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The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:47 am
by InFurno
Feb 16, 2018

The Rising Knight - Session 1 Game Log
Glon “Bloodbeard” Hafbor – Dwarf, Dwarf Protector Class - Jeff
Nameless Burned Cleric - Kirk
Bardabous Pipley Halfling Wizard - Chris

Starting Hook:
You are in Ascalon, a city in the north of New Aenoch, near the border of the Northlands. The sheriff walks up to you, and discretely informs you a contract is being awarded for the capture or slaying of a Gnoll in the Northlands named 'Gritznak the Bold' for 250 gold pieces. The council is requesting you to appear at the city hall to be selected by the town officials. Those chosen for the contract will have the honor of representing the Kingdom, and therefore, must live up to certain standards of valor. Come showing your best, this will be a great opportunity for you to gain notoriety in the eyes of the Kingdom.

The adventure begins as you approach the city hall…

Each of the adventures approached the city hall, flanked by Sheriff Burmington, and entered into the stone and wood building. Constable Neltan, with guards on each side, stood behind a sizable desk stacked with paperwork and candles.

Upon entering, Sheriff Burmington announced the presence of the adventurers to the Constable, who seemed slightly unimpressed with both the quality and quantity of candidates that were able to be found in the City. The Sheriff noted that an Elf had agreed to come, but has not shown up yet, and must be delayed (this is our fourth player of the game, who was sick on game night). Constable Neltan quickly explained the situation in Malforten, a town being forced to pay tribute to a gnoll called Grtiznak to Bold. This is creating a sense of disorder in the Northlands, and eroding the confidence of the settlers in the area. More wealth brought and created in the Northlands means more wealth coming back to the Empress Pryzmira in taxes. Since an atmosphere of order is needed, and putting up a bounty for the gnoll would only draw out lowlifes in search of wealth, a contract will be signed with the chosen group. This group must act in accordance with the dignity required for knights acting under the banner of the Empire.

With that said, Constable Neltan called forth each of the three adventures to introduce themselves and provide information on their backround and skill set. The halfling, eager as always to impress, decided to front flip onto the top of the desk, which was well above head height. To everyone's surprise, especially the guards, he managed a spectacular landing (3 luck points were burned on this to re-roll this failed feat). The constable, requiring some verification of the magical abilities of the halfling, requested the candle stick be magically moved. Again, wanting to impress, a simple lifting up of the candle would not be sufficient for the halfling, who chose to zip the candle through the air and spell out his initials "BP" in the swish of the light (and again, 3 luck points were burned on this to re-roll this failed feat).

Both the dwarf and the burned man (who was asked to remove his mask - revealing a face with oozing burns and scars) gave their backstories and described their skills. The Sheriff interjected on behalf of the burned man, whom he witnessed thrash a thug who was beating a beggar in the streets, and afterwards heal the beggar.

Constable Neltan was willing to proceed with the contract after hearing out the three adventurers. A sealed letter was given to the group leader (bloodbeard) that bore the seal of the Empress. The group was informed that once the task was completed, Eryle (the militia leader of Malforten) will countersign the letter, allowing the 250gp reward to be cashed in any city of reasonable size (Hrueset for example).

The burned man inquired about being granted horses and supplies (a long bow in particular) to aid in the mission. The constable rebuffed most of the requests but decided a long bow (of questionable quality) could be spared from the supply along with an old pony (with a nametag around his neck reading: "Tony"). The burned man requested he meet with the Constables scribe, who could add the town Malforten to his current map of the lands he had traveled. This was granted, along with a letter that was to be carried to Hrueset along the way to Malforten (for a small fee of course). Before leaving town, the burned man visited the fletcher shop, where he had the bow inspected (critical fail). The fletcher informed him he could fix up the bow for 7 gold or it would run the risk of breaking during combat. The burned man, already low on funds, offered to perform any healing services the fletcher might need. It just so happened that the fletcher had a dog with an injured paw. After healing the dog, in the name of the All-Father, the fletcher knocked the price of the bow repair down to 6 gp and threw in 10 long bow arrows.

Nothing of import occurred on the way up to Hrueset, where the letter was delivered for a 5gp charge.

On the road west to Malforten, Bloodbeard won the roll to gain the 'MONTAGE' power for the day. This power grants the recipient the capability to forge reality directly from the void (i.e. they get the mic and get narrative control for the day). The montage began with 3 armored soldiers walking down the road in the opposite direction as the group. The burned man (or boy, as he claims he is 14 years old), runs up to the three men with the halfling in tow. The gruff soldiers push them aside in a less than pleasant manner. The halfling, easily offended decides to cast floating disk on the ground under the feet of the nearest soldier using the command word 'lift a dick'. Unsurprisingly, the knight was lifted unexpectedly off the ground. The momentum of the soldier tumbled him right off the disk, and he fell facedown in the dirt. Angered, the knight and has companions stride back to exact revenge on the wee halfling, but were interrupted by the charismatic plea of the burned man who offered to heal the wounds. This offer was rebutted, but the incident was sufficiently de-escalated. The montage, still in full force, saw Bloodbeard (who loves the water), floating around a creek in a raft while in his skivvies as the rest of the group looked on. Thus finished the montage.

That night, the group camped out with a fire, and rotated the watch. In the middle of the night, with the burned man on watch, a high pitched scream pierced through the blackness. A pointy red hat wearing gnome ran straight through the camp, screaming all the while, followed by a giant skunk chasing after him. After a quick tussle with the skunk, Bloodbeard was left in a cloud of skunk spray puking. Twisby, the lovable gnome (distant relative of Wizzby Ankle biter), was thankful for being rescued from the giant skunk he had failed to charm. He left a parting gift of a potion that allows the drinker to communicate with animals for 30 minutes.

The next day, the trio saw a church to Ore-tsar, with two monks outside gardening. The adventurers traded some wine for some vegetables to make a stew later that night. A few miles down the road they entered a small village, Stonebrook. A man named Berl ran up to the ground asking about his daughter who had gone out to hunt mushrooms the night before, and had hadn't returned. The characters had seen no such girl on the road. As this was occurring, another man named Del told the group to not worry about the girl since she is always going to out and staying out later than she should. Del also informs the group that they received a letter from Malforten (which is a day away) stating that a band of wolf riding goblins showed up at one of the farms on the outskirts of the town and demanded a payment. Unable to pay, the goblins killed the son of the farmer to send a message to the rest of the farmers.

The burned man, upon hearing of the missing girl, asked to have some of her possessions brought into the town center, where is starts scratching symbols into the dirt with a staff. After receiving the sheets of the missing girl, and placing them at the center of the symbols, he asks to be brought to their house, where is sets off to the forest. After successfully following the trail of the girl, the group stumbled upon a broken amulet that is hanging off a tree branch. Some wisdom checks reveal this amulet to bare the symbol of Ornduhl, the dark god of chaos. After continuing on the trail, the adventurers came upon stone ruins. Scratch marks and grooves were spotted under one of the pillars, with a statue on top. The pillars was slid to reveal a ladder stretching down 15 feet into a lit room. Bloodbeard climbed down the ladder, followed by the halfling, and then the burned man. As the burned man began climbing down, he was struck with claws on the shoulder for 4 points of damage. Struggling to get down the ladder, he was able to make it to the bottom but an additional blow. Deeply wounded, and nearly passed out, he jumped backwards to get as far away from the gargoyle that he now saw. Unfortunately, he jumped 'out of the gargoyle and into the pit trap' which was covered by an area rug. Using a hero point, he was able to grab the edge of the pit and avoided a fall. The halfling trying his best, magic missiled the creature and the dwarf landed a blow with his axe. Seeing its new squishy victim, the gargoyle made quick work of the wizard and sent him into unconsciousness. A hero point was used to regain consciousness which allowed a failed shocking grasp attempt. Bloodbeard dove to save the burned man, and was able to grab the wrist of the cleric, but in doing so stranded the halfling to defeat the gargoyle alone. Luckily the second attempt at the shocking grasp was successful, and the lesser gargoyle was killed.

