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Fang Dragon 
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Post Fang Dragon
Another magazine conversion from the past. This dragon probably has one of, if not the, most lethal bite of any dragon in print (at least that I have run across).


No. Appearing: 1
Size: Special (see below)
HD: Special (see below)
MV: 40’; 70’ fly
AC: Special (see below)
Attack: Bite (3d6 special), Claw x2 (2d4), Tail Slam (2d8)
Special: Dragon, Rending Bite, Voice Mimicry, Siphon Soul
Saves: P&M
Int: See table
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Type: Dragon
Treasure: See table (hoard)
XP: 1: 31+1 2: 58+2 3: 160+3 4: 320+4 5: 640+5
6: 960+6 7: 1440+7 8: 2050+8 9-11: 5950+11

Age Size HD AC DB SR Int TR
1 2’ 2 18 1 2 14 1
2 4’ 3 19 3 3 15 2
3 7’ 4 20 5 4 16 4
4 10’ 5 22 7 5 18 7
5 14’ 6 24 9 6 20 11
6 19’ 7 26 11 7 21 16
7 24’ 8 29 13 8 22 18
8 30’ 9 33 14 9 23 18x5
9-11 36’ 11 38 15 10 24 18x10

The Fang Dragon is among the rarest of dragons, a fearsome foe that is greedier and more rapacious than its cousins. Fang Dragons have little magical ability but are far sturdier and more vicious in combat. Possessing thick bodies with heavy scales that rise into sharp spurs and a long, forked tail that ends in two scythe-like bony blades, they are perfectly suited for shredding their opponents in close combat. Clumsy and slow fliers, Fang Dragons have perfected the art of using their wings to lunge forward at near blinding speed to pounce on prey up to 90-feet away. Its tail attack can knock over man-sized and smaller victims with a single strike. This hit in this manner need to make a STR check to avoid being knocked up to 20-feet away as well before they crash to the ground.
Fang Dragons are unable to use magical spells but they can use some magic items such as wands and scrolls of any type.

Fang Dragons prefer to lair in rocky regions and roam far from their lairs in search of food, which they carry off to rocky pinnacles or other secluded, defensible positions far from their real lairs. These dragons protect their lairs in their absence by rolling large boulders before the doors. A Fang Dragon is capable of most speech, knowing common, draconic, and up to a half dozen other languages it deems useful to know. Powered Fang Dragon fangs are valued ingredients in the manufacture of several potions and magical weapons.

Voice Mimicry - The Fang Dragon is able to mimic human voices with great effectiveness. Rarely used for trickery, the dragon may use the ability to lure in a victim or victims bearing treasure or magic items that have incited its greed.

Rending Bite - The bite of a Fang Dragon is one of the deadliest among dragon-kind. Victims bitten by a Fang Dragon must make a CHA (death magic) save or suffer the effects of a HARM spell (loss of all but 1d4 hit points) instantly. Worse, these lost hit points may only be recovered by magical healing, the wound will not heal naturally unless the victim is bathed in the heart blood of the dragon that bit them. The victim has a week in which to be healed or the hit point loss becomes permanent without the use of powerful magic such as a wish.

Siphon Soul - If the Fang Dragon is successful in the use of its rending bite against a victim the hit points lost are siphoned away automatically and granted to the dragon as temporary hit points. All further damage done against the dragon from that point on is counted against these temporary hit points before any real damage is done against the dragon itself. These temporary hit points fade within 24-hours should any remain and the dragon still live.

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