September AGP Status Report

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September AGP Status Report

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The short of it is that we have been doing what we can to "right-size" the company and our products for the current state of the market and the economy.

We will continue to have full-size products, notably Adventure Games Journal, which, going forward, will be 8.5" x 11" (ideally perfect-bound though maybe saddle-stitched, depending on page count) format with full-color cover. A few other major products will also be of that size.

But most products will be released as 5.5" x 8.5" digest booklets, from 20 to 64 pages, usually with 8 to 10 point font and minimal illustration (i.e., clip art)... and as you can see, we've started this program with a BANG, as we released 11 digest booklets all at once yesterday!
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I have four production folders in my AGP file: Working, On Hold, Completed, and Abandoned.

Currently in the Working folder:

AGP00252 Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands

AGP00502 Adventure Games Journal #2

AGP00600 100 Encounters and Treasures Series

AGP03000 Western Karak Series

AGP07000 Wilderness Hex Series

AGP10000 Dungeon of Dreadful Doom Series

First order of business is to get Fantastic Personalities: Barbarians of the Wilderlands complete.

Second, to complete 100 Encounters & Treasures Level 2.

Third, to complete the following booklets for Karak:
Humans of the Kingdom of Karak
Demihumans of the Kingdom of Karak
Western Karak Map 1: Valley of the Immortals Gazetteer

In between, work on AGJ #2 progresses. I find that working on different products in shifts helps keep the creative juices flowing.

And with the digest booklet format, if I get the hankering to just write up a Wilderlands Village, Castle, Ravaged Ruin, or a dozen Lurid Lairs, I can, and get it published in a weekend and there are some products in the On Hold folder that could be moved to the Working folder for completion, such as the Southern Reaches Gazetteer

So while were still not at full bore, we are definitely building momentum!
James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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