After expending all healing to getting everyone back into a healthy range, the area was explored. Further investigation in the next two rooms revealed a lounge area, and toilets. The adventurers walked down a long hallway and were able to avoid a falling net trap. They quickly looked into three doors on the left of the hallway and found a young girl chained up. Bloodbeard broke the chains with his axe, and carried her out, not exploring the rest of the area.

The adventurers are approaching the village carrying the girl, what will they do next??

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Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:47 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
Backstory and description: Glon “Bloodbeard” Hafbor – Dwarf, Dwarf Protector Class

Male, 140 years old, 5’ tall, 250 lbs, orange tinged skin, green eyes, blood red beard.

Growing up the son of a city guardsman on a small island south of Malforten my mother died when I was just a child. No one in the city likes to talk of my mother but every once in a while when putting me to sleep or around a dim fire my father would tell me stories of her beauty, her long thin figure and her love of the water. My father took many defense insurgencies into foreign lands on his tour in the guard and I’ve often thought it could be on one of those trips he fell in love with a foreign beauty. I don’t know why but my father would never let me venture out into the sea as a child, but that only urged me to be pulled towards the water more deeply. I learned to swim by throwing myself into the local river just outside the city walls and it turned into a deep passion of mine. Other dwarfs laughed at me for my love of the water but through that adversity I grew a stronger and more stout will. I also had orange tinged skin and a solid red beard which grew full and long, another attribute which drew my fellow dwarve’s insults. In response to this, my father gave me the nickname Bloodbeard, a name I call upon to give me strength in battle. My father taught me the way of the military life which is all he had known and I learned many skills from him regarding organization, the importance of order, and improved upon my hand to hand combat.

My home town had a large mine below the city which the dwarfs had built over centuries and centuries. I often would go there and work in my younger years while still learning the way of the dwarven maturity. I learned a good deal of mining and often worked with ropes to rig the carts and hold the moving doors and tooling around the mine.

I never doubted that I would join the guard eventually and follow in my father’s footsteps but after passing through my initial training an argument in my early years on the guard ended up in a severe injury to one of my fellow guards after I found him in a dark alley abusing a young woman and I could not contain my physical response to his actions after being flooded with emotions. As he was the son of a noble high dwarf, I was not punished publicly but asked to leave the guard and go out on my own. That started the second portion of my life, leaving my home city where I thought I would spend my entire life. But as I left, as I was not stopped from going out and adventuring through the vast waters and rivers which I was so drawn to as a child, learning the way of piloting a boat and navigating the sea, and through that, I found a new sense of life, a new sense of adventure.

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Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:30 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
Saving the damsel and killing the henchmen, what dwarves do best.

With a few miles travel ahead, dusk fell upon the woods as a stout dwarf, Bloodbeard of course!, lead Tony the pony who had our damsel in distress laid across the back of the small horse, returning to town. Upon arrival he returned the girl to her father and mother for rest and recuperation. In the exchange Bloodbeard made away with a few days rations from the father’s kitchen. As he was starting to leave he was so rudely confronted by an elf intruding, like elf’s always seem to do, through the door of the fathers house. It was readily apparent that the elf would most likely be of little help. In any case, Bloodbeard was in the situation that his two companions were awaiting him by the ruins watching over the entrance to the hidden installation, and any help he could get should probably come along, elf or otherwise. So, with the useless elf in tow, Bloodbeard and the newly introduced elf fighter, Krassas, headed back to the ruins through the forest in now the darkening evening.

A hundred feet or so from the entrance to the installation the masked boy jumped out quietly from the woods and stopped Bloodbeard and the elf from continuing any further. While away, they noticed from the entrance a hooded figure pop his head up from the ladder chute and look around. It was the excellent perception of the half-ling wizard that allowed the key observation that the figure was indeed wearing a hood, for sure.

Waiting no longer, the companions lined up and prepared to enter back into the enemies installation and root out the evil from where it lay. The strongest, bravest, and most powerful must always go first, the dwarf of course! Followed closely by the burned man, the high pitched country half-ling wizard, and then the elf. Immediately upon landing on the stone floor an arrow flew nicked the dwarf for a few points of damage. Apparently, killing a gargoyle, taking the hostage and then giving the enemies three or so hours to discover everything and then prepare to defend their hide-out wasn’t the best element of surprise. Quickly it was shown four enemies in the small room and the four companions quickly began returning fire. An arrow from the burned man landing with intense power, a double sword attack from the elf, proving useful after all, and a mighty blow from the dwarve’s axe left three of the enemies crippled and the fourth running down the long hall for his life.

The companions quickly gave chase, so quickly, that some forgot about the net trap previously sprung only a few hours before. A little dexterity saved anyone from being ensnared and we quickly reached the end of the hall, to find a locked door. Surely the half-ling passing the keys to the dwarf and running them to the rogue elf would be able to unlock a simple door. Not the case. Indeed, it took once again a dwarf with great strength to smash the door into pieces for then the elf could kick and jump through.

Upon the elf landing in the room, he was squarely kicked in the groin and dropped. The group could see standing at a desk the apparent leader of the gang who stood tall and thin and most vibrantly annoying sarcastic commentary as well as another henchmen standing to his side. The half-ling then ran in with his shocking hand and tried to get vengeance for the elf’s groin by returning the shot to the monk’s nether region. Quickly thereafter the room turned to complete darkness. It also turned into a giant cluster of men grappling across the floor trying the grab for different body parts in the complete darkness.

By the time anyone was smart enough to exit the darkness and move around in the room, all three enemies we were facing were gone. Including the leader, who had the most annoying voice ever heard by the diverse group of compatriots.

While inspecting the room the group found a wall with a hidden passage and locked mechanism. The elf was actually able to unlock this one. After sliding the stone apart, the passage exited out into the fields of which we had previously seen when sharing wine and a meal of stone soup with the cathedrals gardening worshipers. The team turned back, because they saw no sign of the escaped enemies, and inspected thoroughly the installations contents. The half-ling also thought it important to destroy the feather bed with his blade, jump into the feathers and dance around like an idiot.

Most important of the findings was a wine cellar and 30 bottles of fine rose stem imprinted purple bottles. The dwarf insisted on sampling at least one bottle that evening, and it was good indeed.

With more loot then the members could carry, a trip back to town and the renting of a cart for Pewl the mule to carry was in order. After making a trip to fill the wagon, returned again to town to discuss the situation with the village leaders. There was a good feast and a checking in on the girl previously rescued, she was doing very well. The leaders after some discussion decided that their local church leader would be able to determine what had happened. After some inquisition resulting in the village leader impersonating the voice of the local church leader, it rapidly became apparent that it was also, one in the same, the leader of the evil gang.

The team convinced the villagers to gather a militia, with our heroes hidden Trojan horse style inside of a tarp covered cart, to go and question the local church leader. Upon arrival at the cathedral, it rapidly became apparent that the leader had fled with most of his belongings from his room. The journeyers rested one more night in the village as they counted their silver, drank some wine, selling one bottle to the local bartender for a pretty 5 gold pieces (there may be a future business model here) and prepared to once again head out on the road to Malforten.

