Freeport Campaign a Go Start Date most likely 4/4

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Freeport Campaign a Go Start Date most likely 4/4

Post by Wulfgarn »

Ok - worked out a few things and I have a start date for 4/4 - hopefully.

I should have the house rules document done and ready for a PDF in a wee bit.

The core of the game remains unchanged.

The real major differences between the Rules Lite C&C and my Version of it is as follows:

I have stolen and compiled rules from several different editions D&D in an effort to make an enjoyable game that has enough structure and viable options to make most players happy while not overburdening the core spirit of C&C.

Character Classes:

I have overhauled many of the core classes and offered some extra classes for the adventurous

Freeport is at the hub of the world and most amyything that can exists washes ashore there eventually.

I am relying heavily on Green Ronin Products as I have found them to be exciting, fun and well thought out, Freeport itself is a Green Ronin Product.

Hit Points and death- I have a wee bit of a twist on hit points- I use a critical hit system that can be very brutal and on the other hand - I have Players that will invest a bit of time to make thier characters (I Use Central Casting- a fantastic proct from the early 80's that helps create very real characters). So in order to give characters a sporting chance I have made a simple adjustment to Hitpoints.

At 1st level all characters begin with a hit point total equal to thier Con Score- they do not gain any additional hit points untill the total of thier rolled amopunt surpasses thier Con Score- then it is HP as normal. I give my villans and critters the same curtesey.

Death occurs at Negative your Con score- Falling unconscious occurs at Negative your con Mod.

Skills - I love Weapon Skills and Skills in general - So I have included a simple yet defining sdkill system for players. Skills are broken up into 2 category - Combat and just Plain Skills.

Characters get several at 1st level of each and use them to purchase skills. Combat skills include Combat styles and Specialization and just plain old weapon Skills. Characters are all limited in the number of weapons they can use with any skill.

Magic- I have altered the way a character uses his spells - but that Ill leave for the house rules document- Casters are simple freed from certain constraints.

Players May take levels in thier Race or play a normally too powerful a creature as a character by gaining levels in it like but unlike the Savage species book- more akin to OD&D.

Well thats it for now - hope to hear some feedback on this as I post the rules here- if something does not sit well with you just speak up.


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Post by Wulfgarn »

Core Rules Changes

Character Creation:

The Option of Using Central Casting to help develop your character is encouraged. This Background generator is nothing short of amazing- but can, at times give over the top advantages and disadvantages. All those looking to use this are forewarned that it is often necessary to Funnel-Down the advantages the generator meets out. I will do my best to be fair about character creation. The more work a player is willing to put forth the more I, as a DM, am willing to include backgrounds and subplots.

At a minimum I would like all Players to provide the following:

(I realize we have a few younger gamers here- so do what you can when you can.)

-A Character Sketch- whether a hand drawn piece of art or a pic taken from another source, just something to aid all of us in imagining your character.

- A brief Background that anyone can read I would like to make a Website with a page for each character in the Freeport game, this brief history should contain information that any player can read- so keep your secrets hidden if you want to.

- A brief description of your characters dress and attitudes as well as any general traits, hobbies etc. What does your character do between Adventures, do they have any goals etc.

- A copy of your Central Casting work sheet- or summary there of.

- A digital Copy of your Character Sheet.

- (OPTIONAL) A more detailed Background including a list of NPCs that matter or make a difference in the Characters life. These can be family, friends, Rivals, enemies business contacts etc. A simple name race possible class and brief note on their relationship to you would be great.

Ability Scores

Taking my queue from Gary Gygax I wanted to offer Method V for character generation but that would take more time then I have to detail how many dice each class gets to roll for each attribute so instead I offer this Method VI.

Each Player will be allotted a number of dice (6 sided Dice) from which to draw from to generate a score from 3-18.

1). Players are given a Dice Pool of 42 (d6s) with which to allocate among 7 Attributes.

2). Players may allocate up to 9 dice to a Prime attribute (retaining the 3 highest die rolls).

3). Players may Allocate up to 7 dice to any other Attribute (again only retaining the 3 highest rolls)

4) Player will allocate At least 3 dice to Comeliness

5). Players will not roll before all dice are allocated.


