Yet another online regular C&C campaign

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Yet another online regular C&C campaign

Post by Storycrafter »

We're still recruiting players for our C&C online campaign which is based in the Airde fantasy world. Yes, that means maidens, unicorns, ex-archs, and Dragons. My wife plays so we usually skip the boob jokes, though. All skill levels welcome, especially beginners. We're currently meeting Friday evenings, around 7pm Central time. We use the mana magic system in this campaign, so no more guessing which spells to memorize the night before. Laid back atmosphere with a focus on role play over combat. We use Maptools and Skype for OOC/coordination (the later not required). We're currently using BigTent to coordinate the group and schedule our meetings.

If interested, please feel free to drop me a pm.

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Re: Yet another online regular C&C campaign

Post by Breakdaddy »

Good luck and have fun :)
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Re: Yet another online regular C&C campaign

Post by GoOrange »

Sounds interesting as I prefer a bit more roleplay and world interaction rather than mostly straight up combat.

To clarify one point, is the in-game stuff handled with text and typing via matpools and Skype just for OOC? Or is Skype used for everything?

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