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Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:27 pm

seskis281 wrote:1st AA game started tonight... beginning group at level 6 so they start already at a good experience level, using my own "alternate Earth circa 1938," explaining how mentalism and arcanism returned to the world in the late 1800's and early 20th century - most events same until the turn of the century and especially the outcome of World War I....

Dracyian playing a British Arcanist with Historian background, married to one of our 2 Raiders (she uses whip as primary weapon), our other raider Prof. Jonathan Sykes is a cross between Croc Dundee and Indiana Jones with a Winchester, and we have a very young mentalist whose rich Guggenheim father exploited her talents for business for years before she ran away and stumbled into this group. And my wife is playing a Pugilist, and basically has been smashing jaws all night (a "Hoover-boy" called her character "Bruiser" Bertowski an ethnic slur... 3 hits two unconscious G-men later.... and yes, alternate or not J. Edgar always seems to be there....

Some of the world differences - the Nazis are in power but Hitler rose through a coup against the Kaiser - Germany and Austria won World War I, America remained pacifist under Pres. William Jennings Bryan. No prohibition, numerous differences led only to a short recession following the wall street crash of 27, currently the President is Huey P. Long. Alphonse Capone is Mayor of Chicago. Russia is ruled by the Tsarina Anastasia, who ascended and modernized her country after her father's death and her brother's death from anemia. Australia is a "wild west" of former inmates and transportees. Movies have much better special effects because of employment of professional arcanists - Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz made 2 years earlier. Babe Ruth never left the Red Sox and in NY they call the failed deal that almost snagged the Bambino the "Curse of the Yankees." Scotland Yard was the 1st organization to develop use of mentalists for law enforcement, helped solve the Whitechapel murders (turned out to be totally different than any expected - the rare and unlikely female serial killer dispensing Victorian justice on other women).

Got off to great start, really cool flavor and feel to things. Feels really dangerous with firearms and bullets.... luckily Bruiser worked for "Tony the Greek" in NY and knows some back-room surgeons...
Humphrey Wittleburn-Arcanist: A British Historian working for Oxford University in their history department. Studied the occult in college specifically the secret cultures and societies. He became a Cabalist while doing his Grad studies which is where he was introduced to the Arcane.

Victoria Wittleburn-Raider: Married to Humphrey, her Maiden is Smith, being a descendent of none other than John Smith. Native American culture being a large part of her upbringing set her up for being a Raider. She did a few missions for Humphrey collecting arcane artifacts and after two expeditions they had become engaged and married shortly thereafter.

Professor Jonathon Sykes-Raider: Currently working at NYU, studied in Germany working for the university out there as the residential archaeologist and historian. The university and later the German government discovered his natural ability and drive to explore dangerous runes in search of ancient knowledge and relics. Hiring him for quite a few expeditions before he sought asylum in America do the internal coup and rising of the True Reich in Germany.

Emily Guggenheim-Mentalist: An 11 year old high society sheltered young lady. Her talents were discovered at an early age and exploited by her father to gain an upper hand in the cut throat world of business. Starting to realize that she was just a tool for her father to use she collected the important items, some marbles, Mr. Cuddles, a hundred dollars from her father, amongst a few other items in a stolen flapper bag from one of daddy’s girlfriends and ran away

•“Bruiser” Brokowski-Pugilist: His parents are Polish immigrants to New York. Bruiser was raised in the traditional Pole fashion given a good work ethic, good character however as time continued on Bruiser found out he had a knack for brawling and that he enjoyed it. He found himself taking odd jobs here and there as a body guard or roughing people up, very rarely if ever anything past a good old fashion roughing up and was always given the side of the story that it was their fault. Most of his side jobs came from Tony “The Greek.”

Peter Grueber-Gadgeteer: A German Mathematician and physicist. A quiet, reserved person and a college of Professor Sykes from their University days together back in Germany. After the “True Reich” took power Peter Grueber fled to America also taking up residency in an apartment building working as a mechanic on odd jobs here and there.

Vilette Velure-Socialite: She was a late night entertainer in the mid 20’s until a movie producer stumbled across her one night and was completely enticed by the sound of her voice. Noticing that the big shot producer was caught in her allure she focused on him subtlety changing the song to convince him to hire her on. After that, as the say in “show biz” is all history. She became one of the countries most renowned actresses.

EDIT: did some minor editing, correctly spelled Brokowski's name now and some minor formatting

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:40 pm

Sessions told from "Humphrey's" Point of view to follow as they are typed for all to enjoy

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:26 pm

First Session
Part 1 “The Gathering of adventurers”:

“Where to start where to start” Humphrey wonders aloud between puffs on his pipe, “I suppose the beginning of the adventure is as good of a place as any.” With a puff of pipe smoke Humphrey’s eyes lose focus a little bit as he begins to weave the tale of his greatest adventure.

Victoria and I were staying in a New York hotel, the Hilton I do believe summer of ’38. It was one of my trips to America, as one might assume there was still some animosity between the Yanks and the British, mostly on our part since they managed to remain neutral during the war known then as the Great War. While sampling their atrocious tea flavors one rather busy afternoon a few days after my wife, Victoria had decided to invest in that infernal bike of hers a rather brutish fellow by the name Broccoli, Berkowski, Btrowski, no wait it was Bertowski came up to us asking what was then just an odd and peculiar set of questions about “Tony the Greek,” who sold my wife that infernal vehicle, and some job about locating an item of peculiarity. We not having been contacted by Tony yet were none the wiser to anything happening right now. After saying our farewell’s to Bruiser we received a mailing from a rather famous historian and professor by the name of Joseph Kennedy. A very intelligent man, but he had a knack for pursuing studies that weren’t always supported by his peers or superiors. I understand this may not seem like much to you if you work outside the academia field but once you lose the support of your peers or superiors it becomes hard to maintain your job and career, sorry I got sidetracked back on topic here. This mailing we received was written with an urgent tone asking us to “come visit immediately.”

