunning them, confusing them, and at times ….

“But yesterday that ’scima’ ” the mouse that is a lion muttered

“Yes, scima, that … he … it … is my … desire to relish the dark power and use it to it’s fullest. It is dangerous, I embraced what Scima desires once, on an evil brutal murderous Turkish governor who persecuted and abused the Arameans. He will never have a sane thought again. He saw the existence without the light and warmth of God’s sun. Every time I embrace the shadows I risk embracing the part of me that is Scima’s reveling in in those powers”

Again, a hush around the table, until one after another others told their secrets

Miss A. hesitated, until Roger carrying another glass of port to stood in front of the proper lady, with secrets of her own , … Encouraging her with a look and nod … “I shared mine. I drove a man insane –despite him deserving it, it was temptation an abuse and wrong – Miss, your secret can be no worse than that”

The rest eventually finished admitting their secrets and powers .

Though he tried not to, Roger Mosby, being the spy he was, mentally listed the uses and usefulness of those around the table … A unique and possibly powerful team of assets

After all was finished and discussion turned to what to do, as a group knowing each other’s uniqueness, about the French general

Prove definitively that he was or was not unique himself and was or was not maliciously abusing his powers. Miss Faith’s abilities would be critical for this

If he was …. But if not, he must be protected from the Turks and their planned bombs

“Miss A , a second of your time, if you do not mind, while Jack meets with the general and works on allowing Miss Faith to see him to probe his mind, can you assist me with an errand?”

Eventually Dr …. Agrees to allow his daughter, with a proper escortand Roger, Miss A & Miss F leave the house walking to complete a few normal errands needed for the house hold, and head to more northern section of Chicago. Again, out of habit, Roger varies the route to ensure no one follows them.

As they walk, he talks to the lady healer about getting a tutor for the boy and his followers, getting them at least one meal a day, improving their chance and lot in life.

Soon enough they are at the door of The Moody Bible Institute, and quickly ushered into speak to the seminary’s Secretary and the graduate student aid assisting him this late morning ….

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(Monday Victorious Nov 6 fiction)

With the thwarting of the Turkish assassination on the French general, Jean-Claude escorted the French officer away from the Grand Pacific and to a less public venue. After some discussion, they agreed to take General Rodin
To the Diogenese club of Chicago. There, his friend would be safe…or at least safer. Once Jean-Claude was assured of the general’s security, he announced that he would have to leave to rejoin the ‘others’ investigating the attack. Alcide was reluctant to see his old wartime friend depart, but accepted the necessity. At the doorway, General Rodin
grabbed Jean-Claudes shoulder and asked a question.

“Mon ami” the General said with a note of pleading in his voice. “You believe me don’t you? You believe in my plan?”

The young man turned old eyes upon his friend. “Good Alcide, I believe you are honest and sincere about your plans. I also believe in your desire for peace with the English.” He gave a gallic shrug and continued. “As for my views? La Belle France needs allies against the Germans. England seems unlikely, but commercial rivalries are turning London and Berlin against each other. So, why not the British?”

He slapped the general on the shoulder, and said his goodbyes. A return to the hotel, a change into better clothes, and Jean-Claude felt more like himself. Early the next morning, he paid triple the rate to get Miss Matthew’s pants cleaned and ironed. He planned to meet her and most of the others at the Matthews abode, and decided to thank the young lady for not leaving his sartorial fate to her father’s overalls.

A knock on a door, a butler’s invitation to enter, and Jean-Claude was once again at the Matthew’s home. He left his hat, gloves and cane in the hallway and joined the group in the dining room. With a gallant bow, he gave the trousers, cleaned and wrapped in paper, to Miss. Alexandra along with thanks for the temporary loan. Smiling, she thanked him for the return and they both joined the others at the breakfast table. Polite conversation was made, food eaten and coffee and tea sipped. As Jean-Claude was going to ask what had developed during his absence, young Miss Faith blurted out “I can’t stand it, …. Read others thoughts …. Mental Blast … You are all like me …. No more secrets”

For several seconds there was dead silence at the table. Everyone looked at each other, as if willing someone else to go first in this baring of secrets. The Englishman Roger Mosby stood and declared his supernatural powers of the shadowform. With that, a general agreement that despite the early hour some medicinal fortification was required. A housemaid brought in a tea cart laden with spirits, and all of them (even Miss Alexandra and Miss Faith) imbibed.

While pouring himself some rum, Jean-Claude thought about Miss Faith’s outburst. ‘A shadowmancer, a mesmerist, and a fleshcrafter?’ This thought was laden with bemusement. As a prequel to his own story, the Frenchman obviously summoned his power through his hands and immediately frosted his cup, white ice detailing the fine glasswork.

The conversations continued, and Jean-Claude finally stood and faced them. He drew upon the coldstorm within himself, the frostfire of his power engulfing his form. With a sound like sleet pattering on a windowpane, the frosty air dissipated, revealing the man in his icy armor. He appeared as a French chevalier of the medieval past. He was adorned with armor composed of greves, breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces and gauntlets..all formed of ice. His head was covered in a bluish salet, with his azure eyes glaring through the visor slit in challenge. Another wave of his hand, and an icicle grew from his palm, shaping itself into a sword glittering in crystalline frost.