Martin decides to play a Human Fighter (Class Prime of Strength- and chooses Dexterity and Constitution as his other Primes. When Allocating Dice from his Dice Pool he can allocate up to 9 Dice to each of his Prime Attributes, and up to 7 to any other attribute. He allocates 9 dice to Strength, 7 to Dexterity and 8 to Constitution 4 for Comeliness 3 for Intelligence 5 for Wisdom and 6 dice for Charisma.

Having decided his Die Allocation the poor sod rolls the dice: 9 for Strength he rolls 1 1 4 3 6 5 6 6 2 generating an 18. He marks 18 down for his Strength score Next he roll his Constitution Score: 6 5 4 1 1 5 4 3 gaining him a Score of 16. He does the same for all the rest of his Attributes. In the end he has the following scores: Strength: 18

Intelligence: 14



Constitution: 16

Charisma 12

Comeliness 17


All Characters have Hit Points equal to their Constitution Score at 1st level. As a character gains in level, their hit point total will not increase, (save for Constitution Bonus Hit Points) until the combined total of their rolled Hit Points surpasses their Constitution Score.

Example: Continuing the example above Martins Fighter named Wulfgarn has a Constitution Score of 16, this gives him +2 HP per Level gained. His total HP at 1st level is 18 (His base Con Score + his Con Bonus) but his Base HP is only 16. He rolls a D10 and records that number off to one side (he rolled a 7). As his roll was 7 his rolled HP are not greater than his Constitution Score plus his Con Bonus. After Adventuring for a while he gains 2nd level and rolls a D10 for HP and rolls a 8. Looking at his Hit Points he sees that his Base Hit Points are 16 and his rolled HP is only 15, so he does not add any additional HP. Upon Gaining 3rd level Martin rolls a 10 for hit points and comparing his new rolled total (25) vs. his Base HP (16) he has surpassed his base HP and adds it to his CON bonus for a new total of 31 HP.

NOTE: At each Level gain Wulfgarn still enjoys the benefits of his high CON score by adding the CON bonus to his Base HP.

Death & Dying:

Death: A Character is Considered Dead once their Damage has surpassed 0 by a number of hit Points equal to their current CON Score.

At Deaths Door: A Character is considered at Deaths Door once they have reached 0 HP but have not fallen below negative their CON modifier. A Character at Deaths Door is -2 on all Actions and may only perform a standard action each round. Furthermore, performing any strenuous action will cause them to loose a HP. Once a character has surpassed his CON modifier he is Living on Borrowed Time.

Living on Borrowed Time: Once a character has lost enough HP to put him beyond negative his CON modifier they must make a Siege Check vs. CON (at -2) each round or pass out. Once a character has fallen unconscious they will loose 1 HP each round until they either Stabilize (a successful Siege check vs. CON with a CL of +1 for each HP they are Negative) receive at least 1 HP of healing thus Stabilizing them, or they bleed out and die. Characters Living on Borrowed Time are at a penalty of -2 to All actions just like a Character at Deaths Door.

Recovery: Characters that Stabilize but are unconscious are allowed to make a CON Siege Check (Still at -2) each hour if successful they recover their CON Modifier back in HP. If these HP bring them back to Deaths Door (Negative their CON Modifier) they regain consciousness. If the check fails by 5 or more they begin loosing HP at the rate of 1d4 per hour. They are still allowed to attempt a CON Siege Check each hour to see if they begin to recover.

Natural Healing

Character will heal naturally at a rate dictated by their circumstances as follows:

Optimum: Character able to fully rest under the care of Healer physician or other knowledgeable in the healing arts, having access to abundant food and comfort; regain twice their Con Modifier, Their Character Level, and 1d8 HP.

Good: Character able to get a full nights rest having warm food and out of the weather regain their CON Mod, their Character Level, and 1d6 HP back.

Average: Character able to rest but not ideal circumstances regain their CON Mod plus their Character Level and 1d4 HP back.

Poor: Rest interrupted or strenuous activity, combined with roughing it allows for CON Mod plus Character Level back in HP

Very Poor: Little or broken rest etc. Characters in Prison or living on rations and having little heat only regain their Con Mod plus 1 HP back.

Abysmal Conditions allow for characters to regain little or no HP back. In these circumstances characters regain 0-1 HP back (roll d20 1-10 character regains No HP. 11-20 Character regains 1 HP).