While all of this was going on, an unlikely ally and friend was on his way to the very same apartment for different reasons. Professor Jonathon Sykes, not the first person I would pick to be friends and allies with but he was a stalwart, albeit trying, companion for this adventure of ours. Being a friend to the late Professor Kennedy, Jonathon received a phone call asking him to come to Prof. Kennedy’s apartment quick to discuss a matter of the utmost urgency. I’m lead to believe that Jonathon while on his phone call heard gun shots than that cliché eerie silence after the person whom you were just conversing with has passed on. This next part is a little fuzzy in my memory as I don’t believe Jonathon every gave me the actually story how he came to be in the company of a rather talented eleven year old girl by the name of Emily. Needless to say Jonathon and Emily had beat us to Professor Kennedy’s apartment.

As for our travels there, they weren’t without hiccup or complication either. As we left in a hurry, in my daft understanding of American culture at the time and over trusting and the conversation between Victoria and I we managed to not notice Bruiser following along behind us curious, and he not noticing the “Hoover-boys” trailing him, or so he calls them that. Anyways Victoria and I reached the apartment with minor incident, after that is when everything began to fall apart around us. Victoria and I split up shortly after entering in the apartment building as she had finally noticed Bruiser tailing us while I headed upstairs to where I was guessing Prof Kennedy’s apartment was and boy was I in for a surprise. Victoria had left the building to go talk to bruiser and offer him a side job of bodyguard while we were in the States; I had a feeling we were going to need some old fashion muscle around. Before Victoria could reach Bruiser, he had already quickly disposed of the two men following him. While Victoria and Bruiser were discussing the terms of his new side job I had reached the second floor and was on my way to visit Professor Kennedy when I had heard the distinct click of a gun. Having accompanied Victoria on raids and jobs I was not new to dealing with sticky situations so I quickly incanted a spell, I guess you would call it bulletproof if you had to name it, and just in time too for Professor Sykes had released a volley of shots in my direction. At this moment in time like so many upcoming encounters in our adventure things continued to deteriorate, with the arrival of Victoria intermixed with the now stand off situation. After trading a few words with Professor Sykes informing him why we were also there and that we had nothing to do with his murder he came out enough to take the mailing we received and give it a quick read through and invited us in. It was at about this point that Bruiser came in to join us.

Intermixed with the talking and investigating of the apartment and dead body the five of us adults failed to notice the visitors that were on their way. Luckily enough for us Emily was there with us, because she had warned us of the incoming intrusion cutting our investigation short. In the need for a quick escape we had dashed for the fire escape, Emily and I taking a floating disc down had really upset bruiser and seemed to set Professor Sykes off, there was some definite malcontent between the two of us. After we made it down the fire escape and were back on our way north we all discussed where to head next, having made our decision to head to his office up at NYU. Jonathon was kind enough to lead us there as Victoria and I were still getting used to navigating New York and Emily was but a little girl. With Emily’s hand in mine we began strolling down the road, no one else seemingly taking the spot of parental role for Emily I just kind of picked up on it.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:27 pm

(This is Mona - I'm just using John's account) In my best Bruiser voice; a deep, vibrating bass,
"It's Brokowski."

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:45 am

This type of thing tickles me pink. I love seeing how other people are using the game, and love hearing that campaigns are up and running and going well!!!

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:54 pm

The Grey Elf wrote:This type of thing tickles me pink. I love seeing how other people are using the game, and love hearing that campaigns are up and running and going well!!!

Seskis had originally planned this just to be a short game a few sessions but everyone is enjoying the change of atmosphere this game brings about and we are looking at moving from a few sessions to a mini campaign.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:06 pm

Session 1
Part 2 “Showdown and Retreat”

What a sight we must have been, the troop of us walking down the streets of New York, I’m sure it isn’t really out of the ordinary for the big apple. Just imagine it; a bald big moustache man you would expect out of the circus’ strongest man, a proper British gentleman walking hand in hand with a high society well behaved 11 year old girl, two adventures one wearing relaxed clothing with a pistol strapped to his side and hat with a bullet band around the top talking to a gorgeous woman in almost all leather with her bull whip attached to her hip strolling into NYU. That is where our problems began again. Professor Jonathon seems to have a bit a reputation about his person. Lets see I just saw previews for a new movie coming out I think its called “Indiana Jones and the Covenant Ark” anyways it appears that they model Indiana Jones’s character off of Jonathon’s.

Ah sorry for the digression there back on topic, upon entering the faculty building we were stopped by the secretary who wouldn’t let Jonathon’s quick and almost sneaky conversational escape routes work. However another opportunity presented itself to us to continue the beginning stages of this journey forward as we were introducing ourselves, our Bruiser seemed to be of the upmost interest of the secretary’s star struck eyes and ever loudly beating heart. With a few wonderfully executed sidesteps Jonathon had maneuvered the conversation to a date between Bruiser and our secretary. Which I heard started off well enough but ended in slight disaster. The next we saw of bruiser he was a little worse for the wear and the secretary was resting limply in his arms, apparently having been tranquilized. We however were no better off when bruiser found us walking in and side stepping the littered hallway.

After Bruiser had left our company shouldering the burden of distracting the secretary we proceeded onto office of the now late esteemed Professor Joseph Kennedy. As were looking through Professor Kennedy’s office we were having trouble locating the source of all the commotion, intrigue and otherwise incredibly odd circumstances. Of course considering that all we had to go on was some very vague information that we weren’t sharing with each other yet; Bruiser was hired by me through Victoria to accompany us through the rest of our stay in America, having this hunch that were was going to be a need to keep him around, and oh was I right, which was in truth sparked by Bruiser himself coming to us asking if we knew anything about a job from the late “Tony the Greek,” and Jonathon Sykes who had received a phone call and heard Joseph’s murder.

