Curse similar to Dispel Magic

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Curse similar to Dispel Magic

Post by Captain_K »

Dispel Magic claims to be an INT roll by the caster... making the Illusionist or Wizard better at it than the Druid or Cleric on average. We've had this discussion in other threads and I like your inputs... WIS for divine and INT for arcane is one option making each good at their type of magic.

How about curse.. from either source, divine or arcane, Remove Curse is reversible to Bestow Curse and despite the note to "see below"... the save is not noted at all, other than it takes the right types of spells to be cast.

Viewing categories, CHA saves could be logical too. Otherwise I like arcane curses need an INT based save and divine need a WIS based save.

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Re: Curse similar to Dispel Magic

Post by serleran »

Generally, a spell cast by a divine caster will use Wisdom if the caster makes the save/check; Intelligence will be used if done so by an arcane caster as these are their "governing attribute." Special cases would ordinarily be called out as exceptions.

For me, I prefer to have a remove curse be somewhat more complex -- whatever effect it has calls for a different, potential, attribute to check against so even a very powerful caster might not be able to undo a physical curse, for example. This does mean I need to adjudicate some other attribute at times, but I feel it is not that terribly difficult. Some general guidelines I use:

1) If it affects combat, either Dexterity or Strength - differentiating is usually done based on how the curse works; does it reduce damage, weaken the inflicted, etc

2) If it affects health in any way, Constitution

3) If it a stigma or social curse, such as losing friends/wealth, use Charisma

4) If otherwise unknown, use the default

This gives advantages to different faiths and "builds" such as an organization that favors Strength requires all members to have their cast attribute and it as Prime. Naturally, any advantage comes with disadvantages as it weakens the standard against specific non-Prime curses -- something a non-human will be even worse against.

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