Luck, Fate and a little thing called Joss:

All Players have a bit of luck to even the odds or escape in the nick of time. IN my RL games I use a Poker chip system that just will not work in an online environment. So instead I will look to my good friend Treebore and use a method similar to his own.

All Players have an Ability or points reserve called Joss. Joss is just another way of saying luck. Each Character has Joss equal to his Effective Character Level (or equal to their base saving throw bonus) plus 1. Luck Points regenerate in 1 of 2 ways; the group finishes a Quest, Goal, Module, etc. (This refreshes their Joss to its Maximum level) or by good play. During Play I will often say to a player Take a Point once a Player has acquired 5 such points they regenerate 1 Luck point or they may take 250 xp. I reserve the right to also offer Joss for overall excellent play.

Joss can be used in the following ways:

A re-roll: If a character is not happy with a roll but does not critically fail they may spend 1 point of Joss to re-roll. They must let the DM know they wish to re-roll before the DM lets the Player know whether they were successful or not.

Multiple Dice: Should a Player desire to roll more than one die he may spend up to 3 Joss points- each point spent allowing him to roll an extra die or set of dice in the case of a % roll.

A Haste Action: cost: 2 Joss. This gives a character an extra standard action ie; an additional attack or extra spell etc.

Avoid Critical Effect: by Spending 2 Joss points a character will be able to avoid the effects of a Critical hit. The Joss must be spent before the Critical effect is determined.

Enhance Critical: by spending 1 Joss a player can increase his Critical by 1 step automatically. (Critical Hit severity ranges from A the Weakest to E the most dangerous).

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Post by Wulfgarn »

Racial Levels and Races as Classes:

Races as Classes: Some Races are far too powerful to be played as a character, yet have a great appeal to do so. Races such as the Minotaur (Known as the Tauren (on ArNeth) or Thri-keen can be broken down and offered as a Playable race. Each level gained in a Race as a Class creature earns the Player more abilities and brings the character closer to becoming a full fledged member of the race.

Paragon Racial Levels: Many if not all Races have the ability to add Paragon Racial Levels. They may do this rather than adding a class level. This supersedes all Dual Classing rules and does not count toward the number of Classes a Character may acquire.

*Regarding Races with an ECL- I will take the time to break the race down in question into Levels as with the Paragon Racial Level.

Bloodlines Can also be considered on a case by case basis Based upon a characters CENTRAL CASTING rolls.

Races and Sub Races


Legend tells us that the Olven-folk were once the guardians of the worlds youngest races and the Tree of Life. Guardians and Angels of the One God, who choose to remain on sacrificing immortality when the world was sundered and maintain their vigil for the One God. Now after centuries upon centuries it is naught but a story for bedtime and even the Olven-Folk themselves do not believe in it.


When the time came to choose, the Avessa-Olven chose mortality, by taking unto themselves the blood of the Draconis, merging it with themselves, forging themselves into a mortal race able to carry on the work of the creator.

* Note: the Avessa-Olven and the Keva-Olven share a very rigid society similar in many ways to that found in Roukugan. Oriental classes and source material is appropriate for them though not necessary beyond that of the culture, dress and armament.


These the messengers of the creator could not bear to give up their ability to fly and chose the great eagle to graft into themselves and with it mortality and the ability to produce offspring.


Not consider as true Olven folk as these have had their bloodlines fouled by generations of interbreeding with the Khelk peoples, forced upon them by the Goddess incarnate Lovitar the Maiden of Pain that rules them with a harsh and very pain filled love.


The Keva had always served as soldiers to the Great One God and so mingled their blood with that of the great Bull, the Razor Back, and the Tiger. Hoping to graft those aspects of the beasts, that would enable them to serve the purpose of their Creator until the Stars of Heaven fall for the Sky.


Cursed is the name of the Nenu-Var for they were betrayed by their own. Wshen the wars of man sought to consume all that the NenuVar were, their leader swore a pact that cost half of the NenuVar their lives in a sacrificial blood payment to the Dark. This was the payment for the destruction of the Raulkan Empire (the death of every last man, woman, and child). The other half of the NenuVar, were let to live but sucked deep into the bowls of the earth never to been seen again.