If one spends enough time looking in one place though you are bound to find something peculiar or odd even if it is just in your head. So in the true manner of foreshadowing we did find something peculiar, a set of letters between Professor Kennedy and colleague from, if I remember right Germany, discussing a historical item of seemingly high intrinsic worth. However our investigation and search turned up no such item, as we were beginning to give up once again the brilliant young Emily came to our rescue. Asking me to come over and help her with something I listened to her instructions, I had an odd feeling about her from before. I mean how does an 11 year old girl know something before two adventurers and a studier of the arcane itself and a professional brawler? I had the inkling that she had more talent and abilities that she was letting on to right then and there. Anyways I keep digressing; this is becoming a bad habit of mine. I walked over to the desk and did exactly as she asked, much to Jonathon’s confusion, having assumed that she is just an annoying 11 year old brat, I pulled the drawer all the way out. Jonathon not wanting to be left out of anything, he has this annoying habit to insert himself into every situation he can, I personally think it comes a inferiority complex of being outdone by a “Pompous British Bastard.” Emily instructs him to reach all the way back and sure enough Emily comes to the rescue as Jonathon pulls out a key and piece of paper. The piece of paper seemed to have a meeting time and date scratched on it, not having enough information for us to make a clear guess at the what, the who or the where we just filed that away in a pack in case some further information came to light.

The Key was the real treasure of the find however, Jonathon Identified it as a key to a locker in Grand Central station and right as we were deciding on the obvious next course of action we were once again rudely interrupted by some military looking folks. The leader appeared to be the one with the Tommy gun asking to speak with us in English however it was spoken with a heavy accent. Having a bad feeling about this Emily decided it was best if he went to sleep, however that did not go over well with his comrades and we seemed to be in a stand off in the faculty hallway of NYU, and without our muscle on top of that. Victoria my wife really shined this battle taking her bullwhip out she led the charge with cracking it across one the men’s face quite inspirational to us and mildly terrifying to them. Jonathon was no pushover either having dispatched one with his Winchester. I myself wasn’t much help this fight just knocked someone unconscious and disabling another’s pistol. Within a few moments most of the damage seemed to be done and we were we left with one running away another unconscious and the rest dead. I feel the most pity for the one attempting to run away because my wife, love her to death, takes no pity on those who are hostile to me, with a few steps and rapid crack of her whip she proceed to wrap it around the deserter’s neck and pop his head, it was quite a spectacle for the faculty still present during the off time. It was about this time Bruiser came back having deposited the secretary with another faculty member informing us he had dispatched men outside also.

Having sustained injuries including bullet wounds to Jonathon we decided the next course of action was to receive medical care. Not wanting to check into any hotels we took Bruiser’s advice and sought a back alley surgeon who actually patched us up better than would have expected do to the nature of his employment and clientele. With that we proceeded to Grand Central station to investigate the locker. Jonathon and Bruiser went to investigate the locker while Emily, Victoria and I stayed back to help keep suspicion down to a minimum, we did stumble upon a rather humorous event. We got to witness the infamous movie direction John Dillinger have a slight mix-up with the law and an argument ensued, at a rather particular moment drawing almost everyone’s attention as Jonathon and Bruiser joined back up with us and we began sketching up the next step in our journey. It was getting to be around dinner time and we had no pressing leads or any new information. We needed to do some research and lick our wounds.

We ended up at a new hotel having had the authorities already track Victoria and I to our last hotel. We roomed together in a suit with Emily and Bruiser in the adjourning room and Jonathon not hearing any of it or even let the collected funds from our last encounter help cover it, took a room down the hall away from ours. As we collected ourselves we went to relax the night in our rooms, Victoria and I were enjoying each other’s company while Emily was just excited to be out on her own and Bruiser was trying to figure what he should do next. Jonathon spent the night researching the book he found in the locker.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:54 pm

Session 2
Part 1: “New Friends”

As I am sure you are wondering why I have rambled on so long and not mentioned the most famous actress Vilete Velure or Peter Grueber. Well you see that is coming up next. As morning broke we all met downstairs in the restaurant for a light breakfast and to decide our next course of action. Vilete was in the bar when we came back down having attracted some unwanted company. Bruiser seemed to either recognize the unwanted company or just the type of tosser that would push his unwanted company upon a fair young lady with out the single thought that he isn’t Cary Grant. After a slight intimidation exchange Vilete brought our party’s count up one more and took some of the burden of babysitting Emily from my shoulders sensing another member of high society. Peter Grueber, an old colleague of Jonathon’s was also in the bar that morning and the two of them discussed some matters, in German of course so the rest of us would have no idea what was going on. Peter decided to join our merry band of adventures raising our count up by one more to a grand total of 7 adventurers pm a quest to figure what Pandora’s box is and stop who ever is after it, because chances they are not nice, polite proper gentlemen.

With the party awake and fed breakfast we all joined Peter and returned to his apartment to discuss our next course of action. After getting to Peter’s apartment locking and closing the door Jonathon shared his findings out about the “mystical locker book.” Jonathon revealed it out to be a codex detailing the possible location for a mystical object as best as he could tell known as Pandora’s Box. Shortly after this information was revealed to us by the esteemed Professor Sykes, Peter received a knock on his door. Walking over to answer it he was greeted by two black suits. After some words were had outside he invited them in and they asked us to travel to Egypt to handle this. Unfortunately Jonathon handled all the arrangements and at that time all I had received from his bargaining was a plane ticket while I believe Jonathon walked away with three hundred plus dollars, greedy Germans, never satisfied if they would just enjoy what they have the world would be a much brighter and cheery place. After it was decided to continue down the obvious path of travelling to Egypt, especially since we were now receiving assistance and Jonathon was receiving monetary compensation for his efforts, which now made him a bit of a team pusher, we went travelling to gather supplies and prepare for the journey.