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Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:32 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
More photos...

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Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:27 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
I had a great time last game. I think I would like more role-playing than battle like 60-40 or 70-30. But I understand that is hard to plan out.

I think also the next logical step is to head on our way to Malforten taking the road East. I feel other than just an eventual confrontation of the subject gnoll there may also be more people there to talk and interact with.

I found from our time at concoction that I enjoy going through a town and talking to people and searching around bars, inns, stores and things.

Some encounters along the path would also be cool. Like when we ran into the gnome, I enjoyed that.

These are my thoughts.

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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:10 am
by Captain_K
Captain’s Log 3, 5th day of month of Regnerisch in the Dwarven Year 13,286 after the blessed creation of the world by the Grey One, entry by Brent Odinsen the Younger, sole surviving priest of Odin on the Southern Shore of Wodonhohle: Home temple was destroyed, whole place burned with us all locked inside to burn to death. It must have been the pale ones, those sickly, skinny men of ice. Barely lived by hiding in the cistern, had to come up for air and burned repeatedly. Face and hands ruined. I’m hideous and Odin will not permit me to heal. My temple and my tribe, my people, are no more.

In a self-sacrifice of myself to Odin I must have travelled South through dream and ether to come to a foreign land with foreign people. I first came to awareness of this world in a place the locals called Gokstad in Holmgald. Somehow these two lands must be connected by ways, or the dreaming, beyond my comprehension (could the All Father have sent me away as punishment or a reward?). It was all too strange.

In one drunken night of loneliness and despair I nearly took my life, but instead signed on with a Northmen raiding ship and was their leecher and bonesaw on a terrible southbound voyage that finally ended in the sea port of Vilshofen. The whole crew were overcome with some southern disease beyond my skills. Those that did not succumb to this rotting disease, port debts and ship rot took just as quickly. The lucky surviving crew were quickly reduced to free sailors for hire, beggars, or were gang-pressed onto other ships. I left quickly to avoid a similar fate.

May Odin guide my wanderings. Will he ever heal my shameful and hideous face? Will I ever find a new place or people to belong? What does the All Father want of me?

The All Father’s Lonely Servant, Brent the Younger.

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Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:45 am
by The_Fury
Backstory and description: Bartamus Pipley – Halfling, Wizard Class

Male, 40 years old, 3’6" tall, 55 lbs, pale, blue eyes, prominent dark brown mustache.

Bartamus Pipley really doesn't know where he came from or how he got there. All he knows is that when he was a baby halfling he was left on the doorstep of a human family, the Pipleys. He grew up with two older human brothers and one sister. Despite his small size and stature, he was naturally gifted athletically. As he grew he managed to keep pace with his larger siblings.

While he enjoyed his childhood there always remained a hole in his heart for to his unknown origins. As he grew up he became more and more interested in his halfling heritage spent many late nights reading every book he could find on his people. By his early twenties he was quite the halfling historian. He was able to soak up all this knowledge so quickly because more impressive than his acrobatic abilities was his mind. By the time he had reached adulyhood he was considered a genius by his community.

While never losing sight of his interests in halfling history, he began to explore the magical arts. Recognizing that halflings were not known for being Wizards, he was determined to break the mold. He spent the majority of his 20s and 30s learning spells from books and teaching himself to be a wizard. What were the years he developed an extensive knowledge of Arcana and Eldridge spellcraft.

Bartamus is chaotic good. Growing up as a small halfling amongst humans he has little patience for bullies and those who intimidate others. He is especially dislikes being called Bart.

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Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:50 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
Session #3 – 3/24/18 Recap – Once again from the eyes of the dwarf (the one with the beautiful deep blood-red beard)

As we set out to Malforten, once again on the perilous road, we encountered a pair of weary travelers still carrying wounds from their last battle. They were robed in white and of the arcane persuasion. Oddly enough, they were also headed towards Malforten, the front lines of the battle from everything we had heard. They told us they were in search of an item, possibly a book, that was being held by a powerful wizard in Malforten and once they had their item, they would head directly back home to the west. They turned out to be novices trained in Batkinburg at the school of Arronowl, but as novices they were not capable of teaching spells, even when tempted with the trade of healing from the cleric.

When we arrived in Malforten, there were patrol horns and a party of men to invite us into the center of town. Without any planning, the adventurers walked right in. However, after some confusion and time to remember exactly who we were sent to talk to in Malforten, it appeared the welcoming party included our intended contact! We spoke with the Earl of Malforten in the town center, identified, and introduced our selves and then quickly retreated to the nearest tavern for the travel left our adventurers both thirsty and hungry.

Over many rounds of drinks, discussion with the Earl revealed that the town had been being raided by goblins on wolf mounts, on different days and from different directions. The townspeople had come to the last resort of bribing the raiders to stop them from slaying their cattle and terrorizing their families, however, the town was quickly running out of tribute to hand over. As the Earl gave his final words of the night the adventurers pledged their honor towards defeating the gnoll and the Earl retired. Just then, a beautiful bard with a beautiful tin whistle began playing a beautiful song. The song was somber and telling the tales of the days of old when in times past their had been victories over such evil enemies. Times the townspeople now would like to see replay themselves.

Engaged by the beauty of the song and of the bard, it was no question that the dwarf went directly over to the bard to thank him for his entertainment and to discuss with him the background of the town, although there was not much to learn. The beautiful bard came to Malforten in an attempt to escape such oppression but found no such harbor here.

Soon thereafter, a towns person named Amanda, who shared drinks with us, introduced herself to the elf, and invited him and the whole party to her house for a proper meal. And a proper meal it was, probably the best tasting meal I’ve ever had, it’s almost like it was magically good. At the end of the meal, Amanda told us of her troubles that the tribute being given to the fae at the local shrine had been stolen many times recently. Recent thefts included a small blue opal, flower reeds, and a vial of honey. We assured her we would help investigate the matter and travel with her, at her request, to visit the fae in two days time.

We rested that evening at the inn, and the next morning got up to go with Amanda out to the shrine and investigate the scene. There was not much to be found at the shrine, except some tracks which could not be easily followed.

We returned to town and met with the local wizard, Bloodwin, where the half-ling wizard spent the next eight hours trading a spell for a spell with the great master. The half-ling would end up learning ‘rime weapon’ from Bloodwin. We also learned that there may be an informant in town, giving information to the gnoll about where and when to sent raids to be most effective. Also, Bloodwin was convinced to allow Manalayas (who wanted to come!) to join us in our party towards our end of defeating the nasty gnoll. Manalayas was a novice spell-caster under the tutelage of Bloodwin.

While the half-ling was spending hours and hours writing and studying the new spell, the rest of the team went from building to building in the town, meeting the townspeople and all they had to offer.

First we started at the general store, the burned faced boy buying a tin cup and myself purchasing a week of rations (it seems like I’m the only one that is concerned with eating on this adventure!) and some antelope leather. The elf also brashly spoke to an old bygone knight-like man with one leg, starting off so diplomatically by asking how he lost his leg.

Then we followed the sounds of barking dogs in the distance to Mahonie’s, who turned out to be a dog breeder. There we bargained for the loaning of a tracking dog, by putting up a short bow and our cases of wine as collateral. And just before leaving, Bloodbeard spent 10 gold to acquire a beautiful silver, mastiff! His skin was rolling over itself and there was the eager bounce of an untrained pup in his step, but none-the-less he was now Bloodbeards pet! And he shall be called ‘Wrinkles’!

