Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

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Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by tylermo »

I'm talking to somebody on AD&D FB about the merits of C&C. Which works easier with 1E? C&C or 5E. I've never done any conversion, etc., so I couldn't honestly tell the guy.

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Re: Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by finarvyn »

I think that C&C is "AD&D attitude with 3E mechanics" and fits very well with AD&D. The main things to convert are simple stuff like ascending/descending AC and that kind of thing. Otherwise, the basic scale of C&C and AD&D are pretty similar to me and I often use my 2E monster manual in my C&C games.

5E is much simpler than 4E and true 3E, but the scale is a bit different. Not a hard conversion, but not as easy as C&C because of the feats and skills and other interconnecting powers. Having said that, there are some elements of 5E which would work great in a C&C or AD&D game (such as the way they do cantrips, the way you can upcast spells to a higher level, and the like).
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Re: Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by KaiserKris »

Castles & Crusades is much, much easier to use 1E material with. 5E is very much, in my opinion, its own beast. I think it's a pretty nicely designed rules set (big improvement over 3X or 4E in my opinion) but anything you changed over would require considering bounded accuracy, advantage, proficiency, things like that.

Castles and Crusades on the other hand, is about the easiest game to mod that I've run into, even easier in some ways than the really simplistic retroclones.

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Re: Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by lobocastle »

There is no question that C&C is easier to convert OD&D, BX D&D, 1st ed AD&D, 2nd ed AD&D, and 3rd ed D&D.


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Re: Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by Treebore »

I have converted 1E to 4E to C&C, and its easy. All you have to look at is the HD/lvl, and in the case of 3E and 4E decide what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep.

I have done no 5E conversions, I only played it for about 5 months.

Now if you mean converting C&C or 5E to 1E, then C&C is definitely the easiest as well.
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Re: Easier to use C&C or 5E with D&D 1E

Post by Snoring Rock »

I play a lot of 5e these days. I would agree and disagree. 1e to 5e just using the 5e monsters as they are out of the MM works great. You can convert on the fly easy-peasy. Treasure in 1e could be scaled back a bit. From C&C you can use them as they are but change AC and HD to match C&C power level better. Both convert on the fly.

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