100 More Calamitous Curses Now Available

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100 More Calamitous Curses Now Available

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100 More Calamitous Curses follows the original 100 Calamitous Curses product with 100 new unusual and interesting curses the Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper can use in his campaign. These can be bestowed upon player characters through mischance and misfortune or used by player character clerics and wizards on hapless non-player enemies. While designed for use with Castles & Crusades, the curses are easily adapted to any fantasy role-playing game system.

Few of these curses are of the immediately deadly sort, save perhaps to 1st level characters; they are all designed to fall within the parameters set by the bestow curse spell, the reverse of the remove curse spell which is useable as a 3rd level clerical spell or 4th level wizard spell.

Examples of curses include:
#16: Curse of the Noxious Noma: The accursed ones face begins to rot away, with all flesh from the ears forward sloughing off horribly over a number of days equal to the accursed ones Charisma. Every other day of the rotting process he gains a penalty of -1 to any Charisma attribute or ability check or saving throw, to a maximum penalty of 1/2 his Charisma rounded up. As the lips and cheeks are very important in proper speech, the accursed one also develops a severe speech impediment. If the accursed one seeks to convey anything complex, or must cast a spell that requires a verbal component, he must make a level-based Intelligence check with a CL equal to the Charisma penalty, or he fails to convey his meaning/the spell fails. Though it is a painful process, unlike real sufferers of noma, the accursed one does not thereafter die; he lives on with his face rotted away.
#30: Curse of Piratical Preoccupation: The accursed one believes himself to be a pirate of the high seas. He speaks only using pirate speak (and now knows it and its intricacies, even if utterly unfamiliar with it before), refuses to do anything else until he is dressed as a pirate and has his equipment stored in a sea chest, seeks out a parrot to wear upon his shoulder and a jug of rum to carry at his belt, and once thusly prepared, makes with all haste to the nearest pirate haven, there to find a ship on which to serve as a pirate. Once upon a pirate ship, he will seem to be the best pirate known to history or legend, able to do feats that others only ever dream (leap from mast to mast, fight sharks bare-handed, etc.). His first goal thereafter is to work the men into frenzy to follow him as their captain, mutiny against the true captain, and then lead the pirate ship into glory, hunting the largest and best-defended prize ship known to sail the seas. Once the pirate ship is engaged in battle with the defenders of the prize, the accursed one forgets everything that happened to him from the moment he became accursed, and in addition, forgets how to swim.
#52: Curse of the Danse Macabre: All creatures the accursed one slays rise 24 hours later as skeletons and zombies; these undead never attack, even to defend themselves, for if destroyed, they simply rise again 1d10 minutes later. They reconstitute even if burned, though if disintegrated, they are destroyed permanently. They dance and pirouette, cavort and sashay, slowly but surely making their way toward the accursed one, and when they arrive at the accursed ones location, they dance continual circle around him, calling out his name with their dead voices. If he flees, they follow, forming a long conga line of death and undeath.
#98: Curse of Riders Ruin: Whenever the accursed one rides a horse, donkey, camel, elephant, or similar mount, or uses such to draw a wagon, cart, or other vehicle in which he rides, upon the accursed one dismounting from the steed or disembarking the vehicle, the creature(s) must make a Physical saving throw or die on the spot.

Rules for removing curses and details for including cursed scrolls in treasure troves are also included.
100 More Calamitous Curses is a 15-page PDF including 100 curses for only $3.00.
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James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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