Coach chases . . . a cinematic view for the GM!

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Coach chases . . . a cinematic view for the GM!

Post by Tadhg »

Watched, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Basil) last night - fantastic movie.

The great scenes of hansom cabs and coaches racing along London streets is fabulous. Twas some inspiration for my Victorious game some years ago.

Recommended viewing for all, IMO!

[Bonus viewing - a certain character doing a song and dance routine from the Victorian period is nothing short of astounding]

[DO NOT forget to water Moriarty's orchids ~ or you will suffer his displeasure! ;) ]

Enjoy the game,

Rhu. :D
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Re: Coach chases . . . a cinematic view for the GM!

Post by DMMike »

Ya know, I think we haven't had a single coach chase yet? :)

Mike, who's probably going to regret mentioning this!
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