“This is my power, to summon ice and sleet to attack my enemies and preserve myself.” To himself, he thought ‘His comrades will learn more details of his power when we fight the inscrutable Turk.’
A simple thought and the Chevalier of Cold banished his armor and weapon, and returned to his seat. With a mischievous grin, he remarked “I really had no name for this form, but your American newspapers call me ‘Jacque Frost.’ They are….quite inventive aren’t they?” This results in laughter all around the table, and a further easing of tensions.

The discussions continued, and Galahad’s revelation that he was a automaton took no one by surprise, save perhaps Miss Faith. ‘Or perhaps not.’ Jean-Claude ruminated. ‘After all, she reads minds so he could tell he wasn’t human in the same way.’ Another gallic shrug and the talk continued. The English were agents concerned with General Alcide Rodin. They believed he may have the powers of the SuperMankind, and is using it to push for his plans for the dual occupation of Egypt by Britain and France. Jean-Claude insists that if Alcide had such powers he’d have noticed by now. The British agents were respectful, but it was clear they needed more concrete proof.

Slowly, a plan came forward. Jean-Claude would use his connections to Rodin to bring him out of the Diogenese club to a private dinner atFrancois’s restaurant. While there, Miss Faith, Roger Mosby, and Miss Alexandra would attend as simple guests. Once at the table together, Faith should be able to tell if he has supernatural powers. With all agreeing to the plan, Jean-Claude caught a Hack cab to the club and insisted on meeting the general. Rodin’s secretary Pierre is reluctant to allow it, but Jean-Claude invokes some of his cold powers to the general and he agrees to meet privately with Jean-Claude. Once alone, the Frenchmen plan for the dinner at Francois’s; though the man pretending to be a French chef is a fake, at least according to the weasel Pierre. Nevertheless, Alcide Rodin agrees to meet with the others so they can determine what to do about the Turkish assassins. Jean-Claude neglects to mention Miss Faith’s test to the general, but this doesn’t worry Jean-Claude because he was certain his old friend was innocent and not part of the SuperMankind. He had….Faith, one might say!

(Nov 13th game fiction: Coming soon!)

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November 14, 2017

The Section Chief of American Operations of the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs blinked as he read the decoded telegraph from Chicago. Doing his best to show no emotion he reread it, despite the anger boiling

Conflict with orders received by [Galahad] - stop
No justification to murder [General Alcide Rodin …] - stop
Have personally verified no physical proof - stop
Searched office and living area - stop
Found unique weapons – will provide description later - stop
Honest offer on plan for Egypt / Gnostic problem - stop
Will interview [General R] for final verification - stop
Will not murder [General R ] - stop
Will continue to stop Turks from attempts to kill [General … ] - stop
Please provide additional orders - stop

Roy Purdy , white faced himself from previously reading the message, handed his boss cup of tea without being asked.

“Murder General Rodin , Bloody Hell, who gave that order ! War is already brewing, that act would guarantee it erupts and sweeps across all of Europe ….

“Purdy , tell me honestly right now, do you know anything about this abomination of an idea …. “

Mister Purdy, swallowed, knowing his dislike for Roger Mosby and his ilk was thinly veiled, but also being an loyal subject of Her Majesty and member of …. He honestly stated
“No, I have not seen or heard of any such order from The Home Office … If I had, I would have informed you at once”

The Section Chief , knowing his secretary was not a skilled liar , nodded,
“Then someone in the ambassador’s staff, or the Department of State in the consulate is working with the Turks. Only they could have gotten Gallahad an order outside of our channels. Prepare a communique to the Home office and let’s see what we can find out here on this side of the Atlantic pond”


Roger and the two miss’s returned from The Moody Bible Institute, Roger feeling better and the previous night’s nightmares finally fading from memory.

As everyone gather to plan the afternoon and the meeting with General Rodin , Roger and Liam talked to ‘The Watchmaker’ about the pistols they had retrieved from the Turkish attackers the previous day.

They were exceptional weapons, more powerful than an average pistol, and firing a longer but narrower projectile – more like a nail or a dart than a standard bullet. Also, though they did have a clip of some sort, they appeared to be nearly limitless on the amount of times they could be fired.

Roger nodded and handed the 2 pistols back to Galahad’s maker … “Keep these for now, I don’t like the idea of taking a weapon we have never fired into what may quickly turn into a fight. No telling what could go wrong.”

Soon enough the group, now working as a team and having better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities, put together a plan. Get General Rodin to meet them for a meal (eventually deciding on one of the Mathew’s preferred restaurants with a private room) Roger, Miss A, Miss F, and Jean Claude eating with the General, Galahad, Liam and Daemon remaining outside to watch for Turkish attackers/bombers. The focus to be on Miss F’s mind reading abilities to verify if the general was truly a unique and exceptional individual, and if he had any malicious plans that would justify Galahad’s order to assassinate the General.

Jean, followed by Liam and Roger, went to the Diogenese club of Chicago, the Gentleman’s Club that the French General was now residing in. Jean going in to talk to his old friend, while the aristocratic spy and the Irishman remand outside to look for any Turks or would be attackers.

