Monstrous Menaces #1: Gharlidh, Grulnosc, and Rocktopus

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Monstrous Menaces #1: Gharlidh, Grulnosc, and Rocktopus

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Adventure Games Publishing presents the first in a series of new monsters for the Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper to populate his dungeons and wilderness. Each installment of the Monstrous Menaces series presents three new monsters for a mere dollar, eminently affordable in todays economy.

The first installment, Monstrous Menaces #1: Gharlidh, Grulnosc, and Rocktopus, presents the Castle Keeper with a 4 HD Monstrous Humanoid, a 6 HD Aberration, and a 1 to 16 HD Magical Beast. Each entry includes complete listings for the monsters description, organization, ecology, treasure, range, and special abilities.

Gharlidhs are a horrific subterranean humanoid race purportedly bred by an evil underground overlord. They feature characteristics of humans, goblins, and orcs, but only vaguely, for most of their five to seven-foot tall body is covered by bony growth from the top of their thick skull to tips of their clawed toes. Their head is misshapen, as they have neither eyes nor nose, and so the skull slopes unnaturally; their ears however are huge, hairy, and pointed. Their mouth is huge, and filled with many sharp fangs.

Grulnoscs look much like a giant snail with an extremely thick, stone-like shell, save that it stands six to eight feet tall at the top of its shell. Upon closer examination, however, the slimy flesh of the creature is revealed to be utterly different in nature from that of normal snails, or any other known living creature, and the shell is of solid rock, latticed with metals and perhaps even gems; the seven eye stalks with very human-like eyes that it projects from its head also indicate to those steeped in animal lore that this is not a natural creature, or even a giant-sized version of such.

At some dark point in the history of the world, oceanic octopi were magically mutated such that they took to life on dry land, albeit preferably in wet subterranean locations, though these creatures can survive quite well aboveground in tropical locations such as rain forests, jungles, swamps, and marshes; anywhere, really, provided there is a large and deep pool of water for spawning. Full-grown rocktopi are nine to 16 feet long (one foot per hit die), with eight long tentacles of many suckers, a large bulbous body, two large eyes, and a razor-sharp beak.
Monstrous Menaces #1: Gharlidh, Grulnosc, and Rocktopus

By James Mishler

AGP06001, 8-page PDF, $1.00 MSRP
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Looks good James, shall have to look the Monstrous Menaces when I get a chance.


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