Ever resourceful and the eyes and ears of the Great God the Varet chose to be one with the great tree from which all life flowed. Now beneath the sun they are mortal, masters of the wild, able to live in harmony and seclusion feasting upon the bright light of the day and eschewing the need to claim life for themselves by consuming life around them.


When faced with the choice this race fell back within themselves shedding their immortality like a serpents skin and communed with the mind of the world itself binding themselves to the reality of creation



Dwarf- True


Dwarfs are grumpy and hard to get along with. They do not make friends easily, but once they do, they tend to be very loyal. Dwarfs are very clannish and distrustful of outsiders. They define the word stubborn. Dwarves are not greedy, as some would say, but they do know the value of their work, and refuse to be cheated. Above all, dwarves love to build and craft.

Physical Description

Dwarves are short and stocky, with heights rarely exceeding 5. Their weight is higher then would be expected from their height, due to a dense muscle and bone structure. Dwarves are not buoyant, and do not swim well.


As a nation, the dwarves get along with most everyone, because they like to trade. Of the civilized races only the goblins compete for the same living space, and goblins tend to follow the course of least resistance, settling with the humans in the lowlands or taking over abandoned dwarven settlements.

The dwarves conduct vigorous trade wherever they can find it and commonly hire themselves out as mercenaries. Most civilized races and even many barbaric ones, recognize the quality and craftsmanship of dwarven work, and desire it more then they desire conflict with the dwarves over a few underground halls of stone.

The dwarfs get along especially well with sylvans and fey, with whom they breed. As a side effect of their transformation to mortals, other faerie have found it much less costly to mate with a dwarf to produce offspring. Male children of these liaisons are dwarfs, while female children are the mothers faerie race.

The dwarven racial enemy would be the orogs, who refuse to share the Underdark with the dwarves. Their attacks from below are always watched for.

Dwur-Hurum or Mule

This hybrid of Human and Dwarf is unable to produce any offspring of its own and makes for a perfect slave due to its overall physical qualities. They were originally bred in the Lands of Bendegoth and the Sukandian Kings, but are now common any where slavery is legal.

The Charduni

(NPC Race) The Black Dwarves that serve Chardun the Slaver deep under the Earth.


Rhulic Dwarves are less fey and more grounded in the world. They dwell on the continent of Immoren far to the West of Freeport. They have breed true producing both male and female children and are highly technological in nature.

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Post by Wulfgarn »

f**n -Loresong

f**n - Quickling

f**n - Spryte

Fey Touched (Half-elf)

As C&C Half-Elf

High Fey (elf)

Shadow Fey (elf)

Twilight Fey (elf)

The Nyss (fey)

Another Race from the Lands of the Iron Kingdoms, from the continent of Immoren. These Winter Elves are seldom found outside their home lands save in mercenary companies.

ElQuarre (fey)

This race of Aquatic Fey are very similar to other elves save they dwell mostly below the sea. They can breathe above water though prefer to live below the surface of the waves.


Gnome - Crag

Twisted by their racial hatreds these Gnomes make their home in Freeport.


A race of goblin that originally spawned from the Iron Kingdoms- but spread like a plague anywhere they were not butchered to extinction. They are handy with technology and thus have found a niche in which to flourish in Freeport and in the World of ArNeth as a whole.

Half Orc













The Sithians are a race of civilized humanoid lizards. Their culture now relegated to isolated city states on the Continent of Veloss and Islands south of the Midahl Sea has maintained its opposition against the Siswrath whenever and where ever it can. Much of their culture has its roots in what they call a republic and its government maintains a House of the Senate as well as a Emperor or King. They dress in robes and togas for the most part and are by and large a robust and hardy race capable of much analysis.

Strength +1 Int +2 Cha -3 (they find it difficult to express themselves to others not of their kind)


(Minotaurs- see Races as a class if interested in playing this as a character)


Troll kin


From the Lands of Veloss these Tribal Wolf-like humanoids have slowly spread to where ever they may. Most prefer the wilds but some seek adventure or are conscripted into slave armies by cruel master, while others are cast into the life of a gladiator seeking blood and glory until an ignoble death. They are proud and honorable by nature and do not seek violence until it is offered first- as a general rule.