Soon enough, Liam spotted a Turk, meandering back and forth, but not professionally enough to remain undetected. Roger nodded to the Irishman “Wait here, keep an eye out on him, I have an idea on how to be rid of him without showing ourselves”
The Englishman traveled for about 3 block before he spotted what he was looking for. 2 constables walking their patrol in the nicer district of Chicago.
“Gentlemen, I am a member of the British consulate, I was passing by the Diogenese club and notice a Turk with a gun and possibly a grenade. I know there are anarchists here due to the fair, so watched him for a while. He continued to walk around the Club. I felt uneasy, but being a British subject, could not take an active hand – not wanting Her Majesty to be officially implied in the matter. However, you as Bobbies and officers of the law may want to … well stop and chat with him”

The 2 blinked in surprise and a little doubt, but the British spy’s smile and easy manner convinced them.

Soon the 3 were walking down the road and turned the corner, behind the turn, just as he turn his back and again walked toward the Club. Roger nodded to the 2 police, and stepped into the alley
“I cannot be official involved, you understand”

The officer easily surprised the Turk, each grabbing an arm, and each using their Billy club when he resisted.

A quick search and they found a pistol – common enough even in Chicago – and a strange paper wrapped package.
Roger gritted his teeth as the Bobby started to clumsily unwrapped the package

Moments later he was picking himself off the alley floor, and glancing over to see Lima battered and bruised from the explosion, and the screen of carnage of the Turk, the 2 constables, and 11 other passersby dead from the bomb.

Jean came running out of the Club to make sure they were Ok, and see if they needed to return to Miss A’s . Roger explained what happened to cause the explosion – modifying the story to make the constables more heroic and less accidental – and waived off the need for him & Liam to go back to the Dr’s house. Jean, having been a soldier knowing the difference between an injury and a mortal wound nodded and returned to talk with his friend ….

Eventually, the Frenchman returned and the three returned to Miss A’s house. Roger scanning behind them to make sure no one followed.

At Dr Matthew’s house, with Miss A and Miss F healing Liam’s wounds – as Roger poured the Irishman a shot of whiskey – then quickly aiding Rogers’s minor bumps and bruises – the group rehashed the plan regarding the general. Then Miss F worried about not having a lot of experience truly reading peoples thoughts. Roger smiled shrugs and says “Madam, you already have seen my dark secret, practice on me as much as you need” . For 30 min the lioness in a petite mouseish body probed the spy’s mind. At times getting passing surface thoughts and feeling, at others … a harsh blocking of her probing mind.

Eventually Miss A whisks her up to her room, and fits her with a proper dress and practices proper dinner manners for the nervous young lady. Roger too cleans for the dinner and dresses more properly, easily going form looking like a common worker in street clothes to the well healed gentleman he grew up as.

Miss A, Miss F, Roger and Jean hailed a … and trotted to the restaurant . Miss F nervous at the thought of a formal dinner with gentleman and a foreign dinner (and possible attack of the Turkish bombers). Miss A, more comfortable in the roll of a proper lady going to a dinner date with acquaintances, Roger nonchalantly setting in the cab (but carefully watching for anyone following the group), and Jean setting easily making small talk with Miss F to calm her nerves.

The restaurant, busy enough despite the slightly earlier than normal dinner time of the party and filled with French agents and security for General Rodin , already and the private room for the party prepared with the general and his personal secretary seated and sharing a pre-dinner brandy.

The dinner flowed through the appetizer and the soup courses with nothing but pleasant small talk. However, Roger knowing his own demons from his unique abilities kept a close eye on little unassuming Miss F. For a moment, before the soup was finished, the lady that was a healer, a mind reader, and at one time a street charlatan, paused, face blank for one … two heart beats, then shuddered … and continued on eating her soup and doing her best to mirror Miss A’s table manners.

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Journal of Alexandra Matthews

The events of the last few days have simultaneously been less and more harrowing than I thought they would be. The brunch I had come to dread for the realizations it could bring went more smoothly than I could have imagined. Part of it could have been that I had been caught trying to sneak back into my rooms as a man by Damon that morning (which I have no idea how I managed to get him to do). Luckily I had brought some snacks back with me and as a thank you to Damon I let him have his way with them, which he deserved considering how vigilant he has been and how confuse I must have left him.

When my turn came to explain my powers in more depth I admitted that I sometimes disguise my appearance to be able to help those less fortunate but I did not divulge more than that. Damon had the opportunity to interject, but he did not do so- an act he has my gratitude for. Unlike many of the others he has had opportunity toshow that his loyalty is not to a government but to his friends, while I do not know if I count among those yet, he has still acted with discretion. If there is anyone among our group I can trust, other than perhaps Faith, I believe it is Damon.

Over the last few days with Faith I have realized that she can potentially pick my secrets from my mind without even asking me- the fact she has not done so is also reason to trust her, but I also wonder if I should burden her my secrets at a time when she seems to be growing so much more resilient. Maybe I can wait a bit longer and let her feel more independent before I reveal the details of my activities to her. She has been very grateful to me, and I don't want to use her gratefulness to keep my covenant. I would rather us become more true of friends before I share these things if she chooses to have such a bond with me.

