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New to Amazing Adventures

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:48 pm
by Krazz The Wanderer
I just received a copy of Amazing Adventures and I have to say it's pretty damn sweet. I recently watched Dark City and was thinking it would be awesome to run a game based of the premise in the movie. The city is an amalgamation of different time periods. I would just throw in some more medieval fantasy style elements.

I had been looking around for a game that would work for this and lo and behold; Amazing Adventures references the movie!

I'm looking to go towards the darker side of pulp and have to admit I'm not incredibly familiar with source material, I just know I like it. Does anybody have any books or rpg sourcebooks that they can recommend for style/setting information?

I was looking at possibly getting the "Weird Adventures" by Armchair Planet on RPG Now for inspiration. Anyone familiar with this? Seems like it would fit with Amazing Adventures.

Any suggestions would be sweet and thanks Jason for writing up an awesome book!

Re: New to Amazing Adventures

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:55 pm
by Sir Ironside
If you like comic/movies I can't recommend Sin City enough. It is very dark.

To me it is a world that begs for a rpg version.

There is a new Sin City movie in the works, so that is cool to.

Re: New to Amazing Adventures

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:04 pm
by Aladar
If you really like Sin City, then there is good game out there called "Streets of Bedlam: A Savage World of Crime & Corruption", which utilizes the Savage Worlds RPG system. You would have to buy the Savage Worlds RPG plus the cost of Streets of Bedlum. This world is tailor made as a Sin City clone.

Re: New to Amazing Adventures

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:00 pm
by kreider204
I also like the Wellstone City setting for Savage Worlds, and there is a version for the publisher's custom system, Aether. ... stone-City ... -Core-Book