Starting Money:

Character Money will be largely based on their CENTRAL CASTING rolls. Those individuals starting above 1st level will need to roll for their character starting funds for each level they have attained based upon their class. A Racial level garners the character 3d6 x10 in coin.

Coin of the Realm:

I am using a silver Standard and will be posting a Compiled Price guide. The coins of Freeport are:

Lord, Skull, Pence, Bit.

The Lord is a thick gold coin weighing approximately .5 of an ounce. (32 to a pound)

The Skull is a Silver coin about the size of a quarter. There are approximately 80 Skulls to a pound.

The Pence is a Copper coin valued at 1/10th a Skull, and a Bit is a bronze coin with a value of 10 to 1 Pence.

1 ounce of gold equals 200 silver coins = 40 ounces of silver= 2lrd

1 pound of gold is valued at 3200 Skulls or 3200sk or 32,000pc.

10 Bronze Bits (or 10bt) to 1 Copper Pence.

10 Pence (or 10p) to a Skull.

100 Skulls (or 100sk) to 1 Lord or 1lrd

When a man has a Lord in his pocket it is no small bit of coin to be sure.

Monetary Equivalents

Equipment Values from other Gaming Sources: As I am using a Silver Standard pricing is still pretty simple. Anything that costs Gold in another source would cost the same amount but in silver or in Skulls. Anything valued in silver would cost the same amount in Pence ands any item whose cost is listed in copper would translate in Bronze bits.

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Siege Checks:

(Class Skills, Cross-Class Skills, Class Abilities, and Combat Skills: )

Class Abilities: Characters have abilities such as the Assassins Case Target ability and the Rangers Scale ability. All character abilities are considered PRIME regardless of what the characters chosen Prime Stats are.

Combat Skills: All characters have varying degrees in of Combat knowledge these are represented by a number of Proficiencies based on the Characters Class and Attribute Bonus.

Intelligence and Bonus Skills:

At creation a character receives bonus Slots equal to their Intelligence. These Slots can be used to purchase Combat Skills, or Class and Cross Class Skills.

Character Skills

Skills represent some of the more mundane abilities your character possesses. As your character advances in level, you gain new skills and your existing skills improve. Each Character Class has a List of Class Skills.

It is important to note the Difference between a Class Skill and a Class Ability. Class Abilities are always Considered Prime regardless of whether or not the character has selected the Attribute in question as prime

Acquiring Skills

At first level, your character gains a number of skills dependent upon your class plus your Intelligence

modifier (NOTE: Use of the Intelligence Modifier for Bonus Skills is shared with Combat Skills and a Player my only use them once, or split up between Combat Skills and normal Skills. Acquisition of additional skills is based upon Character Class. These skills can be divided into two categories, class skills and cross-class skills. Class skills are those favored by your chosen class (or classes). Your character is most proficient in these skills, as they represent part of his professional training and constant practice. Your character can be knowledgeable in cross-class skills, but you will never be as skilled with them as you will be in those favored by your class.

Class Abilities:

Siege Checks made for a Class Ability is made at 1d20 + Attribute Modifier + Character Level and is ALWAYS considered Prime

Class Skill (Trained):

Siege Checks made for a class Skill is made at 1d20 + Attribute Modifier + Character Level

Cross Class Skill (Trained)

Siege Checks made for Cross-Class Skills are made as above but with only the Character Level.

Untrained Skills:

Untrained Skills may be attempted by rolling a d20 plus the appropriate Attribute modifier and is governed by the Rule of Prime.

Rule of Prime:

Character Skills are subject to Prime (Base TN 12), Secondary (Base TN 16) and Tertiary (Base TN 18) Attribute Rules.

Please feel free to add to this list of skills if there is something missing or skill you would be interested in that is not here. Simply send it to me via email.

