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AGP Rocks

Post by Frost »

I've recently become a fan of AGP. When I first heard that Mr. Mishler was going to produce new Wilderlands material, I wasn't too taken with the concept. Mainly, I figured I have the NG boxed set and that is a ton of info itself.

However, I've recently taken advantage of his recent sale and color me impressed. The M&T 1 book is excellent. I think James mentioned he won't be printing a M&T 2 and that is a damn shame because it is a great book. In this book and his other material, he seems to be very much in-line with my version of C&C, which seems just a tad crunchier than standard C&C.

XXXI is all kinds of awesome.

Great stuff, James. Keep it up.
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Post by Plaag »

Another convert, slowly but surely others will come around

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Post by jamesmishler »

Glad you liked them Frost! I hope to have some new products out soon... ish...
James Mishler

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