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Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:28 pm
by finarvyn
I was thinking of running an Amazing Adventures scenario using some of the ideas from the Dresden Files book series and/or Charmed or other modern-day magical world sources. Less "pulp" than AA, but with some of the same ideas appliled to a world of now.

I like the concept of using AA rather than FATE or other (I know that the DF RPG is based on a version of FATE) because my current players are most familar with C&C-style games and haven't been exposed much to the storytale style of FATE.

I was thinking that the Witch (from Charmed) might have some sort of talent or spell (push, precognition, or other from the show) and that brewing potions might replace some of the spells. A Wizard (from Dresden Files) might have a few key spells (force, shield, flame, veil, etc from the books) that could be cast at lower levels for basic effect and higher levels for better effect. Some of those spells would have a C&C/AA equivialent, others might not. Dresden Files also has characters like the paladin (Michael and other Knights of the Sword), and I could dip into C&C for some of those ideas as needed.

As far as monsters go, vampires and the sidhe (treat sidhe a lot like elves?) seem to be pretty common but there would also be a number of other monsters and supernatural badduns that I'd have to stat out.

Has anyone done anything with this? I'd hate to re-invent the wheel if someone else has done the legwork for me. 8-)

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:59 pm
by Aladar
I love the books, but I have not used them for any AA games. The Dresden Files would make a cool series of adventures though.

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:55 am
by Graven
Sounds like fun, i've only seen some episodes, and never read the books.
If you run it let me know, maybe on a sunday theres know 13th age.

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:35 pm
by finarvyn
Regarding Dresden Files: while the TV series was cool, the books are a lot better! It's one of my all-time favorite book series to read, and I go back and re-read a couple books each year in preparation for the release of the next one. :D

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:08 pm
by finarvyn
Still thinking about this. I don't think that AA fits the Dresden Files 100% but I think a lot of AA would be fine so that's probably my starting point.

I have a few other resources I am pouring over to see what I might want to use: Monte Cook's WOD, d20 Call of Cthulhu, and d20 Urban Arcana look like my top choices.
  • I'm liking the core classes from Amazing Adventures, although the Gageteer doesn't quite seem to fit the genre.
  • I'm liking MCWoD for the Vampire and Werewolf classes and maybe the custom spells method.
  • d20 CoC and Urban Arcana seem to have nice flavor material. Not sure what I would steal from there.
Anyway, that's some of my current brainstorming. I'm still hoping that others have done more of the leg work and can save me some time, but this thread has been mostly unanswered for a while so I'm guessing that folks haven't tried what I'm doing. :|

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:10 pm
by finarvyn
Been away from AA for roughly a year now, thanks to 5E. :oops:

However, my renewed interest gets me thinking about a "Dresden Files" style urban modern game once more so I thought I'd revive the thread to see if the notion is on anyone else's RADAR as well.

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:07 pm
by Dracyian
I would love to play a game based on the Dresden files. With that I think the Arcanist with some modification would fit good. I also think the Knghts of the Cross would work well as a Paladin without much modification, i.e. import the damage charts and armor classes and such. I think the monsters from C&C import well enough into AA as long as you take into account the change of era i.e. dresden pulling out his revolver and popping a cap in a death knight. The gumshoe would be a good fit for the cops and such

Re: Anyone done Dresden Files?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:11 pm
by Penny-Whistle
When I first heard that someone was developing a Dresden rpg I was quite interested. That world has so much to offer and could be fine-tuned to match any style of play really. After reading your post I decided to finally read Volume One of the Dresden Files Roleplaying game. It uses the fate system. I hope I am not crossing a line by talking about using another system here but oh well.

The thing I like best so far is the way they make it so easy to create an interesting setting. They walk you through the process which is open-ended enough that it could be used for any game by any game leader so we may very well actually play it with C&C type rules. As part of the process you link a couple of themes/threats that fit naturally with your setting. This could potentially really add depth to the game. They also suggest involving the players in that setting construction to help them care about the problem. I like that idea a lot. Already I have gotten some really neat ideas from my potential players.

So for Austin, Texas we came up with two themes: "The Fine Line" and "Keep it Weird."

I35 is a hellish strip of highway. It is also a ley line that cuts the city in half. The wealthy live on one side; everyone else on the other. The whole transportation system is actually controlled by White Court Vampires who feed off all the misery of the endless traffic jams. Those White Court Vampires also have dipped their tentacles into SxSW and the alcohol tourism on 6th Street.

The Black Court also have a presence. The statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan is haunted. He is sometimes seen at the crossroads visiting vengeance on musicians who need to pay their dues.You could say he has an 'axe' to grind. Jack the Ripper also has returned to Austin where he started out before moving to London. He lives in the graveyard of course.

The Fey love Town Lake. A Troll Family lives under the Congress Bridge. They are always soliciting donations for the famous bat colony from unsuspecting tourists. A pig runs free through the creek system. One neighbourhood even captured it briefly and crowned it. Since then they have regular celebrations in its honour. What those ordinary people don't know is that that wild pig is really the Erlking. In our neighbourhood someone keeps drawing chalk runes on the telephone poles. In the game they are made by a group of Vikings who got lost in time. They would like very much to go home. We also have veves etched into the pavement near our park. Not sure what to do with those yet.

And finally there is Mrs. Cattington, the Sensible Lady Cat. You might have seen her posters on telephone poles. They look like lost pet posters but that is a ruse. They are really messages to the magical community. Mrs. Cattington travels the world offering her magical assistance. If your community is in trouble you can give her a call. She'll help you ... for a price.

I'm not sure where we will begin. We came up with this and much more in just a few minutes of talk. I can see how this kind of campaign setting could go on forever. If anyone has any other ideas I am all ears!