Skill List

Acrobatics Dex

Appraise Int

Climb Str

Craft Int

Deception Cha

Diplomacy Cha

Disable Device Int

Disguise Cha

Escape Artist Dex

Fly Dex

Handle Animal Cha

Heal Wis

Intimidate Cha

Knowledge (arcana) Int

Knowledge (Alchemy) Int

Knowledge (dungeoneering) Int

Knowledge (engineering) Int

Knowledge (geography) Int

Knowledge (history) Int

Knowledge (local) Int

Knowledge (nature) Int

Knowledge (nobility) Int

Knowledge (planes) Int

Knowledge (religion) Int

Linguistics Int

Perception Wis

Perform Cha

Profession Wis

Ride Dex1

Spellcraft Int

Sleight of Hand Dex

Stealth Dex

Survival Wis

Swim Dex

Theft Dex

Use Magic Device Cha

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Combat Skill Descriptions:


(Must be chosen at 1st level) Ambidexterity allows the individual to use both hands equally well. This lessens the penalty of fighting with a weapon in each hand by 2 points for the main hand and 2 points for the off hand.

Combat Styles

Single-Weapon Style:

The character wields a weapon in one hand and carries nothing in the other hand. The weapon can be as short as a Dagger or as long as a Bastard Sword or Long Spear.

Dual Wield Style:

The character wields one weapon in each hand. Unless both weapons are Small (S on the Size column on the Weapons chart), the weapon in the character's off-hand must be lighter in weight than his primary weapon. This character can vary from a street-thief wielding two identical daggers, to a fencer using a rapier in one hand and a main-gauche in another, to a heavily-armored warrior with a long sword in one hand and a short sword in the other. Characters choosing this style must accept a penalty of -4 with their main weapon and -6 with their off hand. Being Ambidextrous lessens this penalty by 2 for each bringing it to -2/-4.

Archery Specialist

An Archery Specialist must choose a general type of Missile weapon to specialize in, Bows, Crossbows, Pistol, Long Gun, etc.

Bows: Using the long, short, or composite bow as a special weapon are entitled to a point blank range category. Point blank range is from 6 to 30. The character is + 2 to hit and on damage rolls against targets within this range, and furthermore any successful hit deals out deals out bonus damage equal to the Rangers Dexterity Bonus plus bonuses for strength or magic if applicable. Additionally, a bow specialist who begins the round with arrow nocked, shaft drawn, and target in sight is entitled to loose that arrow prior to any initiative check. Short range for a bow specialist is from 30 up to the lower limit of medium range for that bow. The bowman is + l to hit and damage at short range. Bow specialists may also gain additional attacks at higher levels.

Crossbows: In the hands of a specialist, these weapons have a point blank range of 6 to 60 (this completely overtakes the short range of a light crossbow). The crossbow specialist is + 2 to hit and damage against targets in this range, and receives their Dexterity Bonus as a damage benefit; At short range the crossbowman is + 2 to hit and damage. At medium range the crossbow specialist is + 1 to hit and damage by virtue of specialization. Crossbow specialists also increase in rate of fire with level, and the amount of this increase is dependent on whether a light or heavy crossbow is used. Crossbowmen also gain the aimed shot advantage of bowmen, so that if the crossbow is cocked and aimed and the target is in range, the crossbowman gets a free shot before initiative is rolled.

Armor Skill

Anyone attempting to wear armor they are not skilled in is subject to the following penalties: -2 to all Actions and a movement reduction of 10ft per round.

Armor Proficiency- Light

Is skilled in the use of all non exotic Light armors

Armor Proficiency- Medium

Is skilled in the use of all non exotic Medium armors

Armor Proficiency- Heavy

Is skilled in the use of all non exotic Heavy armors

Shield Proficiency

Character is trained in the use of Shields. Anyone attempting to use a shield that is not skilled in their use reduce the Shields effectiveness by 1 point. Hence a medium shield will only add +1 to Armor Class rather than the normal +2

Exotic Armor Proficiency

The individual is skilled in the use of 1 specific type of Exotic Armor. To take this skill the character must be skilled in the use of the general armor type (i.e. Light, Medium, and or heavy)

Style Specialization: Single Weapon

If the character devotes a weapon Skill to Style Specialization with Single-Weapon Style, he gets a +1 AC bonus and on Initiative rolls when using any one-handed weapon (for which he has Skill) in Single-Weapon Style. He doesn't get the bonus if he carries a shield or weapon in his off-hand.