Next we met the hunter and leather worker, Keant (how is a leper). Bloodbeard gave him the newly acquired strap of antelope leather and requested that he craft for him two specific items; a collar for the newly acquired pooch, and a ‘beard ring’ (a common occurrence amongst dwarves in this realm and time is to adorn their beards with leather and metal rings and sometimes even jewels).

Then onto the fisherman’s house, where the team elects to have the half-ling speak up for once (what could possibly go wrong with that?!) Well…. First after knocking on the door and it be answered by Gwinn (the fisherman we had been warned earlier had just lost a child and was in mourning) he did he best to ask every question with a reference towards dead children. When that seemed to disturb the man, he next decision was to conjure a spell where Gwinn heard the voice of his one last remaining living child, his daugther, calling for him from the bushes and brush outside. This caused Gwinn to run, in fear of losing his last child, straight into the bushes. With this great opportunity in hand, the half-ling darted into Gwinn’s house, hoping to find evidence of stealing items that were given as tribute to the fae. However, he was immediately greeted by Gwinn’s wife yelling at him and swinging a broom in his general direction. The next obvious choice was to start doing somersaults in the living room in attempts to avoid the angry wife. This didn’t work very well as quickly the half-lings throat was in the hands of the fisherman and he wasted no time to throw him forcefully back out the front door. Needless to say, little was gained from the half-ling’s best attempt at an investigative inquiry.

Last but not least to talk to (or possibly just fight) in town was Ianz (who repeatedly and annoyingly says “Hey I’m Ianzzzzzz!” all the time over and over again…). After a forceful attempt to join the party in order to take a portion of the bounty we had been offered for slaying the gnoll for himself, Ian wanted to prove to us his strength, by any means necessary. So the strongest member of the party, the dwarf naturally, offered up a good old-fashioned fist fight in order to determine his fighting adequacy. Ianz proved to as slippery in a fist fight as he was weaselly in everyday life. Three shots in a row from Ianz landed on the chin of the stout dwarf, without a single return shot from Bloodbeard. The next two punches from the dwarf though would land solid and the final one, a solid uppercut from the dwarfs massive right hand, landed square and dropped Ianz for the count. Bloodbeard graciously walked over and helped Ianz up, as even though the dwarf prevailed, Ianz had earned some credit with the dwarf through the fight. Naturally, the next course of action after a solid fight was to recover with ale. Back to the tavern we went, as the other party members who had been causing quite a stir and bringing people to the fight and starting gambling bets for each of the fighters (probably even betting against the dwarf!) also came along. There was quite a contingent (probably most of the population of Malforten) now in the bar all at once. This allowed the cleric to case determine alignment and actually find two men who were both of evil alignment, Ianz and the man in the yellow coat. After drinks and some food, the cleric told the Earl of our findings and who specifically to watch out for as the potential informant to the gnoll.

As day turned towards night, the adventurers returned to Amanda’s house as promised and headed back out of town and into the woods to meet with the fae. While walking down the path, just out of town, the little half-ling was shot in the side with a stinger and when he looked down there was a bee-like creature penetrating his side. Amanda turned and froze the creature in place but the half-ling’s own reaction to turn away from the creature caused the stinger to rip from his side and cause some damage. Being frozen in the air, the creature was an easy target for the blade of Bloodbeard’s axe! Just then a ghoul came out from the side of the path and attacked and another creature attempted to sting into Bloodbeard’s side, his stinger missed it’s target however. Quickly, the half-ling turned and shot a magic missile plinking and destroying the last bee-like creature which it was later discovered to be a stirge. The elf made quick work of the ghoul with a couple of good strikes from his dual-wielding swords with the last one landing square across the throat decapitating the foul creature.

With these creatures quickly dispatched, it was important for the party to continue on and make the scheduled meet with the fae.

As we came to a clearing, in the almost pitch black, all of the sudden fairies appeared darting around and speaking something in fae language. Not a language that the dwarf could understand though! In an attempt to be as non-threatening as possible Bloodbeard pulled out his last remainingn 14 marbles and split them in two hands and raised them up in offering. Two fairies quickly appeared out of thin air, one at each hand, and stole the marbles away. They disappeared out of space as quickly as they appeared. The meeting seemed to go well, but it was hard for the dwarf to determine that without understanding a single word said in fae.

We then returned to town, to rest up and head out in the morning on our quest to kill the nasty gnoll.

This is where we leave our adventurers! What will come of them next!? Only time will tell!

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Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:52 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
More photos

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:18 am
by InFurno
Boom! Another great post by Bloodbeard, with great pictures!

The game was very roleplay heavy, but I think everyone did a good job paying attention enough to fit most of the pieces together. I think you have a good launching point for the assault on Gritznak.

Additional side notes that may not have concerned the Dwarf:
Bloodwyn (the wizard in Malforten) is a member of the 'White Order', a guild of arcane researches throughout Aihdre. She hails from Botkinburg, where this is a White Order guild hall/school run under the tutelage of Aldadius Mastinfelderin (a wizard of great repute). If the group is successful in killing Gritznak, and Menalaus (her cousin) is willing to write a letter of recommendation for Bartamus Pipley to be accepted into the White Order.

Kiint the Leper made the group aware that he knows that goblins are moving up and down the East side of the Drundery River.

The Fey mentioned that Gritznak is up in the Fallow Hills on the East side of the Drundery river. They also mentioned something vague about if the elf would find some tower.

As a record, the lyrics to the song were the following:

"Unklar's Ungern,
they darken the sky,
His fury's fire,
his Horns Terrify!

Men ran and they cowered
they fought and they died.
They burned and they bled
as they issued their cries.

Saviors to free us
From Unklar's rage,
Heroes on the field of this
new war to wage.

And if Unklar wins,
man is gone from this world,
Lost in the long winter
that’s unfurled. (raised)

Man and Dwarves gathered
by the great Tree
The last great resistance
to set the world free
And all heard the music of The
Horned ones doom,
The sweet song of Aihrde,
a shattering boom

And so we were free from the land of Aufstrag,
Gave the gift of freedom, under a new flag!

And if the Honed one's eternal,
then eternity's done,
For his story is over and the demons are gone
from New Aneoch.
demons are gone\they are gone"
*Lyrics heavily inspired/stolen from "Tale of Tongues"*