Knowing that she has been stuck in a form of servitude the last few years make me conscious of abusing her position. I have been lucky to live the life I do, not just a life style born of having wealth, but the freedom to explore whatever caught my fancy intellectually- even if I am a bit notorious for doing so. I want to enable Faith to make her own choices about the woman she wants to be without injecting too much of my own ideas into her. I hope I can be a friend she deserves.

With all of us now knowing each others abilities more thoroughly the brunch turned into a discussion about what to do about the general. I do not know too much about what Jean-Claude, Liam, and Roger have made their livings doing, but I am grateful to have them here. Having such events happen in Chicago is unfortunate, but it makes sense that these foreign governments would try to keep these activities away form their countries. I wonder if Europe hopes to make America their battle ground... I wonder what our government would do if they were aware of such activities occurring in Chicago... I think I may have to tell someone. But who, and how much do I tell? If they even believe me...

Eventually, the men asked to use Faith's powers of Telepathy to help determine The French General's guilt or innocence in basically brainwashing the groups of people he speaks to at his lectures. She agreed to help them, and they decided the best way to get a meeting with him would be to invite him to a dinner in a private dining room somewhere. I suggested Pierre's since it was one of the best French Restaurants in this part of the city.

A few hours later, Jean-Claude returned with a confirmation of the general attending the dinner. I was glad that Faith has a naturally thinner waist than I do, it made it easier for me to make my corsets work with out potentially damaging the newly fused bones in her back. Though the skirts on my formal wear were a bit too long for her to walk in easily I was able to find something that would work anyway with a few well positioned stitches that my maid helped with. I will have to get one or two gowns commissioned for Faith for future use. After she was done I got prepared as well and started telling Faith the basics of dinner etiquette. Roger and Jean-Claude wanted me to come along so Faith can mimic my dinner manners, and so they could introduce me to the general.

The dinner was pleasant and from what I could tell it went smoothly. Faith said she got everything form the general that they wanted, and much more. She now knew everything he did, and she says he is innocent of the crimes he was accused of. I am also told the the general is allowing us to guard him from the would be assassins that are after him. I know that I can only help in emergencies and at night when the clinic is not taking my time, but I am glad to offer what assistance I can. I sent Jean-Claude with some medicine for the general and instructions to come to my fathers clinic if his symptoms worsen, I could tell he was in the beginning stages of pneumonia when he briefly took my hand at dinner during introductions.

During the last few days I have also received permission from my Father to be escorted by Roger. He wants my helps establishing a home for the boys that roam the street so they can be educated, and of potential use. I am more than happy to do so, as a woman of status Charity is one of my duties, and managing a household for homeless children is something that even the most judgmental of my peers could not fault me for. Managing a home is the responsibility of a woman after all.

I was also able to visit one of the homeless camps during the day since Roger took me to help him with the children. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with some of the other unfortunates while Roger gave his pep talk to the boys. Apparently I will be learning how to be more discreet from these boys as I spend time with them. I am thankful, bumping into Damon when I am in my more unique outfit is something I would prefer not to repeat.

Today was has been much more eventful. It is our first day of officially protecting the General and while I have been in the clinic helping my father I was able to hear the explosions ofmy friends engaging the enemy. I know Liam had to come back early because of his injuries. I had him stay in the back room until the clients that had seen him come in were finished with their appointments. I had tried to convince some people to leave and reschedule due to the sounds of explosions so nearby, but only one took me up on my offer.
Later when I went into the back room to check on Liam, closer to noon, Roger, and Damon were there too. They said that Roger had been dealing with an assassin all morning, the same one that had struck Liam. He was a member of super-mankind and had several powers that made it hard to evade him and his explosives.

They had started discussing what they could do to handle the situation when a cat appeared in front of me, one in a top hat and vest. And then it spoke to me, telling me to run immediately. My mind reeled at what I had seen, but even more at how to best warn everyone in the clinic. Ultimately I yelled at the top of my lungs that there was an intruder, everyone run.

I made my way to the tunnels with Faith and Liam as Roger stayed behind a moment to bring up the rear. I noted Faith was now in a rather daring white and red costume as we traveled down the tunnel. I heard Damon teleport away a second before I heard a gunshot echo from the direction of my home. I kept going however, if this was the man who had been trying to blow up Roger all morning I needed to get away from the innocents in the clinic as soon as possible.

Eventually we made it to the exit near the public square that my involvement with the group as a whole began. Apparently the bomber had not attacked Roger in public spaces yet, so we once again took refuge at the Tea shop, waiting for Roger and Damon to catch up to us. We didn't have too long to wait, but I was pleased to learn during that time that the owner of the tea shop had actually come to my fathers clinic for treatment for his son two years ago. I hadn't met the owner at the business before so I had not recognized him. His son was still doing well. I am glad to know that all of these chaotic events lately at least allow me to support one of my patients establishments in some way.

Once we were all together again Roger had Faith look into his mind to see if the bomber was some how following him because he had planted something in it. Roger had spent an hour trying to evade him before he even came back to my clinic, so it was alarming that he had been successful at targeting him even there.