Style Specialization: Dual Wield

If you devote a weapon Skill slot to style specialization with Dual Wield Style, you get two important benefits. First, your attack penalty drops; before, it was a 2 with your primary weapon and 4 with your secondary, but with Specialization in Dual Wield Style it becomes 0 with your primary weapon and a 2 with your secondary weapon. Second, you're allowed to use weapons of the same length in each hand, so you can, for example, wield two long swords. (Common sense restrictions apply based on character size. Most characters will not be able to wield a Bastard sword in each hand due to the awkwardness of the longer blades without accepting additional penalties..)

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Two-Hander Style:

The character wields a weapon which requires (or at least accommodates) the use of two hands. Such weapons include those which require two hands (Two-Handed Sword, Pole-arms, and Quarterstaff, for instance) and those which can be used one-and two-handed (Bastard Sword and Spear, for example).

Weapon and Shield Style:

The character wields a weapon in his good hand and carries a shield on his off-hand. This combination can vary from a street-bravo's choice of dagger and small buckler to the classic knight's choice of long sword and body shield.

Single Weapon Proficiency:

The Character gains the ability to use a weapon without penalty. This will stack with additional slots to purchase a tight weapons group or even a Broad weapon group.

Broad Group Weapon Proficiency

By spending 3 combat skill slots a character learns how to wield all weapons in any of the following groups of weapons; Blades, Cleaving/Crushing Weapons, Pole Weapons, Small Throwing Weapons, Guns

Weapon Specialization

To specialize in a particular weapon, the character must devote an extra weapon Skill slot to it. When using his special weapon, the character gets a +1 to attack rolls and +2 to damage, and attacks at a higher rate.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency

The character learns the use of a single exotic weapon.

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Post by Wulfgarn »

Tight Group Weapon Proficiency

Axes, Spears, Short Blades, Long Blades, Maces, Flails, Hammers, Medium Blades, Pistols, Long guns, Fencing weapons, Pole-arms, Crossbows, Bows, Lances, Picks, etc.

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Post by Wulfgarn »

I had to pull the tables out of the text and the forum did some very weird stuff with my text.

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Thats an awful lot to digest Marty
Afraid I'll have to pass on this one, although I was looking forward to playing Zexrek, the Verrik. Only able to commit 2 nights now for c&c, Wednesdays (My game and Slimy) and Sunday (Chucks DL and maybe Tree's Ravenloft if its on Sundays).

Need to keep the other nights free for other things like work, my wife, and so on.

Have fun all!!

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LordSeurek wrote:
Thats an awful lot to digest Marty
Afraid I'll have to pass on this one, although I was looking forward to playing Zexrek, the Verrik. Only able to commit 2 nights now for c&c, Wednesdays (My game and Slimy) and Sunday (Chucks DL and maybe Tree's Ravenloft if its on Sundays).

Need to keep the other nights free for other things like work, my wife, and so on.

Have fun all!!


I know the feeling, I play in a bunch of games right now. The only reason I get away with it is because so much of it involves playing with my kids, so my wife is very accepting of it all.

Still, I have been thinking I should cut back, because there are other things that do get put off because of my gaming schedule.
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Oh well then thats ok

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I really put all the effort into the game rules and such with Lord S and treebore in mind.

I intended to run a fast paced game

Freeport triolgy is a great xperience

perhaps I laid out the house rules in to large a hunk. and perhaps in to much detail.

Ill go back over them and cut them back.

the One thing that I was intrested in was the skill system for non Weapon skills.

the way I have it written is that a character earns skill Slots as they gain levels and then able to choose a Skill and once chosen that skill has a Siege Check for Success- A Non-Class Skill is only allowed to add half of thier level to the Siege check.

That system I took from the Pathfinder book put out by Pazio and seems to make better sense than the Skills and options by Gary

Skills and Options do not take into account the Character Level

So - there is no dofference between equally stated characters of differing leves- The rules states specifically that the HD or Level is not considered for the saving throw

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This is the Prototype of the Character sheet for the Freeport game side A

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Cool sheet Martin!!
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Thanks I strayed up all night putting it toigether.... hoping to have the back side done soon

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Page 2

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Ditto on the sheets man.

Verily cool.
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A greyhawk one is in the works

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Here is the updated Sheet 1

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OK looks as if the friday game is a go for hopefully next week.

I am looking to run the freeport as soon as Bran finishes a prettty cool adventure ...


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