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:55 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
One day seems like one year with wrinkles at my side. I did my best to keep him defended throughout our journey as Mahoney had told me when I purchased him, he had not been trained for nor ever entered into battle before. That did not stop wrinkles from performing valiantly. He alerted the team to the oncoming attackers and did not flee from battle. He bravely stood his ground on the advance of a ghoul and under the attack of two stirges. After the battle I fed him a good meal of meat bought at the general store earlier that day as a fine reward. That along with a quiet evening by the hearth where I drank the local Mead and kneaded at the back of his neck. He lay tired after an eventful day and only let out low toned moans and sighs and then caught some much needed rest. One day has started the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:34 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
Our final morning in Malforten started with a loud comotion. After a quick visit to Keant the leatherworker, where I retrieved my commissioned leather beard rings, in the classical dwarven style, and a newly crafted mastiff collar and harness we all heard the rumblings and shouting of local town militia including the Earl. No shorter after we heard the all too recognizable "Hey I’m Ianzzzzzz!". The militia was arguing with Ianzz and dragging him to the town jail while, as if she was always there, a female elf strided out of the far side of the town and started watching the commotion as well. As we neared the jail, Ianz was yelling out slander and cursing our adventuring party, assuming we were to blame for his imprisonment. I knelt down scratching Wrinkle's scruff whispering into his floppy pile of ears, "Remember this smell boy, the smell of guilt". We were quickly introduced to the elf that was on a walkabout, and she was recommended to join our party in search of Griznack and she was quickly, perhaps too quickly, welcomed in. Her name was Miirphys, probably relating to the god's of the dream world, and she appeared well equipped with bow and club and dagger in tow. We then set out with Keant who had prepared the boat and tracking dog for our trip. We piled into the boat and set off. Well travelling along the sizeable river, we noticed a wake in the water off from the boat. Could it be a gator? What is a gator? Brent the younger for sure has never heard of such a beast. Just then, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen breached from the water's surface and was hovering above the water alongside our boat. She appeared to be a fae creature, a nymph perhaps. She introduced herself as Ewi'ah'ahna and proceedure to inquire about our perculiar combination of adventurers and what we were doing travelling in her waters. We stated our purpose, to find and kill Griznack and his army of Goblins and she was quick to confirm her observation of more Goblins in these parts recently than she could ever remember before. She told us of a trio of bug bears that were two or three miles ahead of us down the river, and requested that we banish them in order to help purify her lands. Like a ball thrown in front of a retriever, we quickly docked the boat at about half a mile before where the bears supposedly were and started preparing an ambush. The two elves and the halfling snuck forward about 200 feet and climbed into the trees over looking the bank. The novice wizard companion, Manalayas, the burnt boy and I stayed back and readied for an ambush. We agreed that when the bears were spotted the elf fighter would let out a bird call to signal the beginning of the attack. While we waited a got a good pack in on my pipe and blew some beautiful smoke circles to pass the time. We heard the call which caused the rear most bear to turn towards Krassas and quickly thereafter a giant sonic burst smashed against the three bears and rocked them into a stunned confusion. After magic missiles, arrows, the double handed swords of the elf fighter, and a massive blow with the dwarven axe two of the bears lay dead their corpses slain on the beach. The last bear turned to run and got a good distance away before a final parting shot reached and killed him. The ambush worked better than anyone could have hoped! From their corpses we retrieved: a heavy crossbow, 3x scale mail armor, a morningstar, a gold necklace that went quickly to the halfling for analysis, a battle axe, and a two handed axe. Well the crew was packing the boat with our spoils, I made quick work of both the arms and legs of the bugbears with my axe, severing their limbs from their bodies. The rest of the adventurers seemed to look on oddly as I divided the corpses into chunks. I picked their arm and legs bones up and wrapped them in a cloth, they will make excellent bones for Wrinkles to enjoy.

It was about 2 pm now, just dark enough that there wasn't time for Keant to take the boat back to Malforten with our belongings, so we made camp, gave a bugbear leg to Wrinkles for sustenance, and boiled down the rest, to easily keep the remaining bones for use later. As the darkness took over the land, a blue haze came from one direction and seemed to call towards the elves in the group. The new female elf hunter recognized the haze from her history lessons of old as being the markings of the first house of the elves, the royal elven family. We settled, camped, slept, and had an uneventful night. The next morning we set out into the woods with the dogs leading the group. Some moss covered stones along the somewhat path spoke to me as clearly giant-made. Again while travelling on the path, the blue haze appeared through the woods, calling again to the elves. However, there was no easy path to it, and it couldn't be followed at the moment. Just then, down the way a boar appeared eating on the grass alongside the path. A missile loosed and the board took some damage, I quickly unleashed Wrinkles and sicked him on the wounded boar. He quickly sunk his teeth into the juicy flesh of the boar and pinned his throat into the ground. I jogged to catch up to Wrinkles and as I approached he turned his head, teeth red with blood, and growled at me to back up. I attempted to push him into the ground and failed with him growling back again, I would not allow this and on second attempt, swept his feet from him and pinned him to the ground pressing into his throat with one hand the other laid against him hindquarter. He slowly calmed and I reattached the leash and pulled him back away from the boar's remains.

We continued on the path and we came upon a statue which Brent believed was belonging to an evil cult representing an evil god. Brent started throwing stones at the statue to no avail. I reluctantly picked up a good sized stone and slammed it into the statues left leg, it cracked and a chunk of the ankle broke off. After another good slam, the other leg, and the statue in total, fell over and lay upon the ground. The crew grabbed it and dragged it some distance away into the woods. There is some sort of evil in this place.

A litle while longer, we came upon some ruins where in the center there was a black hole with, upon closer inspection, stairs going down into the earth. We hesitantly listed for any commotion and then got in line to go down into the stairwell. Krassas led the group. We started down the stairs and at the end of the stairs, at the first landing, a goblin appeared. However, hard to see from the back, Krassas quickly was knocked down and assumedly bleeding out. A leap and heal by the cleric brought Krassas back from the brink of death, both of them now laid on the floor. Unable to wait any longer, I pushed through the crowd, knocking into Manalyas and making it far enough to throw an axe over Krassas and solidly into the goblin scum. Manalaysas then cast sleep into the group of goblins, also putting Krassas to sleep. A few arrows and dagger slices later, the sleeping goblins quickly became dead goblins. Krassas awoke somewhere in the fray and we continued down the hall. It turned into a stone room with some bedrolls laid about and another evil statue, this time made of bronze and holding a golden bowl, in the center of the room. There was one closed door, but Miirphys noticed something odd about the wall to the left. It was stone but when I walked up to it, I pushed and my hand went right through it like it wasn't really there. Krassas then quickly walked through the wall and solidly hit a stone wall two feet later. After some confusion, we were not able to make any progress with this illusion, or possibly trap. We left it behind and continued through the door and on into the, now what seemed like, dungeon.

The door opened into a pretty much empty room and we continued on coming to a T with a door at the left and a hallway to the right. We opend the left door, saw a long hallway, closed it, and went to the right. I took the lead, in front of the eager elf, as his leading when we first entered did not end very well. The first door to present itself, opended without issue and revealed what seemed to be a giant's workshop, with a giant pick and some piles of refuse along two insets into the wall. I passed by them quickly but the burnt boy took a double take and found a bag of gold laid amongst the scraps and cockroaches. 30 gold and 50 silver pieces to be exact. It seems the giant's were mining this land for the gold it contained. We continued along the hall when all of the sudden the floor beneath our feet crumbled and the first three companions fell down about ten feet. Mid fall, Brent grabbed me and oriented the two of us feet down, to brace the fall as best as possible. We only took minor damage. As a looked up after I smashed into a stone floor, I saw a beast and a small figure in the hall. It appeared canine. Some attacks were made by my comrades as I tried my hardest just to get up to a kneel. As I made my way to my knee, my axe began to glow, a deep blue, and crystals of frost covered the edge of my axe. I happened to glance up above us to the floor where the halfing stood, smiling at me, and I knew he had given me some much needed help. I swung into the wolf and soon after with help from my other comrades, both the wolf and soon after we found out, a kobold, were dead. A spear, shield, blowgun, and harness for a dog/wolf were retrieved from their remains.

And here in the dark of the dungeon hallway we leave our story, until next time!

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:18 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
Starring into rubble, dust, the corpse of a kobold and the meat pile of a slashed apart wolf, we find ourselves once again with our weary travelers, daring adventurers, misfit companions, deep in the thick of the dungeon, and there’s no where else I’d rather be.