Vilete took the darling Emily out shopping getting her, too quote Emily “ADVENTURE CLOTHES!!!!!” Vilete returned after she had acquired some nice desert wear and taking in a luxury meal with Emily. Victoria and I did our own shopping, restocking my medical bag and getting a change of clothes for each of us more suited for the desert exploration. Bruiser and Jonathon returned to their apartments to get their living arrangements for the extended absence in order and to pack up anything else required. To be honest not sure if Peter ever left his apartment before we all met to board the plane to Egypt.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:05 pm

Posting so you know I'm totally reading this :)

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:47 pm

The Grey Elf wrote:Posting so you know I'm totally reading this :)

I am glad, I hope you and the other readers are enjoying these recaps from Humphrey's veiw as much as I enjoy writing them.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:47 pm

Session 2
Part two “An odd ride followed by a night in Lisbon”

We all boarded the airplane heading for Egypt via Lisbon, Portugal and were on our way on our next job, quest, adventure, or field study each person’s story and reasoning differing from the next. It was a relatively quiet plane ride with no hiccups or problems till we neared Lisbon, at least as far as the adults are concerned. Jonathon enjoyed his beer and Peter’s company, Victoria and I chatted about the upcoming adventure, Vilete was spending time with Emily instructing her in the finer arts of being an adult woman, Bruiser was just doing his best to remain relaxed and healthy on the flight. While we were up in the air like any good child Emily had to use the restroom which was no problem. However Emily later revealed to me that there were twins on the plane with the same gift she has. The plane landed in Iceland where the two little girls and a very scared and strict mother got off, the two little girls grew up to big great conservationists for Iceland if I remember right.

After another hour or so back in the air our plane set down in Lisbon to refuel and do preventative maintenance. The rest of the flight was uneventful, a little turbulence and some droll conversation from the other passengers and not soon enough we were in Lisbon for the night. After getting the rooms for the night Victoria and I retired for the evening, there was, let’s say some catching up, to do that evening. We never heard any of the commotion during the night but got to experience it the day after. Upon waking up and walking down to the bar and pub for breakfast we were confronting by officers of the Portugal police. It seems that there were quite a few men who fell onto bullets the night before.

After talking with Peter and Jonathon it seems there were members of exodus after us since we have the codex. There was an altercation in the courtyard of the bar/inn that we were staying at. I was told by Jonathon and Peter that it was a short run in with people who attacked them for no reason and they were just defending themselves. However the detective seemed to be alright with the assumption that they just fell on the bullets, I am thinking that Emily might have had something to do with that. But whatever the cause we were left to our own devices and not under police authority.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:37 pm

Dracyian is capturing the flavor and narrative of our game quite nicely here - though not even he can capture the way in which our fellow player, playing the 11-year old, recapped an entire session in a breathless 30-second whirlwind of pre-adolescent descriptiveness - I gave experience points just for that....

By the way Jordan - give Humphrey 500 xp his journaling in such good form here :D

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:50 pm

Dracyian wrote:
Session 2 Part two “An odd ride followed by a night in Lisbon”

. It seems that there were quite a few men who fell onto bullets the night before.

After talking with Peter and Jonathon it seems there were members of exodus after us since we have the codex. There was an altercation in the courtyard of the bar/inn that we were staying at. I was told by Jonathon and Peter that it was a short run in with people who attacked them for no reason and they were just defending themselves. However the detective seemed to be alright with the assumption that they just fell on the bullets, I am thinking that Emily might have had something to do with that. But whatever the cause we were left to our own devices and not under police authority.

That is great! I love the story of the adventure so far, but that is icing on the cake!!!!

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:04 pm

Session 3
Part 1 “A split party and a humble “Padre’s” request”

A few of us didn’t fair the night as well as the rest of the party. It seemed that the after-altercation celebrations claimed a few victims with a sickness. When I made it downstairs it seemed that Jonathon, Peter and Vilete had celebrated too hard and weren’t up yet, which was well enough because that morning a courier came to the inn to leave us a letter informing us of an extension on the delay due to continuing maintenance citing the new delay being anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

After sorting through the letter, sending the cop off and sitting down to eat our breakfast the bar tender approached us with an inquiry. Between our party had quickly dispatching whatever thugs they were last night, the $10 good faith payment Bruiser made to the bartender and Emily navigating the detectives emotions to enable us a clean escape route he saw potential. He asked if we could help investigate special activities going around, he had received a request from a third party. After a quick discussion noting that we have nothing better to do and money is always helpful on a journey, especially one of this magnitude. The bartender told us that our visitor would be showing up shortly and took our breakfast orders.

Shortly after finishing a rather pleasant breakfast we were joined by a father from a neighboring town’s monastery. He described to us the rather unpleasant predicament he was in. Having the oldest monastery in Portugal, it wasn’t originally built as a monastery but converted into a monastery from what he believes to be a pagan place of worship. This wasn’t of much concern or cause for alarm for a while till there was a notable side effects from staying at the monastery. There was said to be noises and shrieks heard at night. This did drive away the weaker novitiates but they managed to keep some and although always were on or near the bottom of the rankings for novitiate turn out they weren’t dying off or leaving the monastery understaffed, well that was until recently. The father informed us that two of their novitiates suffered rather gruesome deaths; it seems they were turned inside out and with no other wounds visible that would cause death it seems to me at least a poor way to go. The father then offered us our payment a ruby ring for Emily and a gold ingot for each of us, and any non-religious relics I could keep.