After a moment Faith was able to confirm Rogers suspicions. Roger was a bit irked at this cat and mouse game he had been paying with this man even more so now that he knew that this man had seen into his mind, and nullified all of his safe houses and any of his other plans. I confessed that if I could get an opening to touch him before he planted the bomb on Roger during his next attack that I could graft his hands into the parcel so that he wouldn't be able to let go... unless he knew another flesh-shaper of course, or was willing to cut off his own fingers. I kept that last part to myself though.

Roger wondered why he had never heard of this man and was clearly exasperated. I asked Faith if the French General ever had. She had access to his memories, she may have seen something. She thought deeply for a few moments and told us that there was a man fitting his description and some of the powers that had operated in France for a time. He was called Fantome de la Nuit, or Phantom of the Night in English.

We are still at a bit of a loss for what to do about him, but we are safe for the time being. I hope that if we are forced to rely on my power to mitigate him that I am quick enough to exploit any openings we get on him. I have also ordered a small carafe of cream to take back home with me hen I have the chance. I have a cat to thank... if he is real and not some figment of my imagination. I would hate to be turning out to be developing delusions, my father would never let me practice medicine again!

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:20 am

December 04 2017

Lady Kristen Catherin Hamilton sat in the drawing room of her ‘small English cottage’ summer home away from the noise and congestion of London. Her husband waived to the serving maid to pour 5 cups of tea. First, for his wife, then Hogan Mosby – Roger Mosby’s older brother – Miss Elsia Boice Mosby -Roger’s youngest sister, Mrs. Isabella Monck– a family acquaintance and long time friend of lady Kristen… .

“Mrs Isabella, we are so sorry for your recent loss. Your husband (of less than 10 months) , Daniel … passing tragically due to an accident like that. Horrible …

Hogan Mosby, nodding “yes, but the profession of arms always has dangers, some form the enemy, some form the hands of God, and some just ill luck, and of everyone I’ve known Daniel Humphry had more than his share of ill luck …Of course, not meaning his marriage to you …” The 3rd Mosby son quickly caught himself and usefully tired to correct is ill advised words of comfort.

Isabella, raising a black lace gloved hand nodded, saddened yes, but accepting too, 10 months of marriage to an acceptable, but slightly dull and boring, proper young man did not lead to deep impassioned emotions.

Lady Hamilton , always the proper host, steered the conversation to greener pastures. Their long term friendship and the silly games the youth played together (well they all except for Elsia who, at 17 years old and still in finishing school, was herself still a youth)

“Hide and go seek, do you remember the hours spent rushing through the woods skulking, flitting from shadow to shadow” … nostalgic memories and smiles settle on all present

“Roger, he was an expert, at least on the hide part, fast, quick, and always able to duck just out of grasp of being tagged it or being caught and sent to jail. Maybe not as good as Godfrey (Rogers oldest brother) in the ‘go seek’ part of the game, but always the last to be tagged, or one of the last when he would tempt the “It” into chasing him to take pressure off other less skilled friends or cousins”

Chuckles, and murmured ‘do you remember this’ … ‘was it you and so and so that did that’

“He is playing that game as we speak … playing for his life … I don’t know how long he can run, … how long he can dodge and stay hidden … if he loses, it will be his final loss”

Lady Kristen Hamilton … spoke blank eyed and hands, holding the china filled with lemon and herb tea, tremored slightly as her voice faded off and she eventually blinked her way back to the present

Sir Jame Hamilton and Hogan stared at each other knowing the powers behind Lady Kristen , young miss Elsia stared into her cup worried about the strangeness of her older cousin (and worried about the strange powers and abilities she felt bubbling under the surface of her soul) and Mrs Isabella looked at the recently jovial group of friends confused by the strange words and quick turn of the room’s feeling.


Roger shimmied down the make shift ladder after handing Liam, on his roof top perch to watch the street in front of the Diogenese club of Chicago , a fresh cup of coffee, time to start watching the alley ways for Turkish attackers …

From the rooftop the sudden sounds of a quick fight ... and moments latter a yell for help from the Irish ex-Marine

The British spy quickly gets the attention of a French guard to General Rodin … to warn him that an attack was beginning and to go protect his leader, and then steps into the shadow, and shadow runs, through the dark twisted shadow scape – luckily resisting his full urge to embrace the powers of the shadow – up to the rooftop and wraps himself in shadows of the rooftop chimney.

There standing over Liam, a black clothed, cape, masked person readying to rain down more blows on the beaten and bruised soldier.

The British aristocrat directs the shadows to entangle the attacker and they easily wrap around the black dressed man and pull him down to the roof top. A surprised look crossing his face

Then, he fades from sight and sinks into the building below, with Roger cursing and stepping back into the shadow to chase him. However, he was too slow and unable to locate the new opponent.

Soon, Galahad and Damon appear and Roger gives them a quick plan, someone help Liam back to the Dr’s to be healed, someone else check the outside of the building for Turkish attackers, and Roger shadow walked to General Rodin’s quarters to personally warn him and then check the gentalman’s club, room by room including the basement for attackers.


