Monstrous Menaces #3: Akhlat, Oogloog, and Woodwose

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Monstrous Menaces #3: Akhlat, Oogloog, and Woodwose

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Adventure Games Publishing presents the third in a series of new monsters for the Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper to populate his dungeons and wilderness. Each installment of the Monstrous Menaces series presents three new monsters for a mere dollar, eminently affordable in todays economy.

The third installment, Monstrous Menaces #3: Akhlat, Oogloog, and Woodwose, presents the Castle Keeper with a 4 HD Aberration, a 5 HD Ooze, and a 7 to 9 HD Monstrous Humanoid. Each entry includes complete listings for the monsters description, organization, ecology, treasure, range, and special abilities.

An akhlat is a chimerical creature, possessing the head of a man, the feathered body and wings of a vulture, the legs and feet of a monkey, the arms and claws of a tiger, and the tail of an ass. The human head is overly large for the body, and bald; its eyes are black and beady like those of a vulture, its nose is large and long and blackened with warts, and its mouth is filled with tiger-like teeth and the forked tongue of a serpent. Its flesh is as hard as bronze, its teeth and claws like steel, and its breath is noxious like swamp-gas.

Oogloog are giant alien amoeba-like beings with a cruel, inhuman intellect. On a humanoid scale, their Intelligence would be placed in the High to Genius categories; however, their form of sentience is significantly different from that of other organisms.

Oogloog naturally take the form of a giant amoeba-like structure, essentially a bag of slimy acid filled with small globules of foreign materials (i.e. food). They have great control over their shape, however, and can take on the form of a bipedal humanoid, complete with head, two arms, hands, fingers, two legs, feet, and toes. Some possess a most cruel sense of humor, and enjoy preserving various body parts of victims, such as eyes and teeth, and using those to affect possession of such body parts (though having eyes and teeth in this way provides them no extra abilities to see or bite).

Also known as almas, bigfoot, sasquatch, wild men, yeren, or yeti, woodwoses are seven to nine foot tall humanoids covered with thick brown, brownish-red, black, or white fur. The hair covers it everywhere except on the palms of its hands and feet, which are thick and calloused. They look mostly human, with an apish cast to face and build, and with very apish teeth but very human eyes. Woodwoses never wear clothing or jewelry.

Some exhibit elvish blood or human blood, others orcish, ogre, or even hill giant blood, or even a mix of two or three other blood lines; woodwoses are able to breed with all five races, though one in eight of such crossbreeds are sterile, and one in eight of those with other blood go insane upon reaching puberty.
Monstrous Menaces #3: Akhlat, Oogloog, and Woodwose

By James Mishler

AGP06003, 9-page PDF, $1.00 MSRP
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James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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