After accepting his offer he told us he managed to evacuate the monastery under the pretense of a rodent extermination required, with us being the lucky exterminators. After a bumpy ride in the back of pick-up car, we gave Emily the front seat as she is a young delicate child we arrived at the monastery a little bit after noon. It is a beautiful building in that dark and imposing way. The building was made of stone with small window slits high on the walls to let sun through. The front When you walked inside the window slits were all covered with beautiful stained glass, but not all of the windows depicted Christian themes, not the standard ones at least. There was also light coming in from ceiling slits where it was possible. This is one of those buildings so old that they had to attach the three or four water pipes to the outside wall of the building to get them to the second floor.

The father gave us a skeleton key, a front door key and final instructions. In his Spanish accent, he spoke English well, he gave us the rest of what we needed to know; the pathway to the Catacombs were enterable by the Knights Templar crest on the chapel floor, the upper catacombs were still being maintained by the brothers at the monastery so we are asked to respect them and he will be staying at a local inn. Wishing us the best of luck he departed in his car as we went into the church. Opening the door to the monastery took our breath away, the chapel was quite a work of art, and there was extensive care, it seemed, to convert what left over décor to a Christian theme while everything else was replaced but the art was done in the same style.

The Chapel held the required Catholic relic in the altar but hanging above the altar in beautiful gilded cages were two more impressive relics the father had said the monastery owned. Hanging to left of the altar was the first silver crucifix crafted in ancient Rome, if you believed the stories, whether or not it was from Rome, the relic emanated a very powerful aura shadowing everything else in the room with the one exception of the relic hanging to the right of the alter, in the cage I was informed there was a relic from the Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the founding members of the Knights Templar, this was turning into a very interesting and enlightening journey already.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:19 pm

seskis281 wrote:Dracyian is capturing the flavor and narrative of our game quite nicely here - though not even he can capture the way in which our fellow player, playing the 11-year old, recapped an entire session in a breathless 30-second whirlwind of pre-adolescent descriptiveness - I gave experience points just for that....

By the way Jordan - give Humphrey 500 xp his journaling in such good form here :D

Suggestion: also hand out Fate Points as rewards for this stuff--they can be far more valuable in an immediate sense than 500 xp!

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:22 pm

The Grey Elf wrote:
seskis281 wrote:Dracyian is capturing the flavor and narrative of our game quite nicely here - though not even he can capture the way in which our fellow player, playing the 11-year old, recapped an entire session in a breathless 30-second whirlwind of pre-adolescent descriptiveness - I gave experience points just for that....

By the way Jordan - give Humphrey 500 xp his journaling in such good form here :D

Suggestion: also hand out Fate Points as rewards for this stuff--they can be far more valuable in an immediate sense than 500 xp!

We were recently reqarded those too for an epic altercation in our adventure actually

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:36 pm

Journal Errata
To my readers and listeners I do apologize, it seems I made a mistake earlier. I had, with no idea where the idea came from, had completely mistook the twins for someone else. It seems the twins had move back to the US where the mother had taken up a winter job with another fellow at the Overlook hotel in Colorado. Unfortunately there isn’t much information on about the details however it’s my understanding that there was a horrific accident that took place the winter they stayed there. Emily doesn’t like the hotel; I don’t think the hotel is all it seems to be. As I am lead to believe, when the sheriffs department finally made it up there for a routine check up they discovered everyone dead. The hotel is said to be haunted now.

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:53 pm

Dracyian wrote:Journal Errata
To my readers and listeners I do apologize, it seems I made a mistake earlier. I had, with no idea where the idea came from, had completely mistook the twins for someone else. It seems the twins had move back to the US where the mother had taken up a winter job with another fellow at the Overlook hotel in Colorado. Unfortunately there isn’t much information on about the details however it’s my understanding that there was a horrific accident that took place the winter they stayed there. Emily doesn’t like the hotel; I don’t think the hotel is all it seems to be. As I am lead to believe, when the sheriffs department finally made it up there for a routine check up they discovered everyone dead. The hotel is said to be haunted now.

:shock: :D

I love it !!!!!

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:52 pm

Sorry about the delay for the next entry about our delves into the monastery underground, its coming along its just a bigger entry, I'm working on the final altercation right now

Re: Alternate Earth, Circa 1938

Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:04 pm

Session 3
Part 2 “Down to the Tree of Life?”

So where did I leave off last time? Ah yes we had just made inside that beautifully creepy chapel. I apologize I have a hard time with the rest of this memory. Ok so let’s get back on track on here.

After a quick and awe inspired look at the altar we decided to get started with this nasty business before the setting of the sun. Locating the center crest of the chapel floor we were concerned at first because it wasn’t your typical Knights templar crest, it was almost as if it was mixed with druidic like religion, you know something you would expect if the Knights Templar were part of Stonehenge. With some of the strength he is named for Bruiser unlocked and moved the center crest from the floor revealing the descent into the catacombs. I don’t know if it was the pagans or the Catholics that hid the passage down there so well but I was thoroughly impressed. I waited for everyone else to make their way down the stone carved ladder, even offering to help Emily down but she was feeling independent, so she fell into the arms of Victoria, even though she won’t admit it I think she was starting to feel a bit like she would make a great mother. In order to do justice to work done in the chapel and the underground passage I decided to descend with flair, stepping onto a floating disc with pipe in hand smoking I descended into the upper levels of the catacombs.

Walking down the first tunnel the others lighting their candle torches, I, of course, just illuminated from the top of my cane as we proceeded to help us see. The first room we reached was just a simple burial chamber. Nothing special but I decided to take a look anyways having seen the intricate work done at the upper levels. Of course as luck would have curiosity killed the cat and has made attempts on my life too, this being one of those attempts. This time it may not have been the actual threat to my life physically but when you are a history fanatic especially concerning the occult and secret organizations the chance to observe the burial caskets of the Knights Templar demands your full attention and I never noticed the rat that attacked me till it was in face, Luckily enough for me it startled me backwards enough that I barely managed by nothing more than sheer luck to be missed by the attack. I would never say I dodged or escaped the attack because I have learned to never take credit for what Lady Luck has given to you because her sister Karma will exact revenge on her behalf.