Galahad returns from the Dr’s house to inform Damon and Roger Liam was safely there, but he has an Idea, the Turkish consulate, … before Roger could say a word the Watchmaker’s construct was flying away.

Some minutes later he returned saying he could see Turk guards with not only weapons, but also with the bombs found on the other 2 Turkish attackers. However, he, being a construct made for combat, had no sneaking abilities.

Roger nodded to Damon and the 2 headed to the buildings near the Turkish consulate … both watching for a while, but Roger knowing they would have to enter to find anything useful …

I’ll go in in the shadows, if you see anything happen come help me, quickly. Liam is a much tougher fighter than I am. The punches he took would have left me crumpled and broken. But be careful yourself, remember who ever the attacker is he can pass through wall, floor, roofs, easier than I can.

In moments the British spy was skulking in the shadows from room to room, and sees the attacker, in the shadow realm himself. A moment later the black dressed attacker notices the spy and lightning fast turns and punches … passing through Rogers chest , Roger stumbling back and automatically wraps the attacker in the shadows … that twist and turn and wrap around the attacker and squeeze him only to pass through … both near each other, neither on the regular world, each unable to touch the other ….

That begins the hours long cat and mouse game …

Roger, after making it through the house that is the Turkish consulate well enough to describe the layout to everyone else, steps out into the alleyway across from Damon, and signals the German acrobat to go back from the consulate a few blocks, that he would meet him there soon, but try and lead the attacker (assuming he was following unseen from the nether world / ethereal or where ever he disappeared to) around and away .

Walking through the shadows of an alley way, from now where a clear blue sunlit sky above, a cargo net appears, falling on the English spy. A quick leap back into the shadows and he escapes from the net and the presumed following attack.

More twisting and turning through the shadows, more stepping into the road way filled with passersby (to be lost in the urban sea of humanity), more near calls (only when Roger was alone).

Finally, able to make it to Damon, “He is tracking me, I can’t escape, we have to warn the others, help watch me in case he finally traps me”
The two zig zag, bampfing, shadow walking and weaving their way toward the Dr’s house. Before getting there though, Roger having a moment to think, decides it is better to go to the safe house (it was already known to the bomber – it was there that Jean Claud was first attacked – and it would help keep the Dr’s house out of the attacker’s eyes for a little longer.

The German acrobat and the English spy, finally appear in a 2nd floor back room of the safe house. Roger telling the blue furred acrobat to go warn the others in the Dr’s house. Bampf he is gone and on the roof top of the adjoining house. Roger steps back into the shadows and begins watching for the invisible im-material attacker.

A minute later the house erupts into explosion and fire. The explosion itself not harming Roger, being in the land of twisted shadows, but destroys the building creating the shadows Roger hid in. The instant sun light forces Roger from the now nonexistent shadows, into the air above the burning rubble. The fall, the fire, and the rubble burse and scorch the spy, but quickly he is rolling and moving to the shadow of the nearby house.

Bampf Damon appears to see if Roger is still alive and sees the Englishman step from the shadows. Then from nowhere a black clothed caped form appears and leaps at the 2. Roger, feeling the presence and danger again dodges, but the surprised acrobat was not so lucky. A bomb is stuck to his coat. Roger wraps the attacker in shadow again, only to feel him slip away into the ethereal.

Damon, flings the coat with the bomb glued to it aside, Bampf. Roger surrounds himself in shadows, and a second explosion echoes through the quiet red brick and brown stone neighborhood.

Roger again leads the attacker away, more near calls, more hiding in shadows and hiding in the sea of Chicago’s humanity. Then loops around and makes his way back to the Dr’s house. Stepping into the shadows of the basement that the group is adopting as their ad hock home of operations.

Quickly explaining the danger, the repeated attacks, and the dogged persistence of the attacker. Then check to make sure Liam was healed. As he began to ask Miss Fait for a touch of healing himself – for the bruises and the singed patches – Miss A screams from above “RUN” and she sprints down past everyone else into the houses hidden entrance to the Chicago tunnels.

Roger, drawing his pistol watches, ready as all sprint into the tunnel. As Miss Faith enters the tunnel, Roger begins to move the shadows to him to once more play cat and mouse. However, he again feels the danger presence.

The cloaked attacker steps out of nowhere and tries to push the bomb into the British spy’s face. Roger fires the held pistol and dodges the attack. The bomb misses his face but is glued to his shirt. The attacker vanishes as Roger steps back into the shadow, where he rips off the shirt throwing it deeper into the shadow and steps back into the world of material and sun light, as the explosion erupts behind him. He steps into the real world and closes the shadow gate the briefest moment before the explosion and fire hits, trapping the fire and damage in the shadows (and protecting Miss A & the Dr.s basement from damage.

Roger rushes to the shadows on the other side of the basement and steps in.

More cat and mouse, more shadow allies, a step from the shadows in a store to grab a new shirt (walking around the streets of Chicago shirtless would draw attention!) and getting lost in humanity. Humanity, crowds … all the blatant attacks are when Roger is alone (or alone with the others) so this time he stays in the bustling roadways and makes his way to Miss A’s favored tea shop.

