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This creates a Hairy Situation 
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Post This creates a Hairy Situation
One of the monsters from my second batch sent over to the KotC. Noone is gonna brush this one off... :P


No. Appearing: 1
Size: M
HD: 3d10
MV: 30’; 30’ climb
AC: 10
Attack: Whip x2 (1d4)
Special: Twilight Vision, Dark Vision 60’, Impale, Absorb, Charm Gaze, Immunity to Weapons (non-magical), Regeneration 2, MR 4
Saves: M
Int: High
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Abberation
Treasure: 3
XP: 130+3

The Hair Demon is not really a demon in the extra-planar sense but more in the monstrous form and man-eating ways sense. It appears as a large mass of hair walking on legs or tendrils made from its tresses with only a quiet swishing betraying its presence. Usually the coloration of the creature is black or dark brown but some have been encountered that lean to a deep blue or purple. Beneath the hair is a large plate-sized eye of glowing cerulean with a black horizontal snake-like pupil. The creature has no actual body, being composed of nothing but hair other than the eye.
The Hair Demon lairs in forgotten ruins, deep caverns, and on occasion wilderness trade roads. It can be found in any climate except the tropics for some reason. The creature will attack with two spear-like appendages in an attempt to impale victims up to 10-feet away and drag them into its mass. Often times it will first charm its victims to reduce resistance to becoming its meal. The belongings of past meals are often found scattered throughout its lair.
The Hair Demon does not communicate nor does it seem to have a mind to read yet it is highly intelligent by evidence of how it conducts ambushes or sets traps within its lair, all made of its hair. Most weapons pass harmless thought it though slashing weapons do seem to be more effective than others.

Impale – If a victim is hit by one of the Demon’s whips they must make a DEX save or be impaled by the hair which will curl around their back and prevent them from pulling off of it. Impaled victims will be dragged back to the main body and absorbed though they are entitled a STR check each round to resist the pull.

Absorb – An impaled victim that fails its STR check to resist being dragged to the main body will be pulled into the formless mass of hair and disappear from sight. Noone knows how the creature consumes its prey but after a few short minutes their gear drops out of the bottom of the hairy mass. Nothing else remains. Absorbed creatures will take 2d10 points of damage per round as the hair filaments literally slice their flesh and bones into molecular sized chunks as if going through a monofilament food processor.

Charm Gaze – The Hair Demon usually keeps its eye covered and hidden. It may expose the eye and attempt to charm creatures within a 30-foot long by 20-feet wide cone in front of it. This charm is treated exactly like a charm person spell and the Demon will encourage those that succumb to walk forward close enough to be engulfed.

Immunity to Weapons (non-magical) – The Hair Demon cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons. Weapons of +1 or better enchantment are needed to inflict damage and even then, only slashing weapons will do more than half damage.

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Post Re: This creates a Hairy Situation
Cousin Itt done got angry.


^ Ignore.

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