Shadow Servant for Amazing Adventures

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Shadow Servant for Amazing Adventures

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While planning a Pulp game I wanted a basic mook. A summoned minion for my dark sorcerer. (inspired by summoned minions from the Dresdenverse).

Shadow Servant
SIZE: Medium
HD: 1d10 (5 hp)
MOVE: 30 ft.
AC: 11
ATTACKS: Touch (1d4) or by weapon.
SPECIAL: Darkvision 60 ft.
SANITY: 1d4/1d6 (no loss for those that know of them)
INT: Low
TYPE: Created, Other planar
XP: 25+3 (bonus xp for weapon carried)
Shadow Servants are magical constructs. They resemble Humans clothed from head to toe.
Every inch of them are covered, Gloves, hats, Mask or cloth across the mouth.
Only the area around the eyes are ever exposed. What of the face is shown is very generic
and looks the exact same on every servant. These beings are called into this world by powerful magics.
As servants and enforcers my powerful and evil Arcanists. They follow the most basic of instructions
from the Arcanists that summon them. They are smart enough to use melee weapons and gun up to
and including pistols and light machine guns.

Combat : Shadow Servants will follow any order to attack a target chosen by its summoner.
Servants are able bodied and can engage in fisticuffs and sword fighting. They have been known
to carry .45s and Tommy guns. When a Servant looses all of its hit points its physical form
is lost and falls into a lump of clothing on the ground. Its solid form is sent back to another realm.
Servant don't fear this transition back to their native form. So they know no fear in loosing their form.
Servants will never take cover or fight defensively. A servant will walk into a hail of bullets without hesitation.
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