Stepping from the crowd he sees 2 tables pulled together with everyone setting, watching, and Miss A passing conversation to the shop owner.
Roger drops down into the open chair, grabs a cup of tea, not sure if it was anyone else’s, and a quick bite of a scone, instantly feeling the tiredness, thirst, hunger settle in , along with the excitement and acceptance of fate … a different city, but so much like the Turkish lands he was in a short 8 months ago.

“Miss Faith, you have to read my mind, now! See what I have missed, he follows me always. He must be tracking me.”

The one time charlatan, and now lioness leans forward, eyes blank

“There has been someone here since the last time you let me practice on you … the furniture has been moved …” Roger blinks and shoulder slumped at that

A few moments later – with her voice picking up a decidedly French accent “I know this man ‘La nuit fantome’ … The night phantom, the night ghost …” as her voce returns to her more English speech and accent. “French, a villain, … wanted by France”

Roger looks at those seated around him

“He read my thoughts, he know my plans, he knows my safe houses and caches, he knows who I’ve bribe, who I can trust … You must all be careful“ a flash of depression and exacerbation … but then

He knows me and my plans and my safe houses … he will trap me … a trap know and planned for is the easiest ambush …

The British spy finishes the tea, takes a deep calming breath and give those around him a simple half smile, a smile only Liam has seen before, the smile the English aristocrat and spy had as he helped Liam’s marine detachment plan an attack in Egypt over a year ago.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:29 am

I see we have posted our summaries within minutes of each other. Great minds! I enjoyed your take as always. I like the glimpses of The Mosby family we get to see.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:00 am

RhiannonMM wrote:I see we have posted our summaries within minutes of each other. Great minds! I enjoyed your take as always. I like the glimpses of The Mosby family we get to see.

Yeah, I wish I'd seen yours first, I'd have massaged my last bit with you all and Faith a bit to fit your time line.

Good write up yourself

Glad you like the family touch. I like the foreshadowing I can use or the ability to keep things in context of the whole world, and it forces me to keep Roger a real person and not be a cliché .

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:55 am

Glad to see I am not the only one who frequently type "Form" instead of "from".

Also, Roger, you forgot that when you got the new shirt, and slipped your arm in to put it on, another attempt to stick a bomb on you was made.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:40 pm

Figures, the game I missed is when the fighting starts. :) Just to keep my own fiction straight, where was Jean-Claude during all this?


Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:39 pm

DMMike wrote:Figures, the game I missed is when the fighting starts. :) Just to keep my own fiction straight, where was Jean-Claude during all this?


Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:53 pm

DMMike wrote:Figures, the game I missed is when the fighting starts. :) Just to keep my own fiction straight, where was Jean-Claude during all this?


Alexandra doesn't know, but I imagine with the General helping keep him safe while the rest of us are preoccupied with games of cat and mouse or other responsibilities.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:55 am

RhiannonMM wrote:
DMMike wrote:Figures, the game I missed is when the fighting starts. :) Just to keep my own fiction straight, where was Jean-Claude during all this?


Alexandra doesn't know, but I imagine with the General helping keep him safe while the rest of us are preoccupied with games of cat and mouse or other responsibilities.

That can work. Basically he can have his character be where ever he wishes him to be, that wouldn't put him with the other players. Galahad was watching the General from the outside, and since I did not attack the General, we can definitely say his character was inside with his friend.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:30 am

Cool, now the big question. When's the next session? :)


Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:44 am

DMMike wrote:Cool, now the big question. When's the next session? :)


Should be December 18th. Then Christmas day is next, then New Years day. Doubt we will be gaming on either of those days, even though I am sure I could. I usually do everything I need to do on the Eve of, not the night of.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:33 pm

Right; 18th it is. We should still be in town around then!


Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:35 am

My accountant has finally gotten back to me on how much my latest charitable endeavor will cost. Roger has said he would like to start a home for the street urchins we have begun helping and since he confessed he had no idea how to mange a house I went ahead and began the initial inquiries. I informed my accountant of all of the needs we would be fulfilling for these boys and based on the latest reports from the Labor Department about the normal costs for families etc. he has broken down the individual estimated costs of the children per year.

Housing $22.00
Clothing $50.00
Fuel $ 6.00
Lighting $ 1.25
Allowance $12.00
Prop. Insurance $ 1.25
Labor/Maintenance $ 12.00
Schooling etc. $10.00
Food $60.00
Books/Newspapers $ 1.25
Total $175.75 / year

This is something that can easily start adding up, even for someone as affluent as myself. I will of course start brainstorming ideas for fundraisers and the like. Putting aside some money for my own use, my income would allow me to support roughly 400 boys a year, assuming no massive loss of my own property took place. Likely, due to my lifestyle this is not a fair estimate of my costs, there is only so much I can get away with before high society would begin to reject me, but idyllically this is how it would be. I also have no clue how many boys Roger is actually willing to be responsible for as a co-chair(?) in this charity. It would be far more responsible of me to put aside a certain amount of funding each month as an extra expenditure and then make additional membership allowances based on the amount of donations we can secure for the foundation... I will have to speak with Roger about potential names for the endeavor. It would be wise to secure the name quickly.


If Les would like, we can assume I have handed his character a packet detailing all of this for his perusal as not to bog down the normal game time with the book keeping.