Before even the dust has a chance to settle we hear from the dark path ahead the screeching chirp of rats, a lot of rats. Through much hacking, slashing, and shield bashing we defended ourselves and with the loud burst of high pitched sound (thanks to the half-ling) the rats fled. In the next room over there were a few barrels filled with refuse. The barrels proved useful after it became apparent that this room we had fallen into, had no exit. We stacked the barrels and climbed out the far end of the fallen floor, back onto the main level, but continuing our path onwards and throughout the dungeon. Turning back and looking across the divide, a single goblin peaked his head out from around the corner of a stone wall and then disappeared. Continuing down the corridor, not making any attempt to walk quietly, but at least spreading our weight out a little better than previously, we quickly came upon a four goblin team of attackers. We started slicing into the first goblin when from the back of the pack Mani threw down a sleep spell putting the majority of our attackers quickly to the floor. The slaughter of the sleeping goblins was then made quickly and easily. They were carrying a spear, shield, club, short sword, short bow, and 10 arrows that went to Krassas to feed his bow’s thirst for blood. The long narrow corridor ended in a room full of bedrolls, queue the half-ling to stab into a bedroll and jump around like an idiot, a brazier with some burnt logs and a table with kegs on it. Around the corner there were more barrels with upon inspection contained what looked like human food stuffs, dried fruit, beef jerky, etc… this surely must be the tribute the citizens of Malforten had been offering to Grisnack, we are not far off of his trail! The last hallway ended in a stone wall. It seems out of place and put across a hall much after the halls founding, added much later. Without any intelligent premonitions, I smashed my axe into the wall and piece by piece, swing by swing I began to make a hole through.

With a good sized hole made, it quickly became apparent that there was wolves, goblins, and one large gnoll wielding a large axe on the other side. We backed up into the narrow hallway and prepared for battle!

Two wolves quickly jumped onto me and attempted to sink their claws in. One landed and the other one found the wood of my shield. They were hit with arrows and swords and sleep spells until their no longer drew breath. At this time, the gnoll looked at us intently, heard a noise in the distance from the stairs (thanks half-ling) and started wandering away from the main battle. It gave us just enough time to defeat the remaining goblins without having to deal with the gnoll in the battle.

Once we broke through into the room, the gnoll was already returning to fight but was vastly outnumbered. It also became known that this was not Grisnack the bolt but instead one of his appointed commanders. A barrage of attacks from swords, axes, and arrows made quick work of the nasty gnoll!

The gnoll had on him a battle axe, short sword, whip, club, chain mail hauberk, and some meaty treats.

I grabbed the meaty treats and took the end of my axe and smashed out some of the wolves teeth and slipped them into my small pouch.

Then we realized that this room was the same one we started in, where we had initially thought the wall was fake but it wasn’t. Somehow we should have been able to open that door!

We continued back the hallway we first went down while getting here and took the one left turn we had not before. We ran into a well containing a large spider which almost pulled the elf down into oblivion, a room with a writing desk and bookshelf that the half-ling rather liked. A room with beds and hanging on the wall, a beautiful set of specialty made armor for a wolf to wear in war… just a little adjusting by someone who knows what they are doing and this will surely fit my dear wrinkles!

The final room had a set of wolf cages where there were still some wolves chained up. Through all of this adventuring we heard footsteps or a voice and thought there was still someone here! We followed the noises to a staircase that lead down in the room with the wolf cages. We stacked some large cages and items in front of the staircase to block whoever it was to stay downstairs for at least the night.

We went back to the entrance of the dungeon, met with Keant, wrinkles, and the tracking dog and brought them downstairs for the evening to rest. We laid some traps on the steps to make noise if anyone entered the dungeon and then prepared for a much needed rest.

This is where we spend the night and this is where we leave our brave adventurers. Until next time, where indeed additional battles will be fought and justice will be served!

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 6:52 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
On second thought, spending the night inside of a dungeon where we know there are additional enemies may not be the best idea. After some debate over sleeping in the dungeon it was decided to make our way back out and get Keant and the dogs on their way back to town. Before we left, we went back through the rooms we had just fought through and started gathering loot on a quick sort of kick a box open once over type method. The dwarf lead the way once we got closer back to the entrance where we need we had a series of two doors to go through before back at the entrance stairs. Putting my ear against the first door, I heard nothing and quickly entered to an empty room. Putting my ear agianst the next door, I thought and again and quietly called the elf up to entertain a more probable listening check through the wooden door. The elf took his ear off the door and then started making crazy hand signals, it could only mean one thing, goblins!

We prepared for a surprise attack, lined up as best we could in the narrow hallway and I pushed my way back up front. Signaling with my fingers I spelled out 1, 2, 3 and smashed through the doorway to see a goblin standing next to the entrance steps holding the dicapitated head of the gnoll general in his hand with a puzzled and snarled look on his face. I immediately ran at him stumbling and slipping on the blood soaked floor leftover from the previous battle. I managed to get close to him but not able to land any type of blow. From the steps behind him a wolf jumped over his head and lunged for me, I quickly raised my shield and the all too familar feeling of having an entire wolf on top of me was felt all over again. Behind I heard the footsteps of my companions, the firing of arrows and the snarling of a.... dog... WRINKLES! In the heat of battle I did not leash him up or give him any command and the result of which ended up with him running into battle along side me. After my companions unleashed arrows that fatally wounded the goblin in front of me, Wrinkles bit into him covering his jowls with goblin blood. A slashing attack from multiple swords being controlled by the elf lay another golbin in waste. With the wolf on top of me, the bare underbelly was clear and open to swing of my axe, and it was quickly opened spilling the intestines of the wolf onto the floor. As I looked up to the last goblin standing on the stairwell, I saw a flash, a blur of an object as I looked into the goblins face, I saw the impact crater of a rock smashed into his skull. It could be nothing more than the work of the halfling and his sling staff. The room was quickly cleared. I ran up the stairs to check for any other enemies and then we looted the corpses and headed out of the dungeon with large weapons and armor items in heavy tow.

We prepared a campsite and spent the night a short walk away from the dungeon. The plan was in the morning to sent Keant, the loot, and the two dogs back to Malforten, to alert the town of our finding Grisnak's hideout and to get Keant and the dogs out of the face of combat. We also kept the best loot inside of a tree which we found with a hallowed out section, a tree an elven ranger would never miss. The first guard watch throughout the night was uneventful and so I laid down for some rest and passed the guard onto the two elves. The wizard, of course, was exhausted and would lend no hand in the night's watch. The wizard does provide invaluable support and taking an extra watch shift to cover for his much needed rest was done without question.

After what felt like only a few minutes, I was being kicked in the side and as I awoke I saw the elves swords and arrows flying into the air. Past them could be no other than more goblin hoards, their screeching and snarling could not be mistaken. With my axe already in hand, never leaving my grip throughout the night, I quickly ran to try and help. Two goblins were quickly slain and a third, an archer, hiding behind a tree screeched and ran from the battle. The elf and the masked human ran after him giving him quick chase. At first when the elf caught up to him he tried to land a sword thrust but to no avail. The forest ground did give some trouble trying to catch up to him but eventually the elf grappled him down and when the human caught up he also helped wrangle him into submission. Quickly thereafter the halfling also caught up and started threatening him and beating him slightly. The goblin began talking and giving some limited information about the general he worked for and the goblins that were his comrads. Nothing too surprising, we've known goblin hoards worked for Grisnak and undoubtedly we'd already slain many of his comrads. We tied him up and brought him with us back to the entrance of the dungeon, preparing to once again enter and attempt to find and defeat Grisnak.

