Roll Call for Friday 7pm est Game (Time negotable)

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Roll Call for Friday 7pm est Game (Time negotable)

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Hello all

I need to get an Idea of who is playing in the Friday Freeport Game

I am culling my deep desire to over complicate C&C and instead adding more flavor.

I will be posting the general House rules online and setting up a download for the more detailed information

to make things easier I am setting up several Documents in simple PDF to contain all the additions and information from the various sources so as to facilitate ease of play and use.

Some of the Documents will be a work in progres as they contain alot of fluff information that requires copious amounts of typing on my part, so I will revise them as we go and let you all know when a revision has been made.

If you are intrested in Playing (I am going to run the entire Free Port Trilogy and campaign.) please post your Preffered Character Race and Class- I am open to almost any race/class that will fit the campaign (I am very fond of Green Ronin Sources) I am also beefing up the core classes of the game a tad as well as the base races.


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