Facing fears

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Facing fears

Post by Lurker »

In this I'm not talking about sanity issues, and dealing with terrors driving a character mad.

I'm talking about facing and pushing through a phobia/weakness, but one that doesn't actually hurt them (well maybe not)

How do you handle it? Is it a cha check to pull up the personal fortitude to push forward, is it a wis check (pulling on philosophy and understanding facing fear and controlling it is part of a good life) or something else ???

The example I have in mind:

I had an idea for a cool character (tree when you read this, yes I may not use the jager/hunter idea I had as a back up, I'm kicking this idea around) based on elemental earth type powers -armor/rock hardness to blows, etherealness - passing through traveling through earth/rock, entangle -earthquake ability and the like.

However, I figured he would have a fear of deep open water and open air expanses (hot air balloons and the like being the stuff of nightmare for him). The lead to the thought of him being able to earth move or walk across an old Roman rock bridge over a gorge (keeping the tie to earth through the stones making up the bridge)with no problems, but being afraid of a suspension bridge like a train bridge over the same gorge. the rickety wood and steel beams feeling insubstantial underfoot, and not tied to earth enough for him to 'earth move' through it.

Now I see the evil DM putting the bad guy with the kidnaped victim - the mayors daughter on a train and speeding away across the bridge ... the hero halts and ... lets the train speed off in the sunset ... I hope not.

So how does he (what is the game mechanic) pull up his boots and ranger up to run - carefully - across the train track bridge to continue the chase ?

*** Yes I know the steel in the train track would be a good tie to earth for him to tap into, and will buy off that shortcoming in the future, but at 1st level ...
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Re: Facing fears

Post by Treebore »

I'd say base it on Fear saves. With something like a base CL of 3, increase it by 1 for every 10 feet of height in the situations it applies in. Fail and you become unable to act for 1d10 rounds, or some other kind of penalty. Maybe just be Shaken for 1D10 rounds.
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