Thankfully Bruiser was there to help out; between the two of us it was quick work to deal with the ROUTs. After all the journeys we had already been through, its hard for us to remember that Emily is still just an eleven year old girl, she has been nothing but an asset to the team and I would never trade her for the world however it was in that moment that we reminded that she is just a child as she climbed up on the closest tomb and proceeded to produce a glass shattering, ear splitting scream. Also in case you ever need to exact revenge on my “hardened’ raider of wife, just bring in a rubber rat, she will absolutely lose it, so you can imagine how much help she was during this little escapade of ours.

After we successfully handled the ROUTs we continued on down the catacombs on our adventure to make sure Emily got her pretty ring, which was about the only way to keep her going, she is after all just a young lady. Anyways back to the adventure, we walked down the path only to come to three branching paths with interesting depictions on them. Not having any idea which direction we should proceed, I leaned down to Emily and asked her which way felt the scariest. Watching her intently as she “felt around” I noticed that she all of sudden had a slight break in her concentration face she makes. As she came out of her “trance” she informed us pointing to the left that way was the scariest. There was something down there she just didn’t like or trust. Whatever was down that way was communicating with her, telling her to leave or suffer death. So naturally we proceeded that direction.

After a short walk down the tunnel it curved off and then turned into stairs that led down into a pool of water, then about 30 feet or so away led back out of the water and up to somewhere new and unknown. Getting down the last dry stair Victoria did a bit of field research finding that the stairs went down into the water another few steps we were deciding on how to go about this when a slithering sound showed up. Three snakes, fairly sized ones at that too were in the water slithering around, in our general direction. We figured wading through the water wasn’t going to be a good option so I casted up floating disc and Victoria, as brave as she is, offered to go across first. Bruiser anticipating trouble pulled his battle axe off of his back. Rightfully so too I might add because about halfway across the water Victoria was attacked by a snake snapping at her legs, and actually connecting. Lady Luck must have been fond of me that night for once again she chose to bless me and we managed to get Victoria over to the side and kept her out of the water while we started dealing with the two snakes that decided to come and play with us.

Bruiser stepping up to the front with ax makes one hell of a front line, that man makes a better tank than a British Mark V all by himself. Seeing two snakes heading my direction still in the water and the third by Victoria close to water, not really sure if it was in because this next part hurt and cost me slightly. As I raised my cane to act as a fancy rod for expelling my lighting bolt spell I saw the snake move closer to Victoria and in doing so lost all my concentration and fizzled the spell, and if you haven’t ever fizzled a spell before it gives you a screaming head ache and hurts something fierce. I’m definitely glad we had Bruiser there; he did an excellent job stopping me from being snake food, and Emily was such a brilliant young lass. Between the two of them they managed to handle to the two snakes on our side while I lent whatever aid I could to Victoria. It wasn’t long till Emily joined in helping Victoria out with me. She was getting very clever with her telekinetic powers; and apparently found delight in throwing the snakes around.

Having dealt with the snakes we made it across and up the stairs to a gorgeous curial chamber with four old Templars buried there and sealed wall on all other sides of the chamber. Looking around the only distinct feature we found were the sconces above each of the late Templars. Between Bruiser and my wife Victoria they were able to unlock the secret of the room and continue moving us forward in the Father’s request. It seems that there was a secret order to pulling the sconces, I wasn’t paying the most attention, Emily and I were busy talking, I worry about her a lot, and this was a bit of a scary adventure for her. I think they pulled the sconces oldest to youngest buried Templar which then opened the back wall so we could continue down.

As we started to leave the room the ever present voice in Emily’s head made another round of vile threats of death unto her if she would turn back. Taking Emily’s hand we continued down the path. The path opened up to an underground cave. This part of the catacombs were beginning to feel more like natural occurring underground spaces than man made ones. The room opened up with a river cutting it into two separate areas with only a bridge to cross the evil fish infested water. Those little suckers were not very nice, not the biggest fish but they looked like they had rows of sharp nasty teeth in their mouth. , which as we learned later are very good at chewing flesh. The only other decoration in the room was a bowl on a pedestal. The bridge looked sturdy enough but we were all put off slightly. Figuring that it was there for a reason Bruiser and Victoria crossed first one after the other, each putting a few drops of blood from their hand into the bowl. With the two of them having had no problem crossing the bridge I picked up Emily on my back cut a swath through my hand hoping to sacrifice enough blood for both of us to pass and approached the bridge. Nothing happened at first so I put a tentative foot on there, sensing the bridge still there put the foot down and took a second step. That’s when everything started falling apart for the two of us, and when I say everything what I really mean is the bridge holding us up above a stream of way to excited sharp fanged little beasty fish. Being that Lady Luck was still with me, she rescued me a third time this journey, she apparently draws her line at three. With that we made it back to the bowl safely and I donated more blood to it and Emily donated her share. Hand in hand we crossed the bridge with no problems to see a path leading down a bit further. All of a sudden we noticed some unusual sounds, some groans and shuffling. Looking down the path we had apparently found where the novitiates that had disappeared went to. The now dead novitiates were walking the earth again and it seemed they walked with our doom in mind, suggesting that zombies still have minds, this is still up for debate, just go find a zombologist, I’m sure they have an opinion.