*All figures based on the Seventh annual report of the Commissioner of Labor, 1891, using the highest level of cost across the income source labor types

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:44 pm

Hey, where did you get that book? I assume its online somewhere? I'd be interested in the link if you have it...

Mike, always looking for more data on the era!

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:09 pm

DMMike wrote:Hey, where did you get that book? I assume its online somewhere? I'd be interested in the link if you have it...

Mike, always looking for more data on the era!

It took a bit of fussing but the link is kind of working now, it goes to the very first page of the report. It is a picture PDF that is hosted online, and has 1212 pages I believe. I don't know if that will let you set up any software you will need for it ahead of time but I hope that the info helps regardless.

http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/w ... 81544F0%20)

This is a break down of the cost of living for families that live off of working for certain industries as reported to Congress in 1891. The table I used that summarizes all of them by trade is pretty deep in. I used the family table and assumed it was a decent average for the cost of 4 people except where otherwise noted on the table. I think the clothes for children were actually listed separately since children would have to get new clothes more often than adults potentially. Its a pretty hefty report, but it really breaks down a lot of statistics for the Cost of living, and the annual income of different kinds of households, as well as who in the house hold was working among other things. I think they also go into other nations a bit too? Hope you can get some use out of this!

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:29 pm

Alas, all I get is:

servlet31a: Your Search session has expired.
InfoWeb Home

Oh well,


Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:10 am

DMMike wrote:Alas, all I get is:

servlet31a: Your Search session has expired.
InfoWeb Home

Oh well,


The link embedded may not work, but if you copy and paste this entire link it should work. Here you go. Hope it works for you

http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/w ... 81544F0%20)&p_docid=111C8EE7381544F0&p_theme=ssetdoc&p_queryname=111C8EE7381544F0&f_openurl=yes&p_nbid=Q57K57TKMTUxMzEyNzMyNi43NjY2NTM6MToxMToxMjguMjA2LjAuMA&

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:30 am

DMMike wrote:Alas, all I get is:

servlet31a: Your Search session has expired.
InfoWeb Home

Oh well,



This is one of the sites I've used in developing my character.


Rgr on the costs adding up, however, they are street urchins we are working with so a lot of that would be excessive in comparison on what they are used to. Also, a house heating etc etc etc cost would be covered for all the children instead of that amount per child. So 175 a year isn't for every child.

Plus, they, as assets, are valuable still being connected to the streets, so Roger's original plan was to help them but not completely lift them out of poverty ... If they down the road are able to take the education and assistance and escape poverty GREAT, but that isn't his focus. It is giving them a little better roof over their heads, better food and an education and having them help us be better at our skills and being extra eyes ears etc where we can't be all the time.

Look at Sherlock and his Baker Street Boys ... He didn't pay room board food allowances etc . It was (after finding it on Wiki so take it with a grain of salt) 1 shilling a day (look at it as a retainer - $0.25), expenses, a guinea (1L 1s or $4.75) for a vital clue for the whole gang not per urchin. So Roger would be expecting that plus the cost for a tutor ( what $3 a week) and renting a room at the school for the lessons, and a meal a day.

If Miss A would want to develop her character down the path to running an orphanage then by all means Roger will help.

Re: Tree’s Monday Night Ne’er-do-Well’s Victorious Game

Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:41 am

Lurker wrote:
DMMike wrote:Alas, all I get is:

servlet31a: Your Search session has expired.
InfoWeb Home

Oh well,



This is one of the sites I've used in developing my character.


Rgr on the costs adding up, however, they are street urchins we are working with so a lot of that would be excessive in comparison on what they are used to. Also, a house heating etc etc etc cost would be covered for all the children instead of that amount per child. So 175 a year isn't for every child.

Plus, they, as assets, are valuable still being connected to the streets, so Roger's original plan was to help them but not completely lift them out of poverty ... If they down the road are able to take the education and assistance and escape poverty GREAT, but that isn't his focus. It is giving them a little better roof over their heads, better food and an education and having them help us be better at our skills and being extra eyes ears etc where we can't be all the time.

Look at Sherlock and his Baker Street Boys ... He didn't pay room board food allowances etc . It was (after finding it on Wiki so take it with a grain of salt) 1 shilling a day (look at it as a retainer - $0.25), expenses, a guinea (1L 1s or $4.75) for a vital clue for the whole gang not per urchin. So Roger would be expecting that plus the cost for a tutor ( what $3 a week) and renting a room at the school for the lessons, and a meal a day.

If Miss A would want to develop her character down the path to running an orphanage then by all means Roger will help.

I divided the cost per household by 4 or 5 so that all estimates were more representative of single individuals rather than family units for heating and housing etc. It seemed easier for me to track it as single units rather than as cells. But yeah when Roger asked her to help make arrangements when they went to see the tutor it came up how the tutor would need an address to teach at. Hence were the housing came in etc. Mostly because I can't really have street urchins coming in and out of my fathers practice- maybe the general hospital. If you want to be like Sherlock and just go by the rates you found that's fine. I did not understand what was being asked of Alexandra at the time. She very well may move forward with these plans anyway separately though since she needs to work on her public image anyway.
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