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Re: Victorious Kickstarter!

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:56 pm
by Lurker
DMMike wrote:Hey Lurker,

Rather than go into the tired litany of "Its your game, run it how you want!" I'm going to try and actually be helpful. ;)

I understand where you're coming from. When I first started Victorious as simply a campaign setting rather than its own RPG, I took several ideas for adventures from Chaosium's Cthulhu by Gaslight. While I'm not a "Dark-Horror-Everything" kind of GM, I do think the occasional horror keeps players on their toes and realizing that the world isn't sweetness and light. I even provide a section of the Victorious rulebook called "Victoria's Secret: The Darker Side of the Victorians". This is to remind people that "Mary Poppins" and "My Fair Lady" are no more the genuine Victorian era than "Leave it to Beaver" was the American 1950s.

Ask Liz about her heroine Dancer having to fight two Hunting Horrors at Sandringham or the Shoggoth loose in the Blessing Asylum and you'll get quite a story of horror!


Thanks for the reply and explanation, especially the 'try and actually be helpful' :)

I guess I oversimplify my posts ... to be closer to the mark, I should have said that normally a steam punk / suppers game wouldn't draw me. However, everything I hear about Vicky draws me closer to that type of setting/game than any similar games. Then there is all the good things Tree and others have said which further interest me. Finally, the grim element puts a bow on the package and take me from 'curious & interested' to 'intrigued and must have'.

Oh yeah, all the great info you have shared with me and on the boards helps too !

Now chasing the rabbit back to the 'I like the grim part' That example is perfect on how I look at 'horror' roleplaying. I always disliked the Lovecraftesk effect of no matter what you will eventually go insane or die or both. I always felt the horror should add good spice to the game not overpower it. From your examples it sounds like Victorious gets that balance right. That makes we wonder just how will it play (or better put, how good can I run it) with the steampunk trappings and suppers abilities, but with the grim elements that hook me into the game.

Oh yeah, rgr that on Victorian reality having a darker underpinning. As a history guy, I understand what you mean. When you think about it, it is those dark truths that led to Marx/Engles, to anarchists, and other issues that effect us to this day. Now throw fantastical/horror on top of that reality, and you have a game that calls out to me ...

Ask Liz .... Hmmmmm do tell .... :lol:

Re: Victorious Kickstarter!

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:06 am
by Lurker
Treebore wrote:

Yeah, well, if you don't like the Supers genre in the first place, anything will be a hard sell. Next time I get burned out on fantasy, hopefully I will run a Victorious game as my replacement to get over the burn out, and hopefully you will get to play in it, then hate me for giving you yet another genre of RPG's to spend money on!

Well, I won't hate you, but my wife may have some cross words for you if we ever meet, or at least one of those 'wife looks' for you :lol:

As for hard sell, like I said above, normally it would be a hard sell for me. I'm just not a steampunk/supers guy. However, everything that you, along with Mike etc, have said about the game has drawn me where other similar games wouldn't. So, the sell isn't actually that hard. Especially with the grim added into it for good measure.

That said, I do look forward to you running it and going along for the ride! :D