At the entrance, the elf and halfling walked quietly and slowly towards the entrance to try and detect any enemies and begin the descent down the stairs back into the dungeon. The rest of the company waited outside the entrance for any sign of alert. Then all of a sudden a loud sonic boom was heard and we ran in after our friends. When the human ran in, he handed the prisoner to the elf ranger and said, "Kill this thing, we must go!" and he ran into the dungeon. I quickly followed, pushing him out of the way in the steps in front of me tyring to get into the fray as soon as possible and do what I do best, soak up damage. As I came upon the elf and halfling, they lay prone on the floor stunned from the sonic boom and in front of them were a series of goblins. The battle ensued with arrows, axes, and swords flying about. When Manalayas made his was into the fight he cast sleep and to crew's surprise three spiders descended down from the ceiling, one of them still awake, two asleep. The one spider sunk it's fangs into the elf and he dropped to the ground. I looked into the dungeon and I saw in the faint shadow a cloaked figure raise his hand and saw his lips moving distinctly, purposefully. My vision quickly shrunk and a darkness came over top of me as my knees buckled and I collapsed onto the ground.

When I awoke, I was still in the middle of the fray. I swung my axe and killed a sleeping golbin or two at the end of the battle which my teammates had thankfully finished without me.

Some time was taken to try and figure out the poison and the human bottled some for his own use later while the halfling accidentally injected himself with some while trying to get a sample from the fallen spider. After some healing by the cleric it appeared that the party was going to make it out of this mess alive after all.

One of the goblins had on him a necklace made of gemstones. I bargained with the group, that after we get an assessment of the item in town, I would pay the crew their share so I could then take the gemstones and incorporate them, as is dwarven tradition, into my beard ornamentation.

Here, once again on the steps of the dungeon is where we leave our advnetureres... until next time!

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 12:04 am
by Captain_K
Captain’s Log 13, 15th day of month of Regnerisch in the Dwarven Year 13,286 after the blessed creation of the world by the Grey One, entry by Brent Odinsen the Younger, sole surviving priest of Odin on the Southern Shore of Wodonhohle: The world is wider and stranger than anything I was told or imagined.

Our world was ice, snow, giants, and the far away tribes of white ones. We stayed to ourselves. We were a people set apart from the world. Occasionally strangers from afar became family members or moved on, but we were a tribe focused on our survival in a harsh world. Little did we know the hate in the hearts of the white ones.

We trained since youth to pray, to work the powers of the divine. To never trust anyone outside our tribe... lessons taught for years, learned by all, but even that was not enough to protect us from the murderous acts by the combined tribes of the white ones who descended in waves upon our little village.

All the special training my abilities warranted did not allow me to save a single member of my tribe. Not one, just my on worthless hide. The pain of the burns sometimes is not enough to dull the ache of my shame and loss.

I have learned, to my total surprise the world is not filled with anyone like my tribe. It is filled with the first people, the elves of legend, smaller races too halfling, gnomes, sprites, and others. My greatest horror was the extent of the white ones (not all so fair and white), they are everywhere, at first I feared they would devour me like rats to a small cheese.. but I have learned they are not all evil (a fact that I still doubt and wake at night in sweat drenched nightmares). Many are evil, many are evil to the core, but most are not! It is not as I was taught! The peoples of the world do not love each other or protect one another like our tribe, that is true, but they do not all hate. They seem to only know their village. There seems to be no world tribe. Most are ignorant, like me, of the greater world around them.

But there seems to be something almost as great as my lost tribe. A new kind off tribe, a tribe of heroes.

Heroes great and small doing great things for those who need it. Rooting out the true evils in the world and saving the weak. Setting things right.

Was my tribe wrong to hide from the world? To live in desolation hoping prejudice would not find them, allow evil acts from ignorant people to destroy them?

Now I must decide, to trust in the heroes around me as if they were my tribe???

The grumpy, stern first born who seems to need a tribe too. The double bladed elf also seems out of place in this world, searching for something. But in our team, he seems to fit. He is even slowly gaining the grudging trust of the first born who seems to cling to racial prejudges like an old mantra too badly worn to do the wearer any future good. Then there is the precocious little man with a testicle fetish - very specialized fighting method even we did not learn - he means well but seems to also be out of place. We seem to be a band of misfit heroes, trying to do the right thing, but tripping and stumbling along the way.

May Odin guide my wanderings. What does the All Father want of me? Should this band of heroes to which I am joined become my new tribe? Can I trust them with truths, truths I am even now just learning.

The All Father’s Lonely Servant, Brent the Younger

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:45 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
Last game I used luck points to help defend against an expectedly damaging attack. Is this a proper use? If so, what's the rule for future use?

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:59 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
My eyes are fading in and out as a hold onto my abdomen, throbbing in pain, and the door slides closed in front of me, finally, a time to rest.

Hours earlier...

Walking down the dungeon I watch as the elf runs and jumps into a pile of goblins that were gathered at the end of a long straight hallway, clearly soon to be in trouble for his life. My first thought is to charge. I gain as much speed as possible with my shield in front of me and slam into the goblins like a bowling ball. I manage to knock over a couple and inflict some good damage. My axe is quickly put to work slamming into golbin belly after goblin belly. Ahhh yes, once again my beard is coated with the thick, rich, blood of my enemies. Just then, from a intersecting hallway I coulnd't see before I get slammed into my side with the powerful blow of a Gnoll's large axe. I was able to brace slightly but still took a large strike that was not easily withstood by any mortal. My allies quickly fired into the Gnoll and it was rather quickly fell for the size of the beast. We continued down the hall and came into a magical room with a sort of fog circling around it. It's clear that whatever was haunting this room didn't want us in it. Just then an effervescent being appeared as if out of the air and started attacking us. We chose our attacks to be magical and fire based to try and affect the clearly mystical being. I lit a torch and charged at the monster. Magical missles fired from over my shoulder. The being was not easily spotted but eventually we managed to fell the creature.

Around this room there seemed to be cracks leading into a secret door. We managed to open it to a small closet containing a table, chandelier and some bookshelves. The wizard quickly found a special opening in the wall to a small container. He quickly and foolishly pushed his hand into the opening and a row of large spikes slammed down onto his small wrist. He pulled his hand from the container with a bloody stump of a hand remaining and he then put his other hand into the trap and grabbed two scrolls. His left hand was hanging at his side staining the side of his cloak red. Some other comrades came by and held the wizard down while they wrapped his arm in bandages against his will. For some reason, these scrolls were the most important thing this halfling had ever encountered, surely more important than his own hand!

We then, tired from battle, retreated into the secret room and closed the door behind us. There wasn't much room, but the secret closet seemed like the safest place to take a rest in this whole dungeon. As the door closed, my mind raced with what monsters would be on the other side once we opened it again.

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:17 am
by InFurno
An inspiration token to Bloodbeard!

A few memory aids:
The group started out the night at the bottom of the stairs where they had killed the gang of Kobolds and their leader.
As they entered into the room with the wolf cages (Unklar statue still buuuuurrrrrrrrrring), they ran into three goblins. The goblins were quickly dispatched, but Bloodbeard was able to hear the soft pitter patter of goblin feet scurrying down the stairs to the second level of the dungeon. The goblin was screaming for aid as he disappeared through a corridor to the right.

Brent and Menalaus ran back a dying goblin to pour his blood onto the statue, which quelled the noise.

As the group ran down the long hallway, five goblins rushed out of the corridor with shields and spears braced for a charge. Krasus, seeing this as a challenge, charged right into a spear thrust, taking a large amount of damage.

After the gnoll hit Bloodbeard with the axe, Brent shot him with an arrow and the Gnoll collapsed on the ground. Bardimus, much to the chagrin of Brent, rushed over with a shocking grasp tot he groin to finish off the Gnoll.

After the immediate combatants were taken care of, the nearby room was investigated and a large goblin cook was found pleading for his life.

