new player seeking patient DM for pbp game

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new player seeking patient DM for pbp game

Post by barracuda »

Hi Guys

I'm new to the world of Castles and Crusades and was hoping to find a game that I could join. I had tried some of the places where I have been involved in rpg's before (RPOL and PBPHouse) and someone pointed me in this direction so here I am.

I would need a group that are newbie friendly as I'm still trying to get a grips with the system but I'm enthusiastic and willing to learn


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Post by slimykuotoan »

I don't think you'll have any trouble finding patient people to play with here; the C&C crowd's pretty laid back 'n friendly.

One suggestion I would make though, would be opeing yourself up to voice chat games.

Thanks to Treebore & myself SKYPE (free voice chat program) games have really taken off here, and pretty much dominate the scene.

Wecome aboard!
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Post by Treebore »

We are actually using Ventrillo in my games when we can set up the server, which is usually Spakman, when he is able to start it up for us, even though he doesn't play.

Ventrillo is much more stable and cuts out all the "background noise".

We have also found loading our "miniatures" to photobucket and then importing them to OpenRPG has made OpenRPG behave much, much better.

As for pbp games for C&C I only know about Skathros game over on the site in the "Looking for Gamers" forum. I don't play in it though, I prefer chat.
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Post by LordSeurek »

Barracuda, sent you a PM. Check it out if you want and good luck!!!

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