Now to recap there is a tunnel leading down about two men abreast wide, a river filled with nasty little chomping fish and a single bridge to cross it and roughly ten zombies shambling towards us. This doesn’t seem too bad as Bruiser puts on his brass knuckles getting ready to deal with the zombies the old fashion way and Victoria looses her whip from her belt. Emily begins digging around a pouch the father had given her, seeming to contain four communion wafers and a bottle of holy water. Throwing a communion wafer to the zombies at Victoria’s request Emily in conjunction with Bruiser heading down to head the zombies off started this final altercation.

Bruiser and Victoria bottle necking the zombies and Emily attempting to use the items from the father’s gift in an offensive manner is how this fight began, not the most glorious, but our crew was never was the adventurers from the pages of the epics, but we always got the job done, and made it back. It was however about this time we heard a distant wailing as Lady Luck had finally pulled her support from me personally. Seeing this new threat and not being able to handle the zombies as Victoria and Bruiser were carving a path through them effectively while protecting us, I did what any awesome, and mildly unintelligent wizard from the tales would do, I blasted the flying spirit thing with a Arcane blast arcing it above the heads of my compatriots expertly tearing into the spirit. This however did not defeat the vile beast but just brought me to forefront of its attention and aggression. What follows is not pleasant for me to retell to you. As the spirit came up soaring above everyone else’s head it attacked and torn into, leaving not a scratch on my body. However I felt a very odd and disconcerting feeling, it felt as if I stepped out of time for just a moment and I watched what felt like three decades of my life wisp away thanks to the creature. I wasn’t very happy. Emily seeing this pulled out the holy water and proceeded to sprinkle the spirit with as a test and hearing it sizzle on the spirit begun preparing to throw all of it on the spirit. Bruiser and Victoria were over halfway done with the zombie infestation when the second wave of attacks was launched. Emily launched her holy water into the spirit sizzling away more of it, the spirit luckily missed its follow up attack and was shortly after torn asunder by a very angry, slightly older Humphrey using my Lightning blast at close range. Victoria and Bruiser finished up the zombies with a bit of help from Emily. Now there is a river of nasty teethy zombie fish as Emily tossed a zombie in there spreading its disease through the river, at a startling rate.

With that part done and now behind us we took a breather and started walking down to the path to see where all this evil came from. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel we came to an old underground grove with what appeared to be a petrified tree with a person petrified attached to the tree, kind of odd if you ask me. We discovered a chest with a sealed smoke gray colored bottle, five gems, an onyx, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and I think opal, and a wonderful chalice. Taking these relics we started making our way back, leaving the area burnt to a crisp. The journey to this point had taken a lot out of us.

We made it back up and out of the monastery and got a hold of the Father to let him know the monastery should be safe again. We gave him a quick overview of the journey and he paid us the agreed upon items and one additional item. It seemed the chalice had some extra properties so I requested one more vial of holy water. With that all taken care we were returned to the Inn where we found out the plane will be all set to fly out the following morning. We decided to test the chalice out in the bar; it seemed to be a chalice honoring the mother Gaia so we had hope for something good to come from it. Bruiser took the first sip out of it, using regular water and all the damages he had suffered were restored. Seeing this Victoria took the chalice next we put the holy water in it and fed me a sip. I could feel the parts and pieces of what was taken from me start to return but it lasted a few moments and didn’t return all that was lost. Victoria took a sip herself to heal her bodily damages. Looking in the mirror my hair had developed some distinguished grey stripes in it from the temples, Victoria seemed to be enjoying the older look, and I secretly think she enjoys the company of older men.

With all that said and done we enjoyed a leisurely meal and retired for the night so we were awake enough for the flight out of Lisbon continuing on to Egypt.

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Ok I have been slacking, I am sorry guys just been busy, I don't want to to burn out, This is still on the plate, sounds like an adventure or two more and we will be finishing, I can't wait to write up some of the more spectacular events, the Modifications to Humphrey's British Town House, and stories of kitties

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Awesome. I was just going to post that it's been awfully quiet around here. We need to get some discussion rocking!

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Ok here we are, I will be posting the session 4 write up in a bit. I didn't split this one up as we had spent a lot of time with the battles and stuff that didn't directly affect Humphrey that It wasn't terribly long. I do want to give you all a general update concerning the game itself. We had managed to finish the campaign and probably wont be playing another AA campaign for some time, I wouldn't be surprised if I find myself either running a small campaign on the side with friends or if my main gaming group decides to take a break during our next big campaign to play a single session or something of AA. The ending is sort of tragic, at least for me, I just hope that it doesn't feel rushed when I finally type it all up. Now with all that said there will be some serious foreshadowing of the wondrous Epilogue that Seskis gave us to wrap up Alt Earth for our characters and I ask that everyone remains open minded and just enjoys the story :D

So with no further wait Session 4 is to follow.

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Session 4
“Egyptian Hotels”

The flight from Lisbon to Cairo wasn’t bad at all unless you were named Victoria or Jonathon. Who both managed to catch a bug on the flight over, I think it may have been the food they ate but no saying for sure. All I know is that when we finally landed both were sicker than dogs. After landing Peter managed to secure us two cabs and we made it to Hotel Cairo where we were planning on staying for the duration of this leg of the adventure. You like that foreshadowing I used right there? We got our rooms and started getting settled in. Once again we were scattered across the hotel, we really aren’t the fastest of learners when it comes to certain lessons, and there is still some animosity between us every now and again. We don’t always play well with each other. While I was getting Victoria situated, who was busy puking her intestines out, I heard a huge crackling sound from outside.