The group (Bardimus, Krasus, and Bloodbeard) cornered him and beat him into a pulp as he told the group that Griznak was waiting down the dungeon with his body guard. After some encouragement from Brent, Krasus finished off the goblin cook, pleading for his life, with a thrust from his short sword. Are cowering and surrendered globin cooks evil? Is it right to slay a helpless sentient creature? Only our hero's know!

Investigating the strange text in an ancient language overtop the doorway to the next room, Krasus was able to decifer the words "in one is all", which he read aloud. This caused a strong shutter to run through his body.

Upon entering the room (with a decaying goblin in the middle of the floor), Glyphs upon the wall turned red and started to spin around the room. In a bit of demi-god like perception, Bloodbeard was able to spot a hidden door in the stone in this room. A immaterial rotting creature appeared out of the wall and attacked the group before it was turned and disappeared into the stone

The group investigating the hidden door found a small room with a writing desk with a few scrolls in it (hold person and cause fear), and three "Horned one" golden holy symbols.

After finding a hidden compartment (using detect magic) Bardamus got his hand sliced by a small guillotine, causing damage and bleeding. Inside the hidden compartment were 6x small stone tablets, a golden tree statue (Fey holy item), and a magical mace with a black/white construction.

As this was happening, the undead creature returned to strike Brent who was smashing the Horned one holy symbols in the room. Pulling out his two daggers he eviscerated the creature with two Natural 20s!

The group then decided to rest, hidden in the small room. Did anyone try to clean the tracks or erase a trail into the compartment??

I will new house rules printed out with the new rules for hero points and luck points.

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:19 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
As we rest in the secret closed room, I take off my mail shirt and try to assess the damage caused by the Gnoll’s smashing blow into my midsection. It doesn’t appear that there are any broken ribs but the bruising will start shortly for sure. I look over and see the half-ling sorting through stone tablets with some sort of runic language inscribed on them. I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing…

After about thirty minutes in the room, the human opens the door and slips out. The elf hand signals that now is the time to go and he also leaves. The halfling is quick behind and I push Menalaus behind me telling him “stay behind me, but keep up!”. As I get into the hallway, I hear a distant scream of what seems to be a young man. The human and elf are far ahead, I’m jogging trying to keep up with their pace. Around the next corner I catch up to them and we’re all standing at a closed door, the elf with his ear against the wood. He pauses only shortly before pushing it open, it swinging freely. The human runs through, screams now being heard as we get closer and closer. He turns the corner and stares into a room glowing blue. A dias with the teenage boy shackled to it in the center of the room. A circle of nine goblins surrounding the altar with the giant Gnoll standing at the far side, he was chanting some sort of ancient evil which seemed like it could only mean they were preparing to sacrifice the boy. As one goblin looked at Brent he immediately cast sanctuary and all but one of the goblins didn’t seem to pay any mind to the man now amongst them. He slipped into the room and one goblin missed an attack and he pushed around the edge to try and get to the boy. As the half-ling turned the corner he looked in the mass of enemies and quickly began to cast fear. I gave it my entire effort to get in front of the wizard and hold my shield to his defense. Once the fear spell cast, all but the Gnoll fled to the back of the room. The Gnoll took his two axes and crossed them across his chest opening two wounds, blood pouring from them. He then quickly stomped across the room and landed a massive blow into the wizard knocking him down and dealing massive damage. He was wielding two large axes and the second of which smashed into me also dealing decent damage. The edge of his blade glowed blue in the dark dungeon. A chilly frost creeped into my wound. The elf was engaged with a goblin to my side, seemingly missing most attacks. I swung my axe at the Gnoll over and over. Someone must have helped the wizard behind me as he regained his footing, got back up, and began to contribute once again to the fight. Brent appeared behind the Gnoll I was facing and smashed into his back with heroic strength. A massive blow for sure! The Gnoll looked to the ceiling and a glow came over him as though descending from above and I watched in horror as the open wound across his chest began to close. He did not seem happy… Faintly I could make out the goblins cowering at the back of the room and suddenly one by one they started laying down and apparently sleeping. Turning my head and seeing the elf fall to the ground next to me and Brent run across the room, seemingly trying to attack the wall instead of the massive foe in front of me, I gave all my strength and attempted to take the Gnoll to the ground by smashing into his legs. He barely budged. I stepped one step back and swung my axe with everything I had left. It landed cleanly and solidly with heroic dwarven strength. I saw a magic missile fly through the air behind me and land into the face of the Gnoll rocking him and he landed on the ground in front on me, not moving. I quickly ran over and wedged my axe into his soft throat.

Menalaus ran to the back of the room and started slitting the throats of sleeping goblins. The wizard pulled the now fearless goblins from the back of the room towards him at the entrance and Brent and I started slamming into them with sharp blades. The elf was still on the ground but someone seemed to have stabilized his health with some sort of salve or paste. Brent called my attention to a large eye on the wall staring into the room and I ran over and tried to take my axe to it. I couldn’t hit it after several tries, Brent came over and hit it the first attempt so I left the eye to him and turned to the back of the room to finish off the remaining goblins.

We stabilized the elf. We unshackled the boy, whose name was Del. We inspected the remains. The Gnoll had on a bear claw necklace, belt made of skulls, red leather special type armor, and two giant axes. One appearing to be dwarven made with symbols carved into the handle. Surely this was the Gnoll Grisnak we had come looking for. I put the necklace around my neck, the dwarven axe into my backpack wrapped in cloth, and separated the head from the Gnoll and put it with the skull belt into a sack. He had 10 platinum on him and we evenly divided it up amongst the team. As we began to prepare carrying the elf out of the dungeon the sack with the Gnoll head started to smoke and the half-ling yelled over to me causing fear and pointing at the smoking sack. I threw the sack at him and as he laughed at me I stormed out of the room, leaving the team behind. They all eventually regrouped in the secret room and rested to heal the elf so he could carry himself out of the dungeon. I argued with the half-ling over his antics and my beard turned blond. I knew who to blame and immediately struck the half-ling with my open hand. He continued to chuckle and I slapped him again. We returned one last time to the room where we had battle to survey the goblins and collect what weapons we could carry. There was also one unopened door. The elf had pulled some keys off of the Gnoll and tried a few until one of them clicked and the door swung open. It appeared to be a bedroom. As the elf entered a giant python wrapped around his leg and he began to swing at it with his short swords. Brent also helped to cut through the snake and it eventually was defeated. The half-ling seeing the bed immediately began to walk towards it, his favorite past time was for some reason to cut open feather beds and roll around in them. The human called out a warning to the half-ling that if he tried that again he would put a dagger through the back of his skull. The half-ling stopped short of the bed and just inspected it instead of jumping up onto it and cutting it open, a wise choice based on the seriousness of the threat from the human. There were two chests on the side of the room. One opened easily, not locked, and was full of clothes. The other one opened with another key the elf took off the Gnoll. He pushed it open with the end of a spear he found in the corner of the room. The chest shined with coin. The elf quickly pocketed a small pouch of gems then told the group of the other coin he had found. We carried the chest out making a sort of stretcher (think ark of the covenant) out of the chest.

Re: The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:59 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
A few thoughts on potential future activities...

First reunite with wrinkles!

Also, I would like to get to a jeweler to make some beard ornamentations. I would like to get to a weaponsmith to make beard barbs out of Grisnak's bear tooth necklace, assess his dwarven axe, tend to my damaged axe, and look at buying a nice shield. Then potentially go to Botkinzburg where I believe there may be a clerical type companion quest and some sign of my father's guild, the Letners.