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Dragon Adventurer

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I was fiddling around with an Idea for an NPC coming up and after thinking about it, checking the books, looking back at what has been done in the old days, the middle days and the rest came up with pretty simple Class. It has some warts and I still don't really understand why C&C has 12 Age Category #s and 8 Age Category Titles... (And limits the casting level of Dragon magic to the Age Category title??? So your 8th spells is cast at 8th level...:/ )

In any case here are my ramblings.

ADDED: I finally downloaded the M&T update and see that Dragon Magic Age Category has been fixed up. Which means I will adjust this.

UPDATED: No inline with M&T 4th Printing.


Dragon Adventurer:

Disclaimer: This class should not be considered balanced in anyway. Any CK willing to allow a player to run a Dragon Adventurer is knowingly putting a potentially game breaking character into play and should be aware of the pitfalls.

Description: Dragon Adventurers are Dragons (Gold, Silver Bronze*) that have for some reason decided to live in their Alternate Forms for the express purpose of Adventuring and living as a Humanoid would. For some reason the effect of this is to cause to them to mature much more quickly if they adhere to certain ritual and habits. Instead aging in the traditional way Dragon Adventurer’s accumulated experience points much as the other races do. When they have acquired enough, according to the Experience Chart Below, they must retreat from prying eyes and sleep for a period of time** on the horde they have gathered***.

* [Bronze Dragons normally gain Alternate Form at Age Category 4, a generous CK might allow them to have this power starting birth but only 1/day]
** [1 Month x Age Category].
***[A Dragon Adventurers Horde must fall inline with the Treasure Rating listed in the M&T for their Type]

Experience Points Chart:

Code: Select all

Age Category    Experience Points   Bonus Saves		
1           	0			       +1
2           	100,000			 +2
3           	200,000			 +3		
4           	400,000			 +4
5           	600,000			 +4
6           	800,000			 +4		
7           	1,000,000		  +5
8           	1,300,000		  +5
9           	1,600,000		  +5		
10             2,000,000		  +6		
11             2,500,000		  +7		
12          	3,500,000		  +8


Primes: All, Dragon Adventurer’s keep the M&P siege classification. But note they have Average Attributes except Intelligence and possibly Wisdom. That is Dragon Adventurers do not roll normal stats as per a player character other then Wisdom at creation. Assume they have average if needed.

Dragon Magic: Dragon Adventurers automatically Gain Dragon Magic for without this Ability they would not be able to function as they do.

Hit Dice: Determined by Dragon Type. Example Silver Dragons begin with 8d12 Hit Dice

Base To Hit: As per Dragons they attack as if 1/2 their HD with regard to their Attack Bonus.

Languages: Dragon Adventurer’s Start with the Draconic, Common but do roll a Intelligence Check at each new level to see if they gained Language Mastery (Speak and Understand any Language)

Immunities: Sleep and Paralysis + Dragon Type specific Immunities.
Bronze: Electricity
Silver: Acid/Cold
Gold: Fire, Polymorph

Spell Resistance: As per their Dragon type and Age Category.

Intelligence: As per Dragon Type

Wisdom: Rolled as per normal Player Character.

Weapons: Staff, Swords, Axes, Pole-Arms, Spears, Maces, Flails, Cestus, Katar, Daggers, Scythe, Sickle. (Basically any weapon that somehow related to their natural attacks. Spears simulate the Tail Lash, Pole Arms the Bite Attack, Swords and others claw attacks. They do not use Ranged Weapons)

Armor: Any (Dragon Adventurers are able to cast spells in Armor.)

Spell Abilities as Listed in Chart Above as well as the Wizard Spell they gain by Type.

Code: Select all

	Bronze Dragon:
	Age Category   Spell Abilities by Type
	1           	1 1st Level Wizard Spell, Speak with Animals at will
	2           	2 1st Level Wizard Spells
	3           	3 1st Level Wizard Spells, Charm Person/Animals 3/Day
	4           	4 1st Level Wizard Spells, Create Food & Water 3/day, Alternate Form 3/day
	5              5 1st Level Wizard Spells, 
	6              6 1st Level Wizard Spells
	7           	7 1st Level Wizard Spells, Fog Cloud 1/day
	8              8 1st Level Wizard Spells
	9              9 1st Level Wizard Spells
	10            10 1st Level Wizard Spells, Detect Thoughts 1/day
	11            11 1st Level Wizard Spells, Control Water 1/day
	12            12 1st Level Wizard Spells, Control Weather 1/day

	Silver Dragon:
	Age Category   Spell Abilities by Type
	1           	1 1st Level Wizard Spell, Alternate Form 3/day, Cloudwalking
	2           	2 1st Level Wizard Spells, 1st Level Wizard
	3           	3 1st Level Wizard Spells 
	4           	4 1st Level Wizard Spells, 2nd Level Wizard, Fog Cloud 3/day
	5              5 1st Level Wizard Spells
	6              6 1st Level Wizard Spells, 3rd Level Wizard
	7           	7 1st Level Wizard Spells, Control Winds 3/day
	8              8 1st Level Wizard Spells, 4th Level Wizard
	9              9 1st Level Wizard Spells
	10            10 1st Level Wizard Spells, 1 2nd Level Wizard Spell, 5th Level Wizard, Feather Fall 2/Day
	11            11 1st Level Wizard Spells, 2 2nd Level Wizard Spells, Control Weather 1/day
	12            12 1st Level Wizard Spells, 3 2nd Level Wizard Spells, 6th Level Wizard, Repulsion 1/day

	Gold Dragon:****
	Age Category   Spell Abilities by Type
	1           	1 1st Level Wizard Spell
	2           	2 each 1st-2nd Level Wizard Spells
	3           	3 each 1st-3rd Level Wizard Spells, 
	4           	4 each 1st-4th Level Wizard Spells, Luck Bonus 1/Day
	7           	5 each 1st-5th Level Wizard Spells, Bless 3/Day
	10             6 each 1st-6th Level Wizard Spells, Detect Gems 3/Day, Geas/Quest 1/Day
	11          	7 each 1st-7th Level Wizard Spells, Sunburst 1/Day
	12          	8 each 1st-8th Level Wizard Spells, Foresight 1/Day

****: M&T 4th Printing is still unclear about the Age Level vs Age Category with regards to Wizards Spells gained for the Gold Dragon. What is here is RAW BTB. It is possible they meant 12 each 1st-8th Level at Ancient, but if they gain 8th Level spells at Age Level 8 then they master those 450,000XP earlier then Wizards who require 1,750,001 for 15th Level.


Dragon Adventurer’s lose the following abilities while in their Humanoid form, Breath Weapon, Movement, Keen Sense, Damage Bonus, and Natural Armor

Further More if the Dragon Adventurer resume his/her natural form during an Adventure, Quest, or Pilgrimage they gain NO EXPERIENCE for that Adventure. They can use their Alternate Form ability to change into other creatures as needed but the prohibition of resuming natural form has to do with the magical-physiological forces at work that allow them to mature. Interestingly a Dragon Adventurer that assumes a animal form, for example a Lion, can get the Claw, Claw Bite attack routine which a normal Human who has been Polymorphed can not.

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Re: Dragon Adventurer

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Very interesting

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