[Errata] Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde (3rd print)

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[Errata] Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde (3rd print)

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As we all know, no book is ever perfect. And while the 3rd print of M&ToA is vastly improved from the original printings, there were still some things that got missed. Fortunately, I don't consider these game breaking but nevertheless, here we are. Please note that spelling and minor grammar errors are NOT included.

Page 15, Caradulz (Clarification): In the Alignment entry of the stat block, this should read, "Any Chaotic".

Page 20 - 22, Crna Ruk (Errata): The XP values for all levels of Crna Ruk are missing.
  • Initiate: 1HD: 18+1; 2HD: 40+2; 3HD: 80+3; 4HD: 160+4; 5HD: 320+5; 6HD: 480+6; 7HD: 720+7; 8HD: 1,000+8; 9HD: 1,600+9
  • Scholar: Quill: 4,025+12; Rune, Scholar: 4,875+12; Master, Philisoph, Purger: 5,525+12; Bloodletter, Waylayer: 5,950+12; Assassin: 6,375+12; Herzlos: 7,025+12
  • Inquisitor: Deacon: 18,400+15; Executioner: 19,800+15; Inquisitor: 21,700+15; Grand Inquisitor: 24,000+15; He Who Wears the Shroud: 27,700+15
EDITOR'S NOTE: This one is perhaps the most irritating, as the tables in the book have a space for XP, but no values within.

Page 35, Devil, Aghul (Correction): In the second paragraph of the Knoglen Blade description, strike the following sentence: "They turn as a skeleton."

Page 38, Devil, Maukling (Correction): In the Rotlen Blade entry, delete the second instance of "ROTLEN BLADE:" in the first line.

Page 58 - 59, Dragon, Lore Drake (Errata): The XP value for ages 7-9 is missing and should be 12,100+15. In the list of specials, Dragon Traits were not described.

DRAGON TRAITS: While still a lesser dragon, a lore drake's ancestry is not as corrupted. Lore drakes have twelve ages like greater dragons and only add half their hit dice as a bonus to attack rolls.

Page 86, Copper Golem (Correction/Clarification): The mention of "animate undead" should instead be "animate dead". Copper golems, being made of a non-ferrous metal, are immune to the touch of a rust monster.

Page 94, Hounds of Darkness (Clarification): Dodging the Hounds' leap is possible, thus any leap attack only has a CL of 10. The sentence as written is confusing because of the double negative used.

Page 115, Mogrl (Clarification): The mogrl's resistance to cold and acid applies regardless of the source of the attack. If the source of the attack is magical in nature, the attacker must overcome the mogrl's spell resistance first in order to affect the creature. The mogrl would still receive a saving throw if applicable.

Page 118, Mordius Dryads (Comment): The artwork? Sexy as hell.

Page 121, Frost Ogre (Correction/Clarification): The creature name at the top of the entry should be written as "Ogre, Frost", in a similar fashion to what was done with demons, devils, and lesser dragons. The frost ogre's Heat Weakness is the vulnerability to fire in the list of specials. The wording was to change to "VULNERABILITY TO FIRE: Frost ogres take double damage from fire type spells and effects."

Page 190 - 191, Krummelvole (Correction/Clarification): There are no ioun stones in pale orange or milky white. The pale orange stone in the table should be pale lavender, while the milky white stone should be a lavender and green stone. The CK will have to determine what happens to unused spell energy absorbed by these two stones, as ioun stones set in the Krummelvole do not burn out.

The description of The Heart of Darkness mentions the ability to animate objects. There is no animate object spell in the game. If needing game mechanics for this, use the animate dead spell in the Players Handbook as a base.

Page 202 - 203, Table 29 (Errata): The page number for each item in this table refers to its location in the previous printing of the book.

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Re: [Errata] Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde (3rd print)

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Thanks; I was about to ask if this could be made as a sticky post, but then I saw the link in your signature.

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