Nothing in this quest we undertook on Jonathon’s behalf really went according to plan so grabbing my cane; I lock the door to our room and started to head outside. Clearing the stairs and hitting the lobby to make it out of the hotel I was passed by Bruiser on his way out too, and let me tell you that man can haul when he is in a hurry. I get outside to see Bruiser starting to deal with men surrounding a black car trying to leave. It is about this time that Emily and Vilete decide to help us out with this. Emily managed to tip the car over while Vilete managed to capture their attention. With the arrival of Peter onto the scene it was only a manner of time before we recaptured the book, which seemed to start all of this and dispose of the men and the thugs on the street too. Regrouping inside the hotel we decide it would be best to head to a new hotel. Not bothering to check out or leave through the lobby we head down to the Hotel Luxor. Vilete and by proxy Emily, in her emulation, decided there was a need for the “crème de le crème” of hotel rooms renting out the entire top floor of the hotel and getting the four room penthouse suite.

In latter conversation with Bruiser I found out that he had been gassed and the codex had been taken from the room. That is what caused the whole ruckus and required the hotel switch, which is probably for the best, we had made the mistake to get separate rooms do to spite amongst the team and what was deemed necessary and what was deemed too luxurious.

In our foray earlier Peter had managed to snag a map with a few places marked off of one of the men who were, best guess, Nazi soldiers. Doing reconnaissance around the city we found out that one of the places marked on the map belonged to the Black Asps, which was supposed to be a fairly well organized crime syndicate. Peter is one minded about a lot of things and once his mind is made up, it is damn near impossible to divert it let alone change it. So with Peter leading the charge we ended up going to investigate the warehouse belonging to the Black Asps. Peter secured us a taxi which was kind enough, for a generous fee, drop us off and wait about a half kilometer away, a little less. With a quick electric shock to the engine, popping a fuse we were on our way to the warehouse to figure out where to hunt for Pandora’s Box next. Splitting up and Emily going invisible it was Emily and I on the right side of the road with Peter, Vilete and Bruiser on the left. Jonathon and Victoria unfortunately couldn’t join us because neither had the stomach to even stand up let alone get back in a car.

Our casual stroll through Cairo quickly came to a screeching halt with a drunken bloke running out onto the street demanding information from us. I could see the alcoholic stench wafting up from him from 20 meters away. Naturally I didn’t bother to give him the time of day, this upsetting him, he did the only thing he knew and sealed his fate with some bullets heading my direction. After they harmlessly ricocheted away from me our presence was clearly announced to the rest of the warehouse and their assassins. With a group of three assassins preparing to deal with me, a set for Peter and Vilete leaving Bruiser to deal with the drunkard our night of much fun began.

A net falling on me, Peter and Vilete still a little ways back from their trap and Bruiser duking it out with drunkard everything appeared, to the Black Asps at least, to be working out in their favor as no one had paid any heed to little Emily. With a quick telekinetic toss of the net upwards catching the three diving assassins she had already started tipping the battle in our favor. After putting me back on even ground, she then proceeded to safe Peter and Vilete from having to deal with too much trouble by launching part of their personal hit group through a building. Bruiser, not very surprisingly, had little difficulty with the drunkard minus the bit of bullet wounds he suffered. Seeing this, a group of what appeared to be Black Asp thugs supplemented with Nazis burst out of the warehouse to hold us back while their two truck escape convoy made a break for it. While Bruiser, Peter, Vilete and I dealt with the Nazis Emily was kind enough to grab the truck leading the escape and bring it back to us. These were a little bigger than the toy trucks one would expect a little girl to toss around with her mind so we had a bit of time to clean up the thugs and Nazis before the truck showed up, even enough time for bruiser to grab their leader as he tried to out run his fate.

With Bruiser collecting him up, Emily depositing the truck all of three feet from us and the box of ammunition blowing up inside of we decided best to be on our way. Peter deciding to carry Mr. Mustache, I missed the question and answer session where he gave us his name, I was too busy making sure my wife was still alive, with his portal gun, as he commonly refers to it, we headed back to the taxi. Placing Mr. Mustache in the trunk we all piled into the taxi handing over her ridiculous waiting fee and were going to be off. With a turn of the key the taxi made an attempt to start then decided otherwise. With a quick look and repair Peter managed to earn back half of our wait fee and the taxi driver treated us in a different light from then on. With that we were on our way back towards the Luxor with two pit stops on the way. First stop was the side street surgeon. Trading in a gold bar from trip to the Monastery in Lisbon I managed to not only cover all the medical visits to the side street surgeon for the duration of our stay in Egypt but also restocked the med kit I keep in our luggage for our travels, seeing as normally Victoria or myself are dipping into any time we travel abroad. With the surgery work out of the way we continued on our Journey. I myself getting dropped off at the hotel, with Vilete to check on everybody there and keep an eye on the make shift base operations while Bruiser and Peter decided to ask Mr. Mustache a few questions, Emily not wanting to miss out on the adventure and thinking that Peter probably needs some help went with. I am told the interrogation was rather painless for him but completely enlightening towards the errors of his past.

Back in the hotel room we met the other bellhop that would be attending to our suite. Having paid off the first one and promising him a part in Vilete’s upcoming film we managed to get a promise to keep it down to two bellhops and room service attendants while we were staying there. We were joined shortly by Peter, Bruiser and Emily with a packet of maps and the information gleaned from Mr. Mustache. With all that we decide to start planning our next move before resting the evening.

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Lurker wrote:
Dracyian wrote:Journal Errata
To my readers and listeners I do apologize, it seems I made a mistake earlier. I had, with no idea where the idea came from, had completely mistook the twins for someone else. It seems the twins had move back to the US where the mother had taken up a winter job with another fellow at the Overlook hotel in Colorado. Unfortunately there isn’t much information on about the details however it’s my understanding that there was a horrific accident that took place the winter they stayed there. Emily doesn’t like the hotel; I don’t think the hotel is all it seems to be. As I am lead to believe, when the sheriffs department finally made it up there for a routine check up they discovered everyone dead. The hotel is said to be haunted now.

:shock: :D

I love it !